Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Women’s Mountain Bike Review

There are plenty of women-specific bikes on the market, which eliminate the need for women to ride bikes that are not suited to their frames. However, not every one of these bikes offers the quality that each female cyclist deserves. It therefore becomes your burden as a customer to decide which bike is best for your needs, and which bike isn’t. I understand how this might be intimidating. The first time I went bike shopping I had no idea what to look for. Thankfully, I was helped by an eager sales clerk, and that is why I make it my duty to help others in the same situation. One bike that has peaked my interest (pun intended), is the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Women’s Mountain Bike Review. This 26-inch mountain bike has been built for all-round convenience, so that you can travel wherever you want whenever you want. 

The entire construction of the Granite Peak revolves around versatility, and that is what you are able to tackle neighborhood streets and rough tracks alike. In fact, this bike will give you the confidence that you need to explore new places around your city.

Below we will review the Roadmaster Granite Peak, so that you can determine whether this bike is right for you and your needs.

Who is it made for?

  • The Road master Granite Peak has been made for the following people:
  • Women who like road cruising
  • Women who enjoy light trail riding

Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Important Features

One of the most prominent features of the Granite Peak 26-inch is its steel frame. While many entry-level mountain bikes have opted to go with aluminum frames, the Granite Peak chooses to go with steel. This steel provides incredible strength and durability, however, it also adds weight to the bike.

The Granite Peak also comes with an efficient suspension fork, which dampens vibration and smooth bumps on rough and rocky terrain. In this way you can remain completely comfortable throughout your ride. The suspension forks also works with the steel handlebars to give you immense control during your ride, so that you do not end up in a ditch or colliding with a tree.

Smooth Gear Changes

One of the biggest challenges that you will encounter on a mountain bike is stiff and inflexible gears. It is therefore important for you to invest in a bike that allows you to make smooth gear changes. Roadmaster has outfitted the Granite Peak with twist shifters, which allow you to make quick and easy gear changes as you ride.These shifters are complemented by a Shimano rear derailleur, ensuring that your time spent cycling is hassle-free.

Great Speed

The point of buying a mountain bike is to have freedom as you cycle. Thankfully, the Roadmaster Granite Peak gives you the freedom that you need. This mountain bike comes with a 3-piece mountain cranks and 18 speeds. You therefore have a wide gear range that you can take advantage of as you ride.This is therefore a great option for riding outdoors.

Solid Wheelset

When it comes to the wheel set, you will be happy to know that Roadmaster has used quality components. The wheels and rims are made of lightweight alloy, which will give you the strength, control, and durability that you need as you ride. The tires of the mountain bike also have a good tread, which allows for great grip on dirt and pavement.

Safe to Ride

When it comes time to stop, you can take advantage of the front and rear brakes. These linear pull brakes allow you to quickly and safely stop on all surfaces.


  • Seat is adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Sturdy construction


  • Seat is uncomfortable
  • Brakes require regular adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike need to be assembled?Ans:Some assembly is required once you purchase the Granite Peak. This includes the handlebars, front tire, pedals, and seat. This process is quite straightforward, and the included instructions will clear up any questions that you may have.

Question: Is the front or back tire quick release?Ans:Unfortunately, the front and back tire of the Granite Peak 26″ are not quick release.

Question: Can I child trailer be attached to this bike?Ans:Yes, you can attach a child trailer to the Roadmaster Granite Peak.

Final Thought

As you can see, the Roadmaster Granite Peak provides you with a comfortable and reliable way to travel over a wide array of terrain. Though the seats needs replacing and the brakes need adjusting, this is still a good entry-level bike to go with.

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  1. Hi
    I m a new to cycling to would like a change as I walk abut 5 miles and would like to bike some days so it doesn’t get boring please help to chose a good bike I’m looking into Roadmaster granite 26 women’s bike

    • Hi Wilson,
      I think Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 is good choice for you. You can choose it without hesitation.


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