Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bicycle 26-Inch Review

If your idea of fun is heading outdoors and exploring the area around your home, then you are in desperate need of a mountain bike. But the standard mountain bike will not suffice; you need a high quality mountain bike like Mongoose Detour that can overcome all obstacles in your path, so that you can ride without restriction.

While this sounds fantastic, it also sounds expensive. Thankfully, companies like Mongoose have been designing affordable entry-level mountain bikes for years, one of which is the Detour Full Suspension bike. This 26-inch masterpiece has been crafted to help you enjoy the world around you, and below we will review it further so that you know what to expect when you buy it.

 Mongoose Detour  Full Features

The frame is the most important part of any mountain bike, as it is the foundation for your entire ride. In the case of the 26-inch Detour, we have a full suspension aluminum frame which optimizes the performance and comfort that you get from the bike.This frame also puts you in an athletic riding position, so that your entire ride becomes comfortable, enjoyable, and agile.

Smooth Fork

when it comes to the fork of the bike, Mongoose has opted to use an Element suspension fork. This fork works efficiently to smooth out the bumps, rocks, and roots that you ride over, so that you can be comfortable on rough terrain.By absorbing shock the mountain bike also guarantees that you will maintain control during the ride, minimizing the chance of you getting into an accident.

Excellent Gearing and Braking

When it comes to the gearing of the bike, I am happy to announce that you will be provided with a 21-speed Shimano drive train. This drive train gives you access to a wide range of gears, which you can use on a wide variety of terrain. The Shimano gearing also comes with micro shifters, which makes it incredibly easy to switch gears as you are riding.On the opposite spectrum, we have alloy linear pull brakes in the rear and disc brakes in the front. These brakes work seamlessly to provide you with reliable stopping power in all conditions. The Mongoose Detour bicycle therefore allows you to accelerate and decelerate at your own freedom.

Alloy Wheels

Last but not least, we have strong alloy front and rear wheels, which guarantee a stable ride in all conditions. These wheels have a quick release function, which makes transporting and storing them a breeze. Stability is also enhanced by the large tires, which provide traction on wet and muddy terrain.


1. Assembly is intuitive2. Wide range of gears3. Rugged construction4. Quick and easy braking5. Absorbs shock efficiently6. Responsive handling


1. Seat is hard2. Slightly heavy

 FAQ Mongoose Detour Full Suspension

Question: Does the bike come with a kickstand?Ans:Yes, the c Full Suspension bike comes with a kickstand, for your convenience.

Question: What size tires does the bike use?Ans:The Mongoose Detour uses 26-inch by 2-inch tires, which are nimble enough to maneuver across tight corners.


If you are looking for a top quality mountain bike that does not break the bank, then the Mongoose Detour 26-inch is the way to go. Though the full suspension makes it slightly heavy, this bike manages to perform at fantastic levels.

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