How To Use Treadmill Effectively For Weight Loss

Running on a treadmill is one of the most effective and the right choice of exercises for those who want to lose weight and burning calories. This cardio machines also help to pump blood to gets your heart pumping, which can reduce the danger of cardiovascular disease. But if you don’t follow the right technique of how to use treadmill effectively for weight loss, you will just be running on a treadmill, and you will not be able to burn calories more effectively even though it can still cause a lot of injuries. So, here are the following tips on How to use a treadmill to lose weight fast.

Be prepared to spend time with a treadmill. 

Before running on a treadmill first, you have prepared yourself both physically and mentally. Physically you have to wear a proper t-shirt, shorts/track pants and a decent pair of running shoes with a good grip on the sole. And mentally you have to be prepared that you want to lose weight and for that, you have to spend at least 30-45 minutes on the treadmill.

Get used to with the controls. 

If you are a beginner with using the machine, then first learn how to controls it. Figure out the increase and decrease speed, the emergency stop button and inclination buttons. Also screen indicators buttons to monitor calories burnt, heart rate, and time.

Always warm up a treadmill before increasing speed.

A common mistake that people make when using a treadmill is to start moving at an annoying pace without first warming up the treadmill. Now if you want to lose weight using the treadmill more effectively, it is time to start slowly and give the body time to adjust with the speed of the treadmill. Since you will do some intense workouts with the treadmill, so if you do not stretch and warm-up before these workouts, there may be interruptions and other problems, or you may get some injuries.

Be Quicken your legs.

As a beginner, at first, slowly move your feet to run on a treadmill and slowly increasing your speed. Count the steps you take in 10 seconds then you can gradually increase your speed. Most people average is140-150, but if you want, you can hit 180 for efficiency. This speed is the best way to lose weight without any injury to the body as well as puts direct pressure on a core to make you better and more energetic.

Avoid holding the bars of the treadmill.

Holding the bars of the treadmill during running, jogging or walking reduces the effectiveness of workout exponential. Most beginners are advised to hold on to the bars for support. Still, if you are overdoing it and holding the bars either on the sides of the front of the treadmill, then it prevents you from natural walking/running stance and posture, and it also burns lesser calories.

Effectively increase and master your speed.

Once you are warm-up and adjustable with speed, then you should regulate and increase speed according to requirements. Only after run adequately in between a slow, constant speed, results in more rapid calorie burning.

Take the right step

No matter if you are running or jogging or walking on the treadmill, one crucial part is landing your foot correctly to avoid injuries and run effectively. It would be best if you landed your feet mid-sole, not toes or heels. If you land your feet on toes, then you are putting too much pressure on your calves and also develop shin pain. On the other hand, Landing on your heel means that you are putting unnecessary stress on your knees, which is very dangerous and causes serious knee injuries. You should always watch your steps and land feet lightly, not too light and not too hard.

Effectively give some incline.

It is essential to use the running uphill incline feature of treadmills rather than running downhill or on level ground, as it helps to burn more calories and to get the maximum benefits from the machine. Most treadmills have 1-15% incline settings, so it is a good idea to use these incline settings feature effectively and tremendously burn more calories. Just like speed, when you start to feel easy running on the treadmill, it increases the incline feature to burn more calories.

Use for interval training.

The last and the most useful tip for using a treadmill effectively for weight loss are Interval workouts. Interval training is a high-intensity workout not only with the treadmill but with weight exercises too. A high-intensity interval workout is confusing our muscles and makes them work more and more to burning fat continuously. To every round, take 3-4 minutes interval break and then go straight to the next round to effectively lose weight.

Final Word

The treadmill is an excellent way of exercise for burning calories and effective weight loss. Now you know How to use treadmill effectively for weight loss. If you have bought a treadmill recently or have joined a gym by combining all of the tips of treadmill workouts, you will be able to use the treadmill in the most effective way of losing weight.

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