How to Measure Bike Size for Kid?

Do you want to teach your child how to ride a bike? Are you thinking of getting a bike for your child? Looking for the perfect guide that will enlighten you regarding how to measure bike size for kid? Then, you can end your search right here! This guide will enlighten you regarding what are the important measurements that you will need to take for measuring the right bike size for your kid.

You might wonder why you cannot just simply get a bike according to the age of your child. Well, that is because even if your child is in a specific age to learn how to ride bicycle he or she will not have the same sort of body type and height because of differences in genetics, gender, food habit and other factors that affects physical growth. Hence, we have listed down what you need to measure and other factors that needs to be taken into consideration.

How you will measure the stride length of your child and the importance of doing it: 

  • Importance: 

Stride length is the measurement of inside length of your child. This is required as your child will be standing with the bike will keeping the frame of the bike in between. Also, getting the stride length will help you refer to the in seam size chart that will guide you about the perfect bike size according to the stride length.

  • How to take the measurement?  

First, make your child stand against the wall. Make sure that your child is in bare feet and is not wearing anything. The pant that he or she is wearing should not be much thick or heavy and it will be better if they are not wearing any underwear or diaper.

The second thing that you will need to do is to take a book ad align it vertically on the wall between your child’s leg. And then keeping the book vertically straight you will need to lead it carefully from below to upwards till the crotch. Mark the position of where the top edge of the book is and then measure that distance between the floor till the position that has been marked.

To measure the distance, you will simply need the help of a meter ruler. And you will also get the inside length which you can use to refer to a kids bike size chart.

How you will measure the overall height of your child:

  • Importance:

Taking the measurement of height is required to determine the accurate heel size for your child to ride a bike comfortably. Height needs to be measured because this is something that does not rely on the age. You will see that a 6-year-old is taller compared to an 8-year-old. This may happen because of having good genes of being tall, or because of having good food habit instead of being picky.

  • How to take the measurement?

Just simply make your child stand against the wall. Make sure that he or she is not wearing and shoes or socks. Also, your child should be completely standing on the floor and not on any rug.

Take a book and keep it on the top of your kid’s head at a horizontal position to the wall. Mark the position where the bottom edge of the book has touched the wall. And then using a meter ruler measure the distance between the ground and the position of the book that has been marked on the wall.

This is the most precise way that can be used to measure the height of a kid. After getting the correct measurement you can simply look up to the kids bike size chart by height that can be found on the internet easily.

How to read size charts for finding out the right bike size for your child?

There are total three kid’s bike size charts that depend on the age, height and inseam. You will see that the size chart will have a corresponding wheel size that is suitable according to the aspect that has been measured. For getting the perfect bike size you will need to have measurement of these three aspects. And then you take readings of three corresponding wheel sizes according to these three aspects.

Now, you will need to choose the wheel size that will be best according to the inseam length and height out of the three wheel sizes. If you are thinking what you will do if the wheel size for height is few inches less compared to the size that is being suggested for the inseam length? You don’t need to sweat out choose the wheel size that is highest amongest the two readings that you have taken.

If the wheel is just few inches larger than it should be you will not need to worry as we all know that kids grow every day and your child will surely get comfortable. But this doesn’t mean that you will choose the wheel size that is the largest one in the whole chart, that is surely impractical! Because your child must be able to touch the ground with their feet while riding.


To sum up, if you are in search of the perfect guide that will help you to get enlightened regarding how to measure bike size for kid this piece of article is all that you need to read. You will surely get the best bicycle size that will be comfortable for them to ride and learn cycling.

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