How to Make a Hybrid Bike Faster?

For adults to do some stunts to experience joy there is a requirement for their hybrid bicycles to be smooth and speedy. However, to do so you don’t need to attach any sort for equipment to your hybrid bicycle. You can simply do it by yourself and you will be able to save up good amount of bucks. Hence, for assisting we have listed down some ways that will enlighten you regarding how to make a hybrid bike faster.

Consider the below for hybrid bike faster

  • Keep your bike clean: 

Cleaning your bike and keeping the drivetrain and cables away from mud and grime will ensure that your hybrid bike runs speedily. While you paddle a bike covered up with dirt and grime you will notice how unsatisfying it feels. But a clean bike will surely help you to ride it with full efficiency and with the speed that you want. Hence, to make a hybrid bike faster the first thing to is to clean it up.

Yes, it is true that cleaning a bike can be a quite great hassle. Bikers do feel doing this a tiring job. But well, all you need to do is to take out 5 minutes out of your whole day after you ride a bike. And just quickly wipe that areas that seems dirty. During weekends you should do a bit more thorough cleaning. Also, keep in mind that you don’t take your hybrid bike to places that are dirty.

  • Lubricating the chain: 

After cleaning the drivetrain by scrubbing all the dirt you will now need to ensure that it runs very smoothly. And for doing that it is essential that you lubricate the chain so that the drivetrain is running efficiently. Doing so will also decrease the amount of dirt the chain picks up while you ride your hybrid bicycle especially when you will be going to muddy and wet places.

While lubricating the chain make sure that you don’t apply access amounts. Add the lubricating oil to the inside of the chain while you rotate the cranks of the bike, after done with applying make sure that you wipe of access amounts.

  • Adjust the position of your saddle in the right way:

It has been proven that even if a person has been a cyclist for many years, he or she definitely faces discomfort if the position of the saddle is either too high or too low. Having a saddle set in a positon that is not at the correct height can cause a cyclist to be unable to pedal with complete efficiency and full power. This results in the speed of a cyclist to decrease. Apart from the speed decreasing there is a chance of getting injured and feeling discomfort.

As per the suggestions of the expert it is a rule that the saddle should be set 10 inches less than the actual inseam measurement of a cyclist. For instance, if the inseam measurement of a cyclist is about 80 cm the height of the saddle should be 70 cm.

  • Check the tyre pressure of your hybrid bike:

To increase the speed of your hybrid bike it is essential that the tyres have the right pressure. Doing that is not only an important step but it is the easiest one amongst all of the above.

If the tyres are too soft the rolling resistance will increase that will cause you to use up a lot of energy to maintain the average speed of your bike.  And there is a risk of the tyres getting flat as well in such conditions.

However, that does not mean that you will be giving your tires the highest possible pressure that exits. The case is not about having the more pressure and the speedier the bike will get. It is about having the right amount of pressure for the kind of road you will be riding on.

Because of having the right amount of pressure in your tyres you will see that you will be easily able to go around corners at a quicker speed. You will not get tired because of riding long distances and you will feel comfortable as well.

  • Adjust your gears properly:

If the gears of your hybrid bike is not properly adjusted there is a possibility of your bike ride getting ruined. You will see that your gears will be skipping all over the place and you are being able to ride just one or two miles.

Hence, making sure that the gears of your bike are properly adjusted and working at its best. Doing that will ensure that the efficiency of the drivetrain will increase. You will be then able keep your power down specially while you are riding on steep gradients.

Adjusting gears is surely a complicated task but you can simply learn it by yourself by asking from any small mechanic or by watching tutorials on YouTube.

  • Adjust your brakes properly:

Having your brakes properly adjusted will give you the confidence that you can stop wherever you want boosting up your confidence to apply more power. If you brake your bike while going into corners you will be able to carry on with even greater speed. You will surely notice that the average speed of your hybrid bike is increasing specially while you cross technical lanes that curvy.

Keep a regular check on the brake cables and carefully see if it has signs of wear or tear. You will need to change it if that happens for the hybrid bike to give efficient speedy performance. Furthermore, for the braking performance to be consistent make sure that the brakes are tightened to keep the same distance from the rims.


To sum up, if you are thinking of some ways to make the hybrid bike of yours faster than this article has it all. After reading all of the ways you surely have gained knowledge regarding how to make a hybrid bike faster. You will not need to spend any bucks behind the ways that we have listed above. You will be easily able to do it all by yourself even without the help of a mechanic.

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