How To Keep A Bike From Rusting Outside?

It is never ideal to store your bike outside as it increases the chance of rusting. Rust can spread over time and cause permanent damage to the frame and other materials of your bike. However, not every one of us has the storage or garage to keep the bike inside. So it is important to know how to keep a bike from rusting outside when we are storing it.

First, we should know what actually rust is. When corrosive materials like iron are exposed to the environment, they react with the oxygen and water vapour of the air and break down chemically which we know as rust.  Hence, if we can stop the reaction, we can prevent rust. In this article, we will tell you how to keep a bike from rusting outside.

Ways To Keep Bike From Rusting Outside

01.Bike Sheds

If you have got a yard to keep your bike, a bike shed will be the best option for you. Metal, wood, or plastic made -any type of bike shed is available in the market. Plastic Sun cast Shed can be a good one for you.  The advantage of sheds is that you can also use them to store other things like ladders or other equipment.  The downside is that they are expensive. But you can make yourself one if you are a good DIYer.

2. Tarp

Another way to prevent rusting is to buy a heavy-duty tarp and use it as a shed over the bike to protect your bike from rain and moisture.  However, never warp the bike with the tarp. Because it will create a pocket of moisture which will make the rusting process faster.

3. Bike Tent

A bike tent is an affordable option if you are allowed to have one.  These tents can be of different shapes and styles. Don’t compromise with the quality and make sure the tent is portable. The tent should be rainproof obviously to protect the bike from the rain.

4. Do bike covers work?

Bike covers are made of waterproof materials and are a very good way to prevent rust. They will protect your bike from water, moisture, dust as well as the harmful UV ray of the sun.  They are great for long-term storage.

5. Waterproof Seat Cover

Elastic cove4 protects your bike’s saddle from cracking or other damage. The Karetto and Cevapro are great recommendations for the seat cover. However, they are costly.

6. Indoor Bike Hanger

However, not always you will need a dedicated place at your house for keeping your bike. You can hang your bike on the wall.  It not only will be the best way to keep the bike in good condition for a longer time but also will increase the aesthetics of your house. If you don’t like it, the other ways are still there.

07. Remove rust, Wash and dry your bike regularly

Maintaining a clean and dry bike is a key step to prevent rust. Otherwise, wet soil and dirt will cause rusting. If you are a regular cyclist, clean your bike once a month. As moisture causes rusting, always dry your bike after cleaning.

08. Keep your bike well-lubricated

  a. Apply waterproof grease

The best way to protect the metal parts of your bike such as sprockets, stem belts and chain-rings is to use waterproof grease. Finish Line Premium Grease can be a good recommendation for this.

  b. Use a bike frame protector

Along with the metallic components, your bike frame should also be protected.  A bike frame spray will reach into all small parts of the frame and give it a protective coat.  You can go with Pro-gold Gold Frame Protector.

09. Give your bike a proper tune-up

You should disassemble your bike once in a while and give the components thorough cleaning one by one. Especially, the drive-train, bearings, rims and chain should be cleaned. Then tune the bike up.  You can also go to the local shop for the tune-up.

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To sum up, you should always cover your bike and keep it away from moisture when you are storing it outside. After storing you should give the bike a proper tune-up before using it. Tune-up is disassembling all the parts, cleaning and lubricating them and inspecting them for possible corrosion.  You can get it done by the local service mechanics. The cost will vary depending on the area and service providers. Thus you can keep the bike from rusting and give it a long life.

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