How to Fit Mudguards to a Hybrid Bike?

Being a passionate cyclist you surely know how essential it is for riding a bike with full efficiency and power. Hence, it is essential that you protect your bicycle from getting covered in dirt and grime. That is why to protect your bike tires from getting covered in mud that can act as an obstacle you will need to fit mudguards. So, to help you out, this piece of reading will enlighten you regarding how to fit mudguards to a hybrid bike. Also, you will get to know about the importance of mudguards in more depth.

The importance of mudguards:

The usage of mudguards is required the most when you will be riding your bike during winter on wet and muddy roads. Also, if you are a member of a bicycle club where you go out on rides with a lot of members there is a requirement of having mudguards fitted. You will need to protect your members as well from getting covered in mud or wet dirt that will sprayed while you ride your own bike.

By whom are mudguards used?

Mudguards needs to be used by anyone who rides a bike, it can be a commuter, social rider or a professional cyclist. It will be required by anyone who wants to ride a bike during winters. Using a mudguard will protect you from getting the mud and wet dirt over your face and body.

How durable and strong are mudguards? 

Mudguards can surely last for long years if proper care are taken. You will need to keep them clean and away from anything that can cause them to get bend by force. They are eventually made up of plastic that is why you will need to make sure that they are not abused so that they snap.

Steps for how to fit mudguards to a hybrid bike: 

Step 1:

By making sure that the graphics are facing up and the front, you will need to hold the mudguard flat. Keep in mind that the graphics are facing away from you.

Step 2:

After positioning the mud guard you will need to thread a zip tie down through one of the holes present at the front and then bring the other side of the zip tie up through another corresponding hole to the first one. To ensure that you have the zip tie in the correct position check that the serrated side is facing upwards. Repeat this process of zip tying for other holes as well.

Step 3:

Insert the mudguard between the tyre and fork arch by bending and slotting it. Make sure that the short end is at the front and the holes with the zip ties inserted has been installed to settle on either side of the fork legs and fork arch.

Step 4:

Pull the mudguard into place by tightening the zip ties. Makes sure that the zip tie has been tightened by taking the bands around the right-hand fork leg and under it but not over the brake hose.

Step 5:   

Using a pair of snips cut off the long ends of each zip tie as close as it is possible to the head. The ends that has been cut off can possibly cause snagging of your clothing. Hence, to prevent it happening you have to rotate each zip tie to keep the cut end hidden.


To sum up, you have found out the perfect piece of reading that will help you learn essential steps regarding how to fit mudguards to a hybrid bike. It will be enlightening you both regarding some important information and as well as some essential steps so that you can fit mudguards by yourself without the need of taking help from any professional mechanic.

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