How to Fit a Bike Helmet for a Child?

Learning how to ride a bicycle is surely a very joyous experience. They get to know how it feels to independently ride something with confidence. However, it is known to all of us that even if bicycle riding is a very fun and joyful activity it involves a lot of risks in getting injured. Hence, it is essential that parents should know how to fit a bike helmet for a child.

Importance of wearing on a helmet:

While learning how to ride a bicycle there is always a risk of kids falling off the bike specially when they are learning how to balance by lifting their feet of the ground completely. This might cause kids to get injured by hitting their head which can get fatal as well. Hence, to protect your children from such deadly accidents it is essential that they wear on helmets that perfectly fits according to the shape and size of their heads.

Letting them wear on a helmet that is way too loose is surely a careless act and will result in your kid to get hurt in the head. Because a helmet that is loose will surely fall off because of jerking. But a helmet that stays in place and fits perfectly cannot fall off unless it is intentionally removed from the head. This ensures that the head is under complete protection and even a minute amount of risk of getting hurt is completely eliminated.

Steps to ensure that a bike helmet fits a child correctly:

Step 1: Find the correct size 

Don’t simply just pick up a helmet of any size for your child. You must take your child along with you while you think of buying helmets to make sure that it fits the head of your child perfectly. To make sure that the helmet is of the right size check if the helmet is moving side to side. If you see this sort of movement, it is better that you look more or select a different size.

If you are struggling with the size of the helmet and the perfect size cannot be found it is better that you use sizing pads that are available. Using those pads you will be able to make sure that the helmet fits. And if you notice that the helmet is sort of getting tight you may remove the extra pads from the helmet.

The last and simple option is to get yourself universal fit ring instead of size adjusting pads. You can simply adjust the size of the ring to make sure that the helmet fits your head perfectly.

Step 2: Position 

The position of the helmet must be set in the perfect possible way. It should be positioned low on the forehead with just the gap of two finger widths between the front part of helmet and the eyebrows of your child. This is to make sure that your child will be able to look upward and have a clear view of the front.

Step 3: Adjusting the side straps

You will find two straps. One will be on the right side and the other will be on the left. The straps together form a “Y” shape right below the ear. For adjusting the side straps, you will simply need to roll the rubber band close to the side straps to prevent the helmet from slipping off.

Step 4: Adjusting the chin strap

Unless you see that the chain strap is snug you will need to keep on tightening it so that the helmet is not loose at any cost. There should not be much space under the strap other than the width of just one finger.

Things to check: 

  • To check if the helmet has fit the head of your child the right way you should ask him or her to open their mouth wide. While doing so they will feel as if the helmet is pulling down on the head.  And if that does not happen, know that the chin strap is loose and it will need to be adjusted.
  • Make sure that the helmet does not lean forward and block the vision of the eyes of your child, if that happens make sure that you readjust the side straps and as well as the chin straps.
  • Check if the helmet slips of while your child shakes his or her head. If that happens you will need the sizing pads for making sure that the helmet is more stable and snug.


To sum up, if you want to make sure that your child learns riding a bicycle but by staying safe and sound so that they don’t get injured in any sort of way that can affect their future. You will simply need to read out this whole piece of information to get enlightened regarding how to fit a bike helmet for a child. You will get to know about the importance of wearing on a helmet and also how to check if it is worn the right way. Happy kids bike riding with safety………

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