How To Choose Running Tights – Tips & Guide

Whether you’re serious runners or a casual jogger or an avid marathon runner both male and female, the first step is the dress part which is put comfortable shoes and comfortable tights, shorts, shirt for running, grab a water bottle. So, How to Choose Running Tights?

But what about your legs? Are you wearing a regular pair of trousers or sporty shorts or a good pair of running tights? Because while running or doing exercise,  a proper pair of running tights not only reducing dis-conformity you feel while running but also offers unique advantages such as weather protection and even performance enhancement.

Well, for you here in the article.

Running tight features

When looking for an ideal pair of running tight, there are some key features to look out for.

Fabric and style


Fabric and style are the most important features when choosing Running Tights. There is a difference in the length of the pair from the pair of each running tights. Some will come in a set length of the leg while others are just above the knees. Bike-style compression shorts can end up with chilly ankles and aren’t ideal for running. Capri style tights are excellent for multiple forms of exercise and work best in hottest months of the year, while the full-length leggings provide benefits in colder weather for long run distances.


Materials of Running Tights provide comfort-ness while running or doing exercise. Cotton made running shorts or pants will trap sweat and create discomfort while running.  Consider tights made from spandex, or a spandex/lycra blend because it gives maximum stretchiness while staying skin tight.


Choose a pair running tights which should be fit, well, tight but not too restrictive to Snatch the freedom of movement. Too long leggings gather at the bottom and cause discomfort and distraction while running while too short can lead to chilly ankles.

Consider choosing some sports specific training tights which will be snug and comfortable fit to the skin, support muscle movement and allow complete freedom of movement. Poorly constructed running tights may restrict your circulation and don’t let the muscle to move, which can lead to irritation and chaffing.


Reflectivity or visibility of Running Tights is essential for those who are running in the early morning or evening because reflective paneling or stripe of Running Tights helps to stay you safe and visible to cars and other roads.

Zippered key pocket

The zippered key pocket of Running Tights helps to keep your gear and valuables snug and safe when you’re out on the road. While running, the pocket should fall on the hip or the waist but having a hidden zippered pocket of Running Tights won’t distract you from the run.

Rubberized grips

Rubberized grips are the elastic ring that comes with the leg portion of the Running Tights. Rubberized grips of Running Tights help to prevent tights from moving up and down on legs while running.


The waistband is an essential feature of Running Tights because it’s securing the leggings to stay in place. Look for tights with a secure fastening system, like an elasticated drawstring waistband or spandex waistbands. An elasticated drawstring waistband allows to adjust the tightness, so it is preferable for some runners when it comes to running.

Opaque Running Tights

Running Tights must have covertness like when you’re stood still in the light of a changing room, or you’re out bending overstretching in the sunshine then your tights must not be opaque. Otherwise, you are going to be revealing all and becomes embarrassment on the road.


Consider investing in a good pair of running tights because expensive and branded tights use higher quality fabric and become durable and have additional combinations of features like carrying extra comfort and precision stitching that you won’t find on the cheap tights.


To complete your running wardrobe now, you know How to Choose Running Tights for doing exercising or running. So before you buy any tights, you must consider the features of running tight. Because wearing a pair of running tights will enhance your performance and confidence both in exercising and running.

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