How to Choose Cycling Sunglasses – A perfect Guide

Cyclist spends lots of time to choose the right eye-wear. After the day they find a pair of glasses which are not suitable for them. In the market, you can find a lot of cycling sunglasses. But you have to find a good one. You also ensure glass quality, lens quality, frame durability, materials, etc. If you need excellent cycling eyewear, you have to remember this thing. Without the right frame & glasses, it can harm your eyes. I’ve talked about some of the most important things about how to choose cycling sunglasses.

The frame

Before buying, choosing a frame is also necessary. You can find a frame in plastic & metal made. The plastic frame is made of polycarbonate plastics. This plastic is durable & stronger. But its weight is very light.

The metal frame is also stronger & durable. It was also lightweight. But it little bit pricy then plastic frame. But I suggest you get both which you want.

Rimmed vs. rimless Frames

Before choosing a sunglass, you need to ensure that what kind of glasses you need. Rimmed frame means a frame cover a glass around. Rim-less glasses don’t have any frame to cover. These glasses are classic fashion wear. Some of the riders like to wear rimmed frames. But nowadays rimless glasses are trendy among cyclist.

But if you are road & mountain biker, I think you should wear a rimmed glasses. It can hold the glass tightly. If your glass fall in the down, the frame can protect your glasses to broke. So I think you need a rimmed glass.

Right lenses

Before you choose the one you have to clarify about the lenses which you want.


In cold weather & winter season rider need an anti-fogging glass. In cold weather, glass becomes wet for fog. So special anti-fogging coating is applied to the lens. This lens can protect your glasses from fog & gives you a clear vision.

Mirrored lenses

Mirrored lenses are specially made for sunny weather. This lens is block high bright rays & protect your eyes. In the shop, there are many colored lenses you can find. It can protect UV rays from sun & keep your eyes peacefully.

Orange & yellow lenses

In low light condition, orange & yellow lenses are best. In a sunny day, rider failed to saw the object on the road. This lens can reduce light & able to show perfect objects. Such a rider like to wear these glass for seeing the clear view.

Normal clear lenses

The clear lens is perfect for night riding & also perfect for a rainy day. It can protect your eyes from dust, little stone & wet waters. It too perfect for seeing the object at night.

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses auto adjust the lighting conditions.  It will be darkened when the sun gets brighter & lighten. It will be normal when you are in perfect lighting. This glass also called photo-sun. It is ideal for those riders who ride on a sunny day. This lenses price is a little bit high than others. But it is beneficial for young & old riders.

UV protection

You need to find glasses which able to protect UV rays from sunlight. It can help to protect your eye from sunlight. Sunlight can reduce the power of your eyes. It also can blind your eyes. To safeguard from sunlight, you need to choose glasses which have UV protection.

Daily cares of your glasses.

For daily riding, your sunglass becomes sweaty, dirty. You need to clean it every day or week — a simple way to clean your glasses. You should put your lenses into some warm water to remove dirt & grime. You can also wash it with dishwashing liquid & rub it slowly with fingers. Another way, you can clean your glasses by lens drops. In optics store, you can find cleaning drops for sunglasses. It can clean your glasses nicely.

Some of the brands

There are many sunglasses you can find in the market. But you have to see glasses of some quality full branded. I suggest you some glass brands which are used by me. Oakley, Tifosi Tyrant, Nike. These three brands lenses are durable, lightweight & cheap than others. I personally like Oakley.


I think choosing the right glasses now easy for you after reading this guide. Before getting a new cycling sunglass, you need to consider to select lens, frames, glasses, protection quality & glass/ lens colors. If you have enough budget to get one, you can spend 30-50$. Don’t take your eyes lightly. A sunglass can protect your eyes from reducing power & blindness.

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