How to choose a mountain bike?

A bicyclist who loves thrill will surely like going down sloppy mountains for experiencing thrill and the rush of adrenaline in themselves. And for such circumstances getting just normal bicycle is not enough. They will need to get themselves a good mountain bike. Hence, for all the passionate cyclist to experience thrill in the best possible way this article will enlighten them regarding how to choose a mountain bike.

01. Get yourself the right size:

Don’t just believe the labels of large, medium and small that the companies of mountain bike put on. You will need to try them out yourself rather than just relying on the labels of the sizes. Hence for finding the right fit for yourself carry on the process that we have listed below.

  • Find out the distance that you need to reach the bars from the saddle. Also, know the stack measurements which is the distance from center of the crank to the middle head tube. For mountain bike you can chose longer stack measurements.
  • Choosing a long front triangle helps you to put the axle further ahead. This lets you to put your weight on it for getting a proper grip that you need for riding down the slope.
  • Because of getting that grip you will be able to climb mountains as well without facing much difficulty.
  • Makes sure that the stack measurement is not that too long that you no longer can have stand over clearance. Choosing a longer size will just need a few centimeters.
  • Choose a short tube, as choosing a short tube allows you to get a good stand over and as well provides you enough room for maneuver. You will need to make sure that you get the full height for paddling without the need of overextending the seat post.

02. Choose the right wheel size:

Your mountain bike will be running on wheels. Hence, choosing the right wheel size is essential depending on the type of road you will be riding it. Wheels that are strong, stiff and lightweight is a common choice amongst mountain bikers. And it will become more common along with the upcoming years.

Furthermore, currently the trend is to choose large wheels for long miles and the smaller wheels for smashing trials as they are high in terms of strength. Hence, choosing the right wheel size will depend mostly upon the kind of thrilling journey that you wish to conquer.

03. Choosing between hard trial or full-suss: 

You will surely need to invest money I getting yourself the rear shock, bearings, linkage and full suspension. If you choose hard trial, you will surely get better specification compared to a full-suss bike at the same cost. With hard trial bike you will need to give time less behind maintenance of it.

On the other side, if you think of getting a full suss bike which are quite advanced compared to the history you will find a lot of advantages. The number of advantages surely outweighs the number of disadvantages that they have.

Hence, you will not need to analyze and think which one is the best one. You will just need to get the one that you prefer according to your own needs.

04. Don’t let the weight be a headache: 

The strength of the bike is the most essential part other than the weight. Giving importance to weight is required off road. When you will be driving across rocks, roots and ruts and all the things slows you down. Your own confidence, way of riding your bike and as well how you go through corners will suffer if your bike is lightweight.

That is why to keep your bike steady and to let your bike be out of edge it is fine that some extra weight is carried on.

05. Choose suspension that is high in quality:

You will need to check and find out reviews regarding forks and shocks. To find out the exact model check out the website of the manufacturer of the bike that you have chosen. Keep in mind that the specifications of original equipment unit will be different compared to similar looking ones made by any third party.

Getting yourself quality damping and a good air spring will allow you go even more far with your bike. Therefore, you will need to choose quality suspension and eliminate the thinking of getting the cheaper ones made by the third parties. Because your performance should not get affected for such petty issues.

06. Keep some extra money for buying other accessories: 

You will surely need to get yourself a sturdy helmet for your safety. A backpack to carry some essentials that you will need while you are on your way to experience trill. And lastly a glass for keeping all the dust away from blocking your sight.

There are more! You will need to get yourself suitable shoes required for riding mountain bikes, suitable clothes and all the essentials to feel comfortable. To add more, you might want to get yourself new tires which will suit your terrain. You will also want to ride your bike at full efficiency for which you might think of tuning your gearing and also customize the size and shape of the cock pit.

Hence, choosing a mountain bike is not enough you will need to think of getting these essential accessories as well.


To sum up, if after reading all the tips listed above you have surely understood how to choose a mountain bike. Following the tips strictly will help you choose the best one so that you can ride your mountain bike with full power and complete efficiency. This will also help

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