How to choose a mountain bike size?

Getting yourself the correct mountain bike size is an essential part to do if you want to feel the thrill of riding down slopes. You will need to know how to choose a mountain bike size before investing your money in buying a mountain size. And to help you out this article will enlighten you all about tips that will help you in choosing the right bike size.

01. Importance of choosing the right mountain bike size:

A bike that will be perfect for your body size will be comfortable for you to ride with full power and efficiency. You will be able to handle the bike and take on full control. But if the size of the mountain bike is not according to your body you will be uncomfortable and you will lag behind into giving your best.

That is why it is essential that you research and find out the right mountain bike size before you get one. Because you cannot effort to fall behind by getting a bike which is either too small or too large.

Hence, for knowing the right bike size you will need to have knowledge regarding important parts of a mountain bike. We have detailed below all the important aspects that needs to be considered to find out the right bike size.

02. Having knowledge of the frame sizes: 

The fame sizes that are normally listed by manufacturers are surely confusing and cannot specify clearly that which one will be suitable for an individual boy type. The normal method used is to make a list of seat tube length. However, even that method is not reliable.

Because some of the measurements are done from the top of the seat tube and some are done to the middle of where the top tube joins the seat tube. And then there are some manufacturers that simply label their bikes as small, medium and large or sometimes they might add XS and a XL.

Hence, what you should be doing is to simply consider two main measurements when looking for the right frame size. These are the seat tube length and the top tube length.

03. Stand over length: 

With the seat tube length that you have chosen you must have an acceptable gap for stand over and also a usable stand over clearance. For a proper stand back, as far as it is possible for you while you are over the bike you will need to ensure that there is at least an inch gap between the top tube and your crouch area.

Doing this will make sure that you have a large range for adjustment at the seat post for finding out your perfect and comfortable optimum saddle height.

04. Correct top tube length for proper reach: 

As mentioned the other important aspect to consider is the top tube length. Having the right top tube length is essential as it will ensure that the bike can be ridden with comfort and full efficiency of the body. The accurate way of taking the top tube length is to measure the horizontal line from the middle part of the top of head till the middle part of the seat post.

05. Problems that you may face if the right frame size is not chosen:

You might think it will not matter if you choose the frame size either too small or too big for your actual body size. Well, it does matter and you will face certain problems that you should know and be aware of.

  A. Problems that you will suffer from if the frame size is too big: 

  • You will face difficulty in stand over clearance that will lead to wince-inducing experiences.
  • You will not be able to have full control on your bike like you should have. This will cause you to lag behind.
  • For trying to pressurize yourself to reach, you will face a sore back.

    B. Problems that you will suffer from if the frame is too small: 

  • There is a possibility of getting injured for going on long rides and staying at a cramped and uncomfortable positon.
  • You will see your toes overlapping and you will not be able to pedal with full power.
  • You will face back problems when you settle yourself down on the seat and the problem can get severe for going on longer rides. This issues rises because of too much stand over clearance.


Apart from knowing all the tips regarding how to choose a mountain bike size there is a necessity that you first settle yourself down and check that you are being able to fit in it perfectly.

And you will be able to do that easily because manufacturers of bikes do allow you to test the bikes out. hence, don’t sweat out about getting the permission because it is your right to be completely sure before investing your money in the bike that you love.

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