How To Choose A Jump Rope – Step By Step Guide

Nowadays, people do different exercises, strict diets, and jogging to keep the body fit and to lose weight. But among all other activities, jump ropes or skipping ropes is the most comfortable conditions home equipment workout, which gives you the agility of full-body exercise. It is also great for cardio routine as it improving strength, coordination, and proper pumping of the heart during a cardiovascular workout. There is a variety of skipping ropes but how to choose a jump rope. Well, this article is for you to help.

Types of Jump Ropes

you can find various types of Jump Ropes in the market. This simple piece of equipment has specific functions such as cross-fit, weight loss, or any other serious training. Handles of jump ropes are varying from design to designs, which allow the users to rotate the string while jumping.

01. Basic Jump Ropes

Basic jump rope is the fundamentals of jumping rope to provide an efficient workout. It is made with PVC plastic, and the handles are made with rubber or foam to help jumpers with grip.

02. WeightedJump Ropes

Weighted jump rope gives upper body workout, as well as a cardio workout. It has thick PVC on the rope, and the handles are made with plastic. Weighted grips and thicker cables can range from one to six pounds for building speed, power, and strength at once. This kind of jump rope is not for beginners instead of usually used by experienced jumpers.

03. Speed orVinyl and Licorice (PVC) Jump Ropes

It is Also known as cross-fit rope or competitive sporting rope. Like its name, this category of jump ropes is to jump more quickly. It is made with thin vinyl cord thin PVC, which makes it lightweight and fast than other more traditional ropes. This rope is best for indoor use, to prevent wear and tear on harsh surfaces, like pavement. Athletes, boxers, fighters, and of course, cross-fitters use this light, thin speed rope in training. Because it allows not only the much higher number of turns per minute as well as allows performing more advanced jump roping moves and speed jumping, and the result is a high-intensity workout.

04. Leather Jump Ropes

Leather ropes have a strip of leather on the cable and famous for their wooden handles and quietness. As the cord is thicker, so it has a faster turning rate than the cloth jump rope. This jump rope is a preferred choice for most professional boxers or casual fitness fans or for that exerciser who is in serious cardio workouts. It can be used both indoors, outdoors as well as on any surface.

05. BeadedJump Ropes

A beaded jump rope, also known as segmented jump ropes, is a rope with a cloth, nylon, or vinyl inner cord with plastic beads or segments threaded on it. The beads are usually in different colors used for fun, skipping displays, and exhibitions to grab attention when the rope is swung between jumps. This rope is not for cross fit or intense dive exercise. They are better suited for fun, easy activities and regular jumping competition as beads add a lot of weight and sound when they hit the ground.

How to Choose a Jump Rope

There is a variety of skipping ropes, but before purchasing one, it is crucial to understand the size, length, material or quality, weight, and types of jump ropes. The different benefits, characteristics, and how you will be using it will help you learn and improve your skill level.

01. Rope length

According to individual body type and ability level, rope length should be chosen. While jumping, a too-short rope may cause interference in precision while too long could cause missteps. Choosing the right length jump rope is tricky, but quick and easy methods are stepping on the middle of the string and pull the handles towards your armpits. For experienced jump ropers, the cables, not the handles of the jump rope should stop a little below the armpits, and for inexperienced should hit right around the armpits.

02. Rope weight

Depending on skill level and preference, rope weight is considered. If the weight of the rope is not correctly adjusted, it can be a cause of much frustration, whether you are beginners or even experienced jumper.

For a beginner, the most effective jump rope weight would be1/2 lb for provides excellent feel when jumping.

For the experienced jumper, from a fitness standpoint, a lighter rope is to develop speed, agility, and coordination while heavier strings to build more strength and power.

03. Rope material or quality

Rope material or quality is essential because the durability of the rope depends on it. So when buying a rope, you should consider a durable handle with a good quality grip so that the string can be used on various surfaces, including both indoor and outdoor and the ball bearings for smooth rotation of the rope.


Now you know How to Choose a Jump Rope to embrace a healthier lifestyle. For a healthy and happy life, jumping ropes is the safest and handy exercise that you must-have in your workout equipment. So choose one according to your preference, but make sure it is always the right one to adjust appropriately.

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