How to Choose a Bike Saddle?

A question that any cyclist has in their mind is how to choose a bike saddle. This because the ultimate goal of all bicyclist is to ride their bike with full efficiency but by staying at comfort. And for that you will require to have the perfect saddle for your bike. Hence, for assisting you in choosing the best bike saddle for yourself we have listed down some tips that will be guiding you.

Choose the right saddle shape for yourself:

We humans are not at all same and we differ from each other in various ways. That is why saddle come in various shapes to suit different body types and comfort zones of bicyclists. And mostly the shape of a saddle that you will choose, will depend on your gender.

  • For instance, you will notice ladies feeling better and comfortable on saddles that have been widely shaped. These saddles have been designed like that specially for females. To add more, the shape of the saddle that you will choose will depend on your bicycling style as well.
  • For example, if you are a bicyclist that rides downhills, you will see that you will not be able to seat comfortably on saddles that has been made for an MTBer. Because they will choose saddle that is as lightweight possible. Hence, it is important that you know what sort of riding you will be going on for choosing the right saddle shape.

Keep your flexibility in your mind:

You will need to find out about your flexibility first. For doing so, you will just need to sit on the ground by keeping your legs laid down at front. Your legs should be side by side, and not spread out. Lean forward to see how far can you reach with your hands.

  • If you see that you can reach your toes, know that you are very flexible. If you see that you are reaching half way, then you are a bit less flexible. Therefore, people who are less in terms of flexibility will require to get saddles that are a bit rounded. Because such people will have the tendency of shifting around while sitting on their saddle.
  • A normal flexible cyclist will feel comfortable on a flat saddle as they will get freedom for movement. On the other hand, a cyclist who is very flexible than normal, will need a saddle that is slightly curved.

The position that you stay on the bike:

How you will be sitting comfortably and what sort of saddle shape will go for you will depend on the position at which you ride your bike. You will need to choose the right saddle so that the pressure that you apply on the crucial parts of your body can be lightened up.

There are people that feel like riding their cycle by staying at an upright position. On the other hand, there are people that ride at an aerodynamic position. The ultimate thing is that, the more pressure that you will be putting on to the forward part of your pelvic area. The more you will face back pain and numbness. Hence, it is essential that an adequate saddle is chosen.

Take a measurement of your sit bones: 

Yes, it is true that choosing a saddle should have been easy after getting to know about your flexibility and riding position. But, sadly it does not end there. You will need to have the measurement of your sit bones to find the right width of saddle that will be suitable for you. There is a necessity of this measurement because saddles are sold at various widths.

Measuring the distance of sit bones is easy. You will just need to go to nearby bike shops. They do have a special tool for measuring it and you will be able to use that once it has been demonstrated to you.

You will need to set the saddle to the right:

After finding out the perfect saddle based on the aspects that we have listed above, you will need to know how to set it at the perfect height. setting the saddle at an adequate height is essential for efficient paddle stroke. And to find out the perfect height you will need to have your inseam length measured.

Position of your saddle:

If the position of your saddle is not perfect, you will face discomfort and irritation is certain areas of your body. Therefore, make sure that your saddle is horizontal, and the nose of it is not pointing too far or at up or down position.

  • If the position of the saddle is too far forward or too far backwards that you will face problems with your lower back, arms and neck.
  • On the other hand, if the pedals are set at a horizontal position, make sure that you drop a plumb line from your knee. This will make sure that you saddle is in the right position when the plumb runs past the shaft of the pedal.


To sum up, you will now be able to get the perfect saddle for yourself because this guide enlightened you about how to choose a bike saddle. We have not only mentioned tips about how you will be purchasing a saddle that will be suitable for you, we have also listed down how to set it up. If you follow all the tips and do the things listed you will be able to ride your bike to full efficiency with complete comfort and satisfaction.

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