How to Change Brake Pads on Hybrid Bike?

All of the passionate cyclists who love riding surely know the importance of keeping every component of the bike well maintained. Hence, when it comes to ensure safety it is essential that the brake pads are changed right after it seems worn out. However, for changing brake pads you will not need the help of any professional mechanic. As you can do it all by yourself by simply following the steps in this piece of information that will enlighten you regarding how to change brake pads on hybrid bike.

Steps for changing brake pads

For changing brake pads you will need to have some simple tools. These tools are needle nose pliers, a wide flat-head screwdriver and a disc brake cleaner. By having these tools and just following the steps that we have listed below you will be able to change brake pads of your hybrid bike by yourself.

Step 1:

Remove the wheel of your hybrid bike by mounting it on a stand.

Step 2:

Different retention system is used in terms of fixing brake pads in case of different brake pads. Some caliper designs have screw in pin where as others have a cotter pin. For securing pads springs are also used as well. Some pads are fixed against the pistons using magnets. Hence you will need to determine the type of caliper design of the bike to carry on the next step.

Step 3:

If the worn out pads have been previously secured using pins or springs you will need to use pillars to detach it. After removing the pad, you will need to clean the caliper and the rotor using a degreaser and a clean cloth. If removing the pad seems very difficult try loosening the adjuster first.

Step 4:

Fully retract the position of pistons before installing the new brake pads. This needs to be done for freeing some space for installing the thicker replacement pads.

Step 5:

If your hybrid bike consists of hydraulic calipers, you will need to use a cone wrench to simply press the pistons back in place.

Step 6:

For bikes that have mechanical calipers it is necessary to turn the adjuster at a counterclockwise direction until it stops.

Step 7:

While you are installing the brake pads make sure that you don’t accidentally squeeze the brake lever. Doing so will cause the pistons to come back in.

Step 8:

Before reattaching the wheel you will need to install the replacement pads. Using their pins or clips you will need to secure it.

Step 9:

You need to make sure that everything is centered including the rotor and caliper. Necessary adjustments need to be made if you see the wheel’s rotor is not running central to caliper. You will need to check all of these aspects before you remove the bike from the stand.

Step 10:

To test out the new brake pads that you have installed you will need to press the brake lever and spin the wheel simultaneously. If the pads fail to grip the rotor you will need to bleed the brakes. Doing this will remove air from the hydraulic braking system.

Step 11:

The final thing that you need to do is to ride around with your hybrid bike at a safe place where there is less traffic. This needs to be done so that you test out the braking capability of your newly installed brakes.


To sum up, using all the steps that we have listed above and the tools that we have mentioned previously you will be able to change the brake pads of your hybrid bike. This piece of information has all the information for you to get enlightened regarding how to change the brake pads of your hybrid by yourself.

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