How to Buy an Exercise Bike : An Ultimate Guide

There is a wide range of approaches to work out, similarly as there is a wide range of purposes behind needing to get fit and dynamic in any case. Who doesn’t need a solid body, right? The exercise bike can give you a powerful cardio exercise that is reasonable for any dimension of fitness. The exercise bike is the essential equipment of fitness. If you’re a serious person for a workout, you should choose the perfect exercise bike. However, it’s not easy to find the right product. In the article, you came to know how to buy an exercise bike.

Types of Exercise bike

There are different types of exercise bikes in the market. Before starting the buying guide of an exercise bike, you should know the several types. We describe three types:

1. Upright

The upright bicycles have handles that are somewhat higher than the seat, permitting a more loosened up exercise than the indoor bike. In any case, the vast majority of these bikes additionally need the utilization of your arms for help and parity, which means it can, in any case, give you an extraordinary exercise that includes your chest area and the muscles of abdominal. The pedals are adjusted under the feet of the users, while the seat underpins the user’s weight. The user’s center must keep the body upright, while arms are locked in with extraordinary moving handlebars. The upright bike will leave their users with soreness on the back and rear.

2. Recumbent

The recumbent bicycle’s fundamental quality is its lean back design. The seat is to a greater extent a seat that enables the user to recline easily, and its pedals are before the user’s feet rather than beneath. This sort of fitness bike gives the rider the most help. Handlebars are additionally along the edges rather than the front. This design diminishes weight on joints.

3. Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycles are like an upright bike, yet with a couple of contrasts. Their handlebars are more distant far from the seat, moving riders forward. Indoor cycles even enable users to stand while cycling, connecting more muscle bunches all the while. Subsequently, indoor cycles will in general advance the most calorie consume from all the activity bikes.

How to buy an exercise bike

Before purchasing an exercise bike, you need to make sense of what your activity objectives are. Consider how frequently you are going to utilize it and how hard would you like to propel yourself. Ordinarily, individuals overestimate their capacities and figure they will figure out how to stay aware of the exercise plan they have as a primary concern.

1. Size

Ensure you measure the space you plan to put your exercise bike. You will need to ensure it fits. Nothing is more terrible than obtaining it, having it conveyed, and after that acknowledging you simply don’t have space for it. Likewise, add somewhere around a few feet on the measurement width to give yourself some leg and elbow room. The recumbent and spin bikes will likewise be more reduced than the recumbent bike.

2. Weight (Flywheel and Capacity)

The flywheel weight decides the comfort and smoothness of cycling. The higher is the load, the more liquid and comfortable will the cycling be on the stationary bike. At the point when the flywheel is excessively light, you may feel shocks while pedaling. The flywheel weight that you pick will along these lines rely upon your objectives.

If it more weighs, the steadier it will be. For overwhelming bikes, there must be transport wheels included, else you will have an extreme time moving your machine starting with one spot then onto the next. What’s more, to wrap things up, ensure that your weight isn’t over the most extreme upheld weight, else you can put your fitness in risk.

We prescribe to pick a stationary bike with a flywheel of something like 7 kg for a comfortable pedaling. If you have a plan to practice 2 to 3 times each week, you ought to think about a stationary bicycle with a flywheel over 9 kg.

3. Console

The programming screen ought to be anything but difficult to utilize. Nothing is more disappointing than acquiring an exercise bike and not realizing how to utilize it accurately. You may need to look at these when you test drive at stores. The connection of Bluetooth cured that usual situation since it permits to connect a cell phone, an iPhone, iPad or tablet to the exercise bicycle remotely and use it as the bicycle’s console. It controls the bicycle’s resistance from one’s cell phone, make new training projects and adjust them, pursue one’s preparation details and even play a computer game which is intuitive with the speed and the resistance.

4. Resistance

The mechanical resistance is acted by turning the change wheel on the stationary bike, while the attractive resistance can be altered from the bike’s comfort. Just the magnetic resistance enables you to have predefined exercise programs with a vital change of the resistance. The low price exercise bikes will no doubt have manual resistance. You can easily change the resistance when you use the bike. But, it may be badly arranged in case you’re exercise and need to change the middle of your program. In this way, you might need to decide on electronic resistance.

5. Heart rate monitor

Most exercise bicycles have hand-held pulse screens. We know that many are whimsical about how you put your hands and may not peruse accurately because of perspiration, oils, and so forth. Certain brands are superior to other people. So, you might need to look at these when you go out to shop. Certain brands have telemetry-empowered pulse screens. If you show at least a bit of kindness rate screen that you utilize that isn’t appended to the bike like a Polar or Garmin heart band and watch framework, the telemetry framework will get from it.

6. Warranty

Most new bikes accompany a restricted warranty. If you may buy service contracts at the store or through the producer. The maker warranty is normally increasingly efficient. Some will even repay you if you connect with them only before lapse if you have never made any claims.

7. Seat and Handlebar

Ensure the seat can be balanced vertically to almost certainly alter it to the height of your hips as it will keep you from harming your back and joints. You can adjust it horizontally, however, it’s not essential.

Ensure the height of the handlebars can be balanced with the goal that you will almost certainly locate your ideal position on the bike.

8. Noise

Bikes including fans will be noisier, in light of the fact that they feature resistance of the air – the harder you pedal, the more grounded the breeze and more intense the noise. Most exercise bikes don’t make an agonizing sound, yet, for example, you need to tune in to music or sit in front of the TV while working out, and the noise may trouble you. So, you should check the sound of the bike. Keep in mind that a machine doesn’t create any noise.


Yes, the budget is one of the major factors before buying an exercise bike. If you have a low budget, we have some models of the best exercise bikes under $200. If your budget little bit more, you can find some models that are the best exercise bikes under 500.


Exercising is an individual choice and experience. That is the reason your inclination is exceedingly organized and featured when searching for the correct gear.  We attempted our best to cover the majority of the essential viewpoints you have to think about when purchasing a bike. Hope, you get a lot of information from our article on how to buy an exercise bike.

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