How Many Calories Burned On Elliptical In 30 Minutes?

To stay fit and keep hearts healthy elliptical machine’s exercise is an effective full-body form of cardio exercise for all fitness levels and ages. The elliptical trainer is an excellent sought-after cardio machine to burn maximum calories both at fitness centers and for home exercise also. With the elliptical machine, you not only burn full-body calories, but even this machine is fit or nursing a knee or injury both young and old. But How Many Calories Burned on Elliptical in 30 Minutes depending on the intensity of the workout, exerciser’s weight, how long you use the machine and other factors.

01. Calories Burned on Elliptical in 30 Minutes – Exerciser’s Weight

How Many Calories you burned on the Elliptical machine in 30 Minutes is depends on the exerciser’s weight- is one of the main factors to burn Calories by using the elliptical trainer. A trial is that those who are heavily weighted they burn more calories than standard weight users. That is 125 lbs weight person can burn about 250 calories after 30 minutes of regular exercise whereas, a 190 lbs person can burn 380 calories. So body-weight is an essential factor in burning calories.

This table shows the weight and Calories burned on Elliptical in 30 minutes-

Exerciser’s weight per person (pound) Estimated calories burned through

Elliptical trainer

125 to 150 pound ( Both man & women)

250 – 310

155 to 180 pound ( Both man & women)

300 – 400

185 to 200 pound ( Both man & women)

375 – 500

This table represents the estimated rate of calorie burning per person.

If that person is 200-pound weight then with a proper diet and 30 minutes of regular exercise, that person can lose more than estimated calories daily. But if he follows the regular food, then he can lose this estimated rate of calorie daily. So, it is identified that if your target is to lose weight, you must follow the right low-calorie diet.

Still, you have to keep in mind that every people are different as also their body sheds weight, age and use energy. To define the most accurate calories burned per person is to use an elliptical calculator or heart rate monitor.

02. Calories Burned on Elliptical in 30 Minutes – Exerciser’s Intensityof the Workout

Exerciser’s level of intensity of the elliptical workout plays a significant role in defining how many calories you will have burned by the end of a specific 30 minutes workout intensity. With customize low, medium, or high-intensity elliptical workout, you can burn more calories as per your preference.

a. Light-Intensity workout

The truth is, the low-intensity pace does not have a significant impact on an elliptical and perhaps not the best use of your time. Generally, it helps to keeps the body relaxed. This elliptical trainer works well for you if you have- heart condition or an injury that limits your mobility. Elliptical low- intensity workout does not burn a lot of calories, but you can gain some health benefits from it-

  • Helps to boost metabolism
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and the lipid levels in the blood
  • If you have a heart medical condition it helps you to stay active at the same time improves your ability to keep fit, without affecting the severity of your condition

If you are healthy and want to burn calories and boost metabolism effectively, you better activate your body throughout a standard workout.

b. High-Intensity workout 

The high-intensity pace on the Elliptical machine is all about interval training as you are not supposed to go for a steady high-intensity workout which sounds like a daunting task. The principle behind this workout is simple; that is, you should opt for short bursts of high-intensity exercise with intervals segments of lighter activity. That is a quick sprint on the Elliptical for 30 to 60 seconds, then change to a slower pace for 2-3 minutes and redoes the sequence. Health benefits from High-Intensity workout are-

  • Without exhausting, in this proper 30-minute session on the elliptical, you can burn more calories
  • After exercise, your calories will burn for a longer time
  • Helps to improve aerobic and lung capacity
  • Eliminates the monotony of practice while keeping you excited

The Takeaway

An elliptical is an excellent machine for the number of calories you want to burn. Many people think that an elliptical and a treadmill are similar to burn the same amount of calories.  But now you know How Many Calories Burned on Elliptical in 30 Minutes? So before hopping into an elliptical machine, input body weight, the intensity of your workout, and the time to determine how many calories you may burn on an elliptical. But as everyone expends energy differently, so consider a heart rate monitor or consult a personal trainer to get a more accurate idea of calorie expenditure.

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