Diamondback Sorrento Complete Mountain Bike Review

What does your perfect weekend look like? As you ponder on that, let me tell you about mine. My perfect weekend involves me getting on my mountain bike, and hitting the trails right outside my town.

No plan and no mapped out route, just some good old fashioned exploring. Now I know that I’m not the only person with an adventurous spirit, and that you too might find exploring the trails a fun experience.

But if you want to take part in a fun trail ride, you need to be accompanied by a reliable mountain bike. With a quality bike you can ride over rocks with ease, and you can navigate tight turns without breaking a sweat.

One bike that has caught my attention is the Diamondback Sorrento 27.5-inch, which is an entry-level Hardtail bike that is designed to take you on your wildest adventures. This amazing bike will take your performance to a whole new level, and it is definitely a great investment for you. That is why below we will look at this bike in closer detail.

Features of the Diamondback Sorrento

The Diamondback Sorrento 27.5-inch boasts of several great features, which are meant to make your trail riding enjoyable. These features include an aluminum alloy frame, a 75mm suspension fork, a Shimano 7-speed derailleur, linear pull brakes, and 27.5-inch wheels. You definitely won’t find better for the price.

Durable Frame

When you have a solid and durable frame, then you can be sure that your ride will be stable and smooth. Diamondback is well known for using high quality frames, such as the 6061-T6 heat treated frame found in the Sorrento. This aluminum alloy frame is solid, lightweight, and durable, and it will deliver excellent stability on all terrain.Furthermore, the Sorrento comes with a SR Suntour suspension fork, which comes into action when you are riding over bumpy terrain. With this bike you can ride over trails smoothly, and without losing control.

Excellent Drivetrain

Another great feature of the Diamondback Sorrento is its drivetrain, composed of a Shimano 7-speed derailleur and 21 gears. These gears give you freedom when it comes to the speed that your travel at, and the quality shifters means that you can quickly, accurately, and reliably shift.

Powerful Stopping

When you are traveling at high speeds, then you need some reassurance that you can stop without any problem. Cue in the linear pull brakes, which work simply and efficiently. These brakes give you confidence in knowing that you can stop safely and quickly.

27.5-inch Wheels

Last but not least, the Diamondback Sorrento comes with 27.5-inch wheels, which are the perfect alternative to 26-inch and 29-inch wheels. Like their 26-inch counterparts, these wheels are nimble, lightweight, and easy to ride in tight spaces. On the other hand, 27.5-inch wheels roll easily and comfortably like their 29-inch counterparts.You should therefore be happy to know that your ride will be easy and comfortable, and that your traction will be optimum. The wheels also have knobby tires for enhanced performance.


  • Straightforward assembly
  • Easy shifting
  • Great price
  • Big wheels
  • Has front and rear reflectors


  • You will need to take the Sorrento to a bike shop to be adjusted
  • Doesn’t come with pedals or a stand

What Customers are Saying On the Diamondback Sorrento

The Diamondback Sorrento has respectable reviews across the board, including on Amazon where it has a 4.2 star rating. Many customers applaud the quality of this bike, especially considering that it retails at such an affordable price. The mountain bike is popular for its easy shifting and easy rolling wheels, which make the quality of ride amazing.

Furthermore, this bike is easy to assemble, especially if you are experienced in putting bikes together. However, customers have also complained that the bike requires major adjustments, mostly to the Derailleurs, bearings, and brake pads. This means that you have to take your bike to the bike shop to ensure that all of the components are properly aligned, which is time-consuming.However, once the bike has been properly adjusted, it will perform exceptionally well.

Final Thought

The Diamondback Sorrento is definitely a bike to be admired. For less than $300 you have a bike that will take you across the trails without any problem at all. Though this bike requires major adjustments and lacks components such as a pedal and a stand, it is still a great investment. So if you are looking for an affordable and high-performing entry-level bike, then the Sorrento is perfect for you.

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