Diamondback Laurito Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike Review

Are you contemplating on the best bicycle to buy? You are not alone in this. With hundreds of bikes on the market today, getting the ideal one for your needs can be quite daunting. Before making a decision, it is recommended you do a comprehensive research about your product. To get value for money, you need a good bike to be used conveniently as you roam around your vicinity looking for fresh air during the weekend.

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Diamondback Laurito bicycles continue to gain sturdy grounds among bicycle lovers due to its quality. Durability, efficiency and cost are among the key things that have contributed to making these bicycles popular among its users. To enable you to make a solid verdict, we have prepared a review of the trending Laurito bicycle. Consider its features, pros and cons before purchasing.

Diamondback Laurito Review

When doing a research about a certain product online, you ought to compare the price offered by different dealers. To get what you expect and keep at bay the risk of buying counterfeit products, consider the key features of that product. Below are the key features of the diamondback laurito Hardtail mountain bike.

27.5 Inch Wheels

The size and quality of the wheels and the tires enable you to ride conveniently and easily in different terrains. The bike is able to roll smoothly in any type of surface. It is also able to handle any weight due to the grip on the surface provided by the large wheels. This diamondback laurito mountain bike is able to handle debris, gravel, dirt and cracks in any path, hence giving you a comfortable ride for long hours.


The bike’s package height is approximately 8.3 by 29 by 53.5 inches. The shipping weight is approximately 40 pounds. This makes it easier for you to carry it when walking in bad terrain such as rocky areas. In case the bike develops some mechanical problems when away from a technician, then carrying it will not be a great problem. Its size makes it easier to pack it anywhere, including inside the house conveniently.

Adjustable Seat and Wider Saddle

After riding for long distances, you may need to enhance your comfort for the next few kilometers. This can easily be achieved by adjusting the seat to the preferred size. The diamondback laurito mountain bike can as well be used by people of different heights. Adjust the height of the seat before riding it to ensure you are comfortable. The wider saddle also helps to ensure the rider is Comfortable during long distance rides.

Linear Pull Brakes

Diamondback laurito brakes are designed in a linear pull form for easy and confident stopping when there is a need to. The brakes are powerful and made of mechanical disc. This makes them respond quickly when you need to stop. Therefore, your security is guaranteed despite riding the bike at high speeds. The qualities of the wheel that improve its traction and the quick response brakes makes the bike useful and secure in any terrain.


  • The frame is made of quality aluminum material that make it durable.
  • It is designed with a front suspension that makes the user experience a smooth ride.
  • It has well fitted brakes that respond immediately hence guaranteeing your safety on the road.
  • It is an awesome bike that takes few minutes to assemble.


  • Some buyers claim that the distance from the handlebars and the seat is not sufficient for an adult. However, this can be solved by ordering a larger bike.
  • To some users, the front fork is sticky and does not operate as required, especially when rebounding or compressing. Some bikes ,however, change as you get more miles on it.

Diamondback Laurito Customers Opinion

Despite the negative reviews from certain customers, the diamondback laurito mountain bike received some round of applauses from more than 98% of its users. Most of them claim that it is an affordable bike with top-notch qualities. Its frame being made of aluminum guarantees you value for money as you expect it to last for a couple of years.

Some say that it has a good size of the wheels that makes it usable in difficult terrains with debris and paved bike paths. According to a number of its users, the bike has good brakes that respond immediately upon your pull. However, some customers recommend you to be cautious when selecting the size since the size chart seem to be inappropriate and misguiding.

Final Verdict

From the above review, you can make a solid verdict on whether to purchase the diamondback laurito mountain bike or not. When the pros outdo the cons, it is always a sign of quality. Despite its critics, this bicycle is awesome for both short and long trails and adventure. With the ability to handle difficult and smooth terrains, you are assured of a comfortable and secure ride.

The bike is available in different colors and sizes. In this regard, you can select what matches your preference, taste and needs from the wide variety of Laurito Hardtail complete mountain bikes.

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