Best Treadmills Under 500 – A Story For The Runner

The treadmill is the most important equipment of your home if you’re serious about your health. It helps to fit your body with the physical exercise. Some people think that it will take a lot of money to buy this fitness equipment. But they don’t know that they can get a treadmill with a low cost. Are you looking for the best treadmills under 500?

We review the treadmill that you’re searching for. Here we provide 5 treadmills in the list. You can get these treadmills under 500 dollars. They’ll enable you to get fit either as remain cardio gear or as extra hardware for your home gym. In reality, these treadmills have a few focal points over progressively costly treadmills. If your budget little bit more than consider the best treadmill under 1000.

As the most prevalent bit of home wellness hardware on the planet, the treadmill is viewed as an absolute necessity have a thing for most lovers of the home exercise. Some treadmills are very costly. But you can get some awesome treadmills under your budget. We want to make your life easier than before. So, we have gathered the budget treadmills all together. 

Treadmill Name
User Weight Limit


T 6.5 S

300 Lbs


2.6 HP


Performance 300i

300 Lbs


2.5 CHP

Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus

 250 Lbs


 2.25 HP

Weslo Cadence R 5.2

250 Lbs


2.5 CHP

Miageek Fitness

256 Lbs



Best Treadmills under 500  

Mid-range fragment of the market for treadmills may often confuse you. Some will say it begins at $300, others may push that bar a lot higher. We have stayed with $500, however, we will concede this speaks to the lower mid-range. Today, we provide a list of under $500 treadmills for you. You can choose a model from it with great confidence.             

01. NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

Are you looking for the best treadmills under $500? You can choose the NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill.  It is a well-fabricated machine with the majority of the fancy odds and ends you'd need in a cardio machine. The treadmill will help you to walk or jogging carefully.

This collapsing outline treadmill that utilizes the protected SpaceSaver plan with EasyLift Assist innovation. It includes a 2.6 HP persistent obligation engine with a weight of the user limit of 300 pounds. The 20″ wide and 55″ long-running belt is outfitted with FlexSelect Cushioning, which can be turned on or off contingent upon user inclinations.

This treadmill will slant up to 10% and the speed limit best out at 10 mph. With iFit you can extend you preparing library broadly with the Google MapsTM program. You can follow your workout measurements to screen your execution for quite a while.

You can exercise and tune in to your own music through its inherent speakers for iPod compatible console. Heavy drive framework featuring the 2.6 consistent HP engine that conveys a smooth and amazing drive framework with self-cooling ability. The accuracy of the machine 19 inches.  It adjusted non-flex raise rollers help expand the life of the engine and drive framework. Rapidly alter the incline somewhere in the range of 0 and 10% to target explicit muscle gatherings and consume more calories. One touch controls modify your speed. Heart rate observing through double CardioGripTM sensors on both handlebars. The console accompanies a little 5″ LED illuminated presentation with a track to see the display.


  • This stun assimilation framework enables users to customize their exercise involvement with the capacity to kill the padding on or off.
  • It can save the storage of the room.
  • Good value for money.
  • It has a folding and compact design.
  • The large running surface of 20”x55”.
  • 20 programmed workouts
  • CardioGrip sensors of heart rate.


  • The speed and incline contributions on this model are pitiful.
  • The motor of the treadmill is noisy.

This model isn't intended for sprinters, nor is it intended for a lifetime of issue free, free use of maintenance. The support enables you to hop immediately between without interruption settings. It is actually what you would expect for the cash.

02. ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

If you want a 2.0 CHP motor, you can choose the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill. ProForm's treadmills have constantly attracted a wide number of wellness users in view of their high caliber and moderate extents. This is a suitable.

One thing to remember for the best treadmill under $500 is that the engine isn't intended to be utilized for extended stretches of time at high speeds. It has a 2.0 CHP engine, which is useful at this cost extend, yet is intended for walking. Running requires a 2.5 CHP, and running 3.0.

In the event that you need a treadmill that can deal with running for significant lots of time. You'll have to begin looking in a more expensive rate range. It goes up to 10 mph, and increments at .1 mph increases.  Many people run at 5-6 mph, so this gives you the alternative of going adding fluctuation to your workouts. The treadmill is planned that it can travel through a 32" entryway without being disassembled, which is helpful in the event that you need to move it often.

There's a tablet holder on the highest point of the display and there's space to hold your telephone on the display. Engines appraised by CHP are higher quality than those evaluated HP, as CHP rate the engine's capacity to perform ceaselessly at that rate, instead of at its pinnacle. 300 lbs. is the weight of the treadmill. We observed the 300i to be calm. At walking speed of 2 mph, it quantifies 50 db. It is like a tranquil office and at 10 mph, like occupied traffic at 76 db. To include more obstruction in your workout with the press of a button, you can switch the incline up to 10%


  • Best value of your money.
  • You can easily fold and assemble the treadmill.
  • The powerful motor of 2.0 CHP.
  • It has the support of Bluetooth and iFit.
  • You can enjoy the audio for its music compatibility that is built-in.
  • The LCD monitor shows the distance, speed, calories and heart rate.
  • The treadmill doesn’t create any noise.
  • Long and sturdy belt.
  • The motor and the frame has the 5-years warranty.


  • There is no cooling fan.
  • Narrow running track.
  • Not suitable for the tall person.

For the best treadmill under $500, the ProForm Performance 300i would be a good choice. It’s a quality and sturdy product of the Proform.

03. Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus Treadmill

If you’re looking for a treadmill of soft cushioning and powerful motor, the Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus is the right choice. In a world that is progressively unpleasant, it's essential to care for our bodies and make them move to not just enhance our appearance and rest easy thinking about ourselves yet to ease worry also.

The Merit Fitness 725 has a conservative plan to effectively fit in any room and rapidly overlap level for simple storage. It is a smooth and calm ride because of the 2.25 drive engine. The continuous obligation motor can give an enduring and smooth belt movement for users up to 250 pounds. Indeed, even at the maximum speed and incline, you can expect the equivalent experience.

The key component on the track belt is the Aerosoft padding framework. This will help mitigate any pressure you may feel in your legs or feet while an exercise. It has a grade of 0% to 10% and a movable speed from 0 to 10 miles for each hour. For users who have conditions that affect their knees and lower legs, this can be an entirely profitable element.

It has the 18 inches * 50 inches running surface which is a run of the mill measure that should just feel restricted to users who are extremely tall. You can follow the advancement of your distance, speed, calories consumed, and more with the LED show screen on the Merit Fitness. It additionally accompanies a thumb beat screen to follow your pulse during an exercise. 


  • A motor with top quality 2.25 HP.
  • From 0 to 10 mph adjustable speed.
  • LED display with 2 window that shows the distance, time, speed and calories.
  • You can easily storage for the folding frame.
  • The frame is made with the sturdy steel.
  • Large running surface.
  • You can save your legs from the shock with the Aerosoft cushioning.
  • It has the lifetime warranty of the treadmill. 2-year warranty of the engine and 90 days for the labor.


  • You can’t move comfortably with its heavy weight.
  • It can take time for assembly.

It is a decent measured treadmill with a lot of choices and flexible settings to give you the customized exercise that you need. Merits right now cost under $450, which makes it an extremely keen buy when you consider a portion of the incredible features it has.

04. Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

Weslo presents a quality plan at a spending cost in the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill. This is an incredible treadmill for somebody hoping to include a little exercise into their life at a decent cost. It's one of the least expensive treadmills available.

Weslo presents a quality plan at a spending cost in the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill. This is an incredible treadmill for somebody hoping to include a little exercise into their life at a decent cost. It's one of the least expensive treadmills available.

To enable walkers to consume calories all the more proficiently, the R 5.2 has a track incline. The slope can be balanced physically to a 15% tilt. This consequently builds calorie consume contrasted and strolling level at a similar speed. Six preparing programs that utilization diverse speed and grade settings are incorporated with the comfort and advancement appears on an LCD. The input gave are speed, time, distance and calories.

It has a good size engine at 2.5 CHP, a padded belt, and a foldable plan for easy storage and space-sparing. All things considered, the R 5.2 Treadmill isn't generally made for a super-dynamic or potentially experienced sprinter. In case you're running at a fast pace, your full walk may overextend this 50" contingent upon your leg length. You have a good experience with jogging and walking. Pulse observing through thumb sensor. The most extreme user weight of the machine is 250 lbs. The treadmill is a simple, minimal machine gauging great under 200 pounds. The users can pay for the service of set-up. However, this treadmill is intended for moderately simple setup in around 60 minutes.


  •  It has the compact design and saves the storage of a room.
  • Six exercise programs are incorporated to enable beginners to benefit as much as possible from exercise time.
  • You can easily assemble the treadmill as soon as possible.
  • The treadmill has 1 -year, parts have 90 days warranty.
  • Blue and powerful LCD display.


  • Small running track.
  • It creates noisy during the higher speed.
  • The treadmill has wheels but it’s not easy to move.

The Weslo is worked for newcomers to cardio preparing. They aren't intended for running, and they aren't guaranteed to persevere through numerous exercises. In spite of the fact that the R 5.2 has a low in advance cost, it rapidly ends up costly as far as upkeep necessities.

05. Miageek Fitness Folding Treadmill

If you’re looking for an electric jogging machine that has a friendly using system, the Miageek Fitness Folding treadmill is your right choice. It's a machine that will save the space in your room. You can enjoy the time of jogging.

Suitable size and collapsing plan extraordinary for home use and contains moving wheels on the base giving simple transport. The dimension of the machine is 59.1 x 45.7 x 26.0 inch.  LED screen features, this treadmill gives better watching knowledge. It demonstrates time, distance, speed, calorie, heart rate. 42.5" x 21.3" huge elastic running belt gives progressively agreeable and increasingly stable exercise involvement. Speed range of 1-10 KM/H Climb up speed steadily and easily.

It has other functions such as USB/MP3, WiFi, Video, and Handrail with fast speed key. Foldable structure and transportation wheels take into account simple portability and compact foldable machine for storage. It's suitable for residence and office use.  55.1 x 25.6 x 20.9 inch is the folded size of the treadmill.

The frame is made with sturdy steel and it's a durable product. The treadmill loads up to 256lb. To consume calories all the more effectively, we modified 12 diverse running setting, with the assistance of these preset preparing plans and sensor of heart. So you can choose distinctive speed and projects depend on your health and list.

It has a low noisy motor and auto-stop wellbeing function. The running belt size of the machine is  47.2 x 15.7inch.  The treadmill outfitted with the security scratch. So it can stop promptly in crisis circumstances double wellbeing protection. It has the system of level 6 dumping. A running board of high quality, high thickness, high flexibility two fold deck. The 2.25HP engine guarantees ideal execution for walking, running and cardio exercise at home.


  • It has a safety key that prevents any problems.
  • The LCD display shows the time, distance, calories and heart rate.
  • Up to 14 km/h running speed.
  • It can weigh up to 245 lbs.
  • Sturdy materials with plastic and metal.
  • The smartphone app controls the speed and track.
  • The treadmill doesn’t disturb other for it low noisy motor.
  • It has 3 inclines that are adjustable.
  • Best value of money.


  • Narrow running space.
  • Some of this treadmill is tough to fold and move around.

All of the features of this treadmill are good enough. You have a great experience if you collect it for you.


1. For what reason do treadmills use "mph" when sprinters incline toward minutes per mile?

Ans: There are two readings of miles for each hour and minutes per mile of the treadmill. Apprentices or easygoing users of the treadmill may not be acquainted with the idea of minutes per mile that is the measure favored by experienced sprinters.

2. What’s the folding size of the Miageek Fitness treadmill?

Ans.: 55.1 x 25.6 x 20.9 inch

3. How is the LCD display of the Weslo Cadence R 5.2?

Ans.: It has the large LCD display that tracks speed, distance, time and calories.

4. Exactly how precise are those "calories consumed" numbers?

Ans.: Here are some basic conditions to figure and look at aggregate calories consumed per mile versus net:

For running (5 mph and higher) = .75 x body weight (in pounds);

Net calories consumed per mile = .63 x weight.

For strolling (3 to 4 mph) = .53 x body weight;

Net calories consumed per mile =.30 x weight.

5. How is the incline of the T 6.5 S treadmill?

Ans.: Incline preparing helps consume more calories and target explicit muscles. The treadmill's 2.6 HP engine enables you to move anyplace up to 10-per cent incline of one button.

6. What is the horsepower and capacity of the Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus?

Ans.: 2.25 THP is the horsepower and 250 lbs are the capacity of the treadmill.

7. What is the audio support of the ProForm Performance 300i?

Ans.: There are audio auxiliary port and double 2-inch speaker of the treadmill.

8. Would it be a good idea for me to wear distinctive shoes on the treadmill?

Ans.: Most sprinters wear similar shoes in the case of running inside or out. In the case of anything, treadmill sprinters may select a lighter combine of shoes that offer less cushion. In light of the fact that the treadmill's running surface is milder than most open-air surfaces. All things considered, if you wear a shoe with any motion control features, pick something comparative for the treadmill to make sure you have the best possible help.

9. What does "CHP" mean in depictions of treadmill engines?

Ans.: CHP represents nonstop torque. That means continuous horsepower. This descriptor replaces straightforward torque or HP. It was regularly found in our treadmill surveys years back. Today most manufacturers promote CHP rather than HP.

10. What's the distinction among CHP and HP?

Ans.: Continuous horsepower is a superior portrayal of an engine's capacity. It depicts how much power the engine can deliver constantly rather than exactly at its pinnacle. A treadmill engine that has 3.0 CHP.

Safety Instructions                           

1. We'd suggest you utilize the key each time you venture on the treadmill.

2.     Append the safety key clasp to your shirt.

3.  Pulling the key off the treadmill will stop it in a split second if you slip abruptly or need to stop in a rush.

4.     Keep it distant when you're done with the goal that the kids can't incidentally begin the machine.   

Buying Guide

There are several models of treadmills. You can’t make final decision about the treadmill. So, you should consider several things before buying fitness equipment like treadmill. As a beginner, you have to know the total summary of the machine. Don’t worry, we provide a guide for you that will help you before buying. Because, we think first of all, you should know on how to choose a treadmill.

Final Words 

The treadmill helps to improve your body fitness. If you choose a suitable treadmill, you can enjoy this equipment. You can get several features from these 5 treadmills. This treadmill gives you the built-in apps, save your space and many different features. Friends, you already know the details of the best treadmills under 500. What’s your choice? There are several options to find the best treadmill from you before reading this article. Choose any one of the 5 models and make your home as the gym.

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