Best Surfboard bike Rack

Best Surfboard Bike Rack Reviews

Paying for vehicles to transport your surfboards can be expensive. Worse still, you may end up damaging it and add more expenditure on parking fees. Taking advantage of mountain bike surfboards can help you save some dollars and minimize any chances of damaging your board.

However, not every rack in the market today will meet your needs. And a wrong choice of your rack can damage your board and probably make the transportation next to impossible. With the increasing number of brands flooding the market today, it can be challenging for you to identify the best surfboard bike rack that meets your needs.

We understand how hard it is to make wise decisions. Sarah from supboardguide came up with this guest article for us to help you invest wisely. And below are the three best surfboard racks you can take advantage of.

3 best surfboard racks

01. MBB Surfboard Rack by Moved By Bikes

best surfboard bike rack

Moved by bikes surfboard bike rack is stable and easy to use. Its tubes have been designed using superior quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware materials to withstand the test of time. With this rack, you do not need a special rack. The rear rack is designed to perfectly mount on either the rear bike pack or rear seat post.

Once you purchase this rack, you do not have to invest in more hardware. The rack comes along with all installation hardware and accommodates frame configurations and wide variations of head tube sizes. That’s not all; the tubes are well padded to help prevent any damage of your board. Whether you are looking forward to mounting a long or shortboard, this rack will hold your board firmly without wobbling.

02. Surfboard Bike Rack – Cruise To Your Surf Spot

Transporting your surfboard has never been easy, but with this surfboard bike rack from HO Stevie, you can easily get your board to your surf spot. The racks are designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions with its super strong anodized Aluminum construction.

With this rack, you have numerous bike options. Regardless of whether you have a BMX bike, Beach cruiser, Mountain bike, or Road bike, you can easily transport your boards in an eco-friendly way. The arms are well padded to help prevent your board from any damages.

To reduce any obstructions all you need is to remove the arms or rotate inwards when not transporting your board. Installing your rack is a breeze. The package comes along with detailed instructions which help you save time and cost of hiring a professional.

Worried about parking fees? Not anymore. Stevie surfboard rack helps you save your parking fee which makes it ideal for your adventure. Note that this rack is recommended to be used with a surfboard with a maximum height of 8feet. Using longer boards than the recommended size will be challenging for you to mount and transport.

03. Cor Surf Surfboard Bike Rack for Shortboards

Cor Surf Surfboard Bike Rack

If you may be looking for the best surfboard bike rack for money, then this model from Cor Surf may be a great pick for you. The rack is lightweight with sturdy and rustproof materials (anodized Aluminum and stainless steel).

In case you happen to change your bike or opt for a new one, you do not need to buy another rack. Cor Surf rack is compatible with all bike types and all you need is install it on your new bike. The rack is not only designed to defy outdoor conditions but also constructed with the user in mind. Its shiny green foam padding helps signal vehicles when cycling, minimizing any chances of accidents.

Installing your rack is a child play. It perfectly mounts on your seat post and requires a 5mm Hex Key. The package comes along with installations instructions and hardware making the process more manageable.  To make sure your board is in place, the rack allows you to tighten your bungee to suit your required length.

Final Verdict

Say goodbye to surfboard transportation fees or parking fees by taking advantage of the best surfboard bike racks. You will not only get your board to your surfing spot in an eco-friendly but also prevent its damage in a hassle free-way. Do not settle for less, or fall for shoddy deals. Take advantage of our surfboard bike racks and enjoy massive benefits like never before.