Best Standing Punching Bag – Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you want to get yourself a standing punching bag that will be your second partner, when you train yourself? Are you in search of the perfect that will help you in getting the best standing punching bag for yourself? Then, please carry on with reading because you have found out the right piece of information!

This whole guide will enlighten you regarding top 5 best free standing punching bags. Each of the bag in this article have unique features to deliver. You will definitely find the one that will suit the kind of sport you practice and will be a perfect match for your stamina.

Reviews best punching bags

We have picked out punching bags that are high in terms of quality and also durability. So that they last you for a very long time and all the money that you will invest will be worth. You surely will not be purchasing a punching bag daily for your tough practices. And you will not have to look up for any second choice as well if you get one of the ones that we have listed below.

01. Century Wave master XXL Training Bag

best standing punching bag

If you want to practice martial arts to an extreme level, then you will require the most durable punching bad for yourself that has a huge surface area. The Century Wave master XXL Training Bag has all the required features that you need for training hard and become a professional martial artist.

The training bag has been constructed to be 69 inches tall and 18 inches in width. This provides a huge surface area for punching, kicking and apply all the techniques of martial arts without any difficulty. No matter how much force you apply or how string your move is, the training bag has the capability to take it on.

The striking surface of the training bag has durable vinyl cover that can take on tough impact. Furthermore, to let the backward force applied on you to be light and not harsh the cover has a dense foam. The bag can be filled with water or sand and yet the weight will reach roughly 270 pounds.


  • The training bag stays stable wherever it is kept because of having low profile base.
  • It has an ultra-stable weight distribution system that allows you to practice without getting any sort of disturbance of the training bag displacing from its position.
  • The training bag has the capability of taking on tough impacts because of having a cover made up of durable material like vinyl.
  • Large surface area provides enough comfortable space for practicing.
  • Comes in two different colors.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty from manufacturers.


  • The training bag does not come with proper instructions for assembly. You will need to research about it.
  • Everything will come in a disassembled format.

02. Century Aerobic Wave master

Century Aerobic Wave master

Are you in search of the right training bag that will be your best friend for cardio training? If yes, then it is the Century Aerobic Wave master that you are in need of. We all do have an idea about how intense cardio training is. And for a training that is this intense there is a requirement of a training bag that has a strong base stability.

Furthermore, this training bag is not for punching the life out of it. It is needed so that you can practice how to give out low impacts for allowing your heart to race a bit and the heart rate to be a bit rapid. You can precisely learn how to perform all the kicks that is required for cardio exercise and as well as martial arts.

The best part of this training bag is that it comes in three attractive colors, which are black, red and blue. You can choose the color that will choose your personality and as well the type of taste that you have.


  • For easy roll relocation the training bag comes in a rounded format.
  • The covering consists of high density foam so that it allows you to give the impact but by going on easy.
  • Durable cover makes sure that the training bag is long lasting.
  • You can fill the training bag with water or sand according to your preference. The bag is compatible for filling in both of these components.
  • Perfect for cardio training as the training bag has a low profile stable base.
  • Comes in three attractive colors that will go with everything.


  • The training bag is not suitable for very tough impacts and power punching.
  • The surface area of the training bag is not large for vigorous martial art practices.

03. Ever last Power Core Freestanding Heavy Bag

Ever last Power Core Freestanding Heavy Bag

Do you want to get a training bag but you find the assembling issue a bit hassle? Then, don’t sweat out any longer. You are in search of best standing punching bag for beginners like Ever last 2228 Power Core Freestanding Heavy Bag. The manufacturer of the bag is ensuring that you will find the assembly of it completely easy and hassle free.

Give as much impact you wish without worrying of the training bag not being able to withstand it! The training bag comes with a unique tri disc foam, structure that allows the energy to be evenly dispersed. This allows you to apply all your martial techniques without stressing about the covering getting ripped off.

The training bag is surely high in terms of being accessible because of the compact base that it has. To add more, we all know that none of us are of the same height. There is a need that the training bag is adjusted to a preferable so that you can practice at a comfortable position.


  • Compact base makes sure that the training bag remains stable while you practice so that is does not move or get displaced.
  • The training bag consists of a steel plate technology that improves the overall strength that it has for being high in terms of durability.
  • The training bag is very easy to assemble.
  • Height is adjustable according to personal preference and comfort.
  • Maximum energy dispersion is possible with the training bag with the tri disc foam structure.
  • Comes with warranty.


  • The training bag comes in one color only.
  • The training bag is suitable for boxing practices only and no other practices.

04. Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

You surely need a tough partner by your side for becoming a professional at boxing or at martial arts. You will see that strong partner in the Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag. This best free standing punching bag has been made tough and strong so that it can withstand all your blows, punches and kicks without getting destroyed.

All you will need to do is to just keep the training bag in place and keep on practicing until you are satisfied. The plastic base tank of the heavy bag allows you to stay relaxed while you punch the life out of it. You will be able to fill the tank with either water or sand according to what you find convenient.

Don’t stress about getting hurt in any way because of any kind of opposite force getting applied on you. The heavy bag has a shock absorbing foam that will make sure all the blows get absorbed and dispersed evenly. Furthermore, like other bags do, you will not see any sort of cracks on the cover of the heavy bag as it is made up of durable synthetic.


  • The movement of the heavy bag can be controlled according to your own preference.
  • Comes with a removable collar that can increase or decrease the movement of the spring inside it.
  • Durable synthetic cover can take on tough impact without wearing out or forming cracks.
  • Shock absorbing foam has the capacity of taking on the toughest blows and kicks.


  • All the components of the heavy bag will come in a disassembled format. Buyer will need to assemble them and fix them by themselves.

05. Century Versys Fight Simulator

Century Versys Fight Simulator

Do you find filling in the base with sand or water a very hassle task to endure? Well, not anymore! The Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base) comes with a base that is prefilled with sand to deliver a very durable and stable performance. The other function of the sand filled tank is to deliver low impact results when you are at your best giving maximum force and high intensity strikes or kicks.

This is one of the best free standing punching bag that is ideal for practicing your boxing with endurance and speed. Furthermore, you can use it for learning all the martial arts techniques with precision. Aerobic conditioning is the other task that can be done with this very versatile fight simulator.

This fight simulator will be perfect for training on the ground at home or even at your own personal gym. Apart from becoming a professional at whichever sport you practice with this simulator, you will see your timing and striking performance increasing with the number of days that will be passing by.


  • Large striking surface perfect for practicing martial arts and other sports as well that involves giving out impacts like boxing.
  • The base of the tank is prefilled with sand so that minimizes the hassle of filling it in.
  • The training bag comes in black color that will go with everything.
  • Durable cover is made up of vinyl to take on tough blows and impacts without getting cracks.
  • The bag is filled with high density foam that is tough enough to not get bend in the middle.


  • The top and bottom of the simulator will come in separate boxes. You will need to reassemble them yourself when they arrive.


01. Will the free standing punching bag that I purchase last me a long time? 

You will not be buying standing punching bags on a daily basis. You will definitely need to get one that is high in terms of quality and durability. So that it can last up to several years and if possible for your entire lifetime!

And for enquiring if the training bag that you liked will last for a long time, you will need to check out the reviews of previous customers that have given it a try. Looking at reliable reviews is essential as you will be ordering from the website by paying everything, so it is better that you invest by being sure about the quality.

One thing that should be in your mind is that, you should not go for getting a punching bag that has a cheap price. Doing that will indeed be a total loss and you will not find the quality that you need for vigorously practicing to become a professional at the sport that you wish to master.

Hence, be assured that all the five free standing bags that we have listed above are the best ones. They all will surely last you for long days without any disappointment. We have picked out all the five thinking about this quality in our minds. 

02. Are standing bags easy to move?​​​​​​

Standing bags are surely not easy to move once you have assembled them and filled them with sand or water. Some of them reach the weight of 270 pounds. But then there is definitely a cause of these bags turning out to be so heavy.

You will be practicing your kicks, punches and strikes. You definitely need a surface that is rigid and will take on your blows without letting you get hurt because of opposite force being applied. Also, the surface should be stable enough so that it does not get displaced when you are hitting it.

These are the reasons why a standing bag is heavy and not easy to move. However, it is not impossible to move it around though. You will be instead working out and burning some of your calories!

03. Are standing punching bags easy to fill? 

We will not say filling all standing punching bags are as easy as squeezing a lemon. You will see some punching bags having a small hole for letting you to fill it in with water or sand. But that is surely not a big issue. Using a funnel will help you get the job done and minimize the mess around.

A particular punching bag that we have listed above does come with prefilled sand inside its tank. However, that might be an issue later on when it comes with assembling it. You will find it difficult because of being heavy.

In the end it is fine you will get there and assemble which ever punching bag you select from this bag with the determination that you have for fighting.

04. What kind of punching bag should I choose for martial art practice?

Well, for martial art practice you will require to have a standing punching bag that has a large surface area. Martial art practice involves kicking and as well striking using knees and elbows. It is essential that you have a large surface area to perform all the strikes in an efficient way.

Furthermore, there is a requirement that the standing bag is promised to have a stable base so that it does not get displaced doing your time of practice.

05. Is the height of the standing bags adjustable?

Not all of the 5 standing bags have adjustable height. As not all of them have been made for all the family members in a house to practice on it. But then, if you need a punching bag that has an adjustable height you can check the ones that we have listed above. There is punching standing bag that can be adjusted according to your own preference.

Final Verdict

To sum up, after reaching the end of this whole piece of reading you surely have chosen the best standing punching bag. Whichever you have chosen amongst these five, be assured that you will surely be having a good time while practicing on them.

Furthermore, to help you with which one that you should go for we have included answers to some questions that will eventually rise in your minds. With the answers that we have answered you will get a guidance for your purchase to be accurate. Hence, don’t wait any longer and choose one that suits all your needs so that you can get going with practicing in the best possible way.

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