best spin bike for short person

Best Spin Bike For Short Person – Comfortable Workout Ride

Are you concerned about finding the right spin bike for yourself since you have a short height? Well, end your worries right here. To help you and to end all your tension we have listed down some best spin bike for short person.

We all know the struggles short people go through because of their height since they can’t properly reach anything. And when they think of getting a spin bike, their greatest concern is “will I be able to reach the pedals or not?”. Well, you will be able to pedal no matter what your height is if you choose the right one amongst the spin bikes that we have listed below.

Review of 5 products:

The 5 spin bikes that we have written details about in this article are all suitable for a short person to use it. All of them can be adjusted to a desired comfortable height and also they will be long lasting since they are high in terms of quality. We have added a buying guide to help you with making a decision and as well as we have some tips that you can follow to exercise in the right way.

01. Sunny Health & Fitness 49 Lb. Chromed Flywheel

A lot of us initially do weight a lot of lbs. that it is essential that we invest money that will be strong enough to take on our weight. For such purpose, you will surely like the Sunny Health & Fitness 49 Lb. Chromed Flywheel. This spin bike has the capacity of taking on 275 lb. weight.

You will get the actual feel of riding a bike and exercising. Since, you will see yourself sweating while paddling the bike. Just like any other bikes that you see, you will see the bike can be stopped by using a push down brake.

To make your whole workout session very easy and convenient you will be getting pedals with straps. These straps will hold onto your feet to keep them in place while you work out. You are getting convenient handle bars to hold onto while paddling. The bars can be adjusted according to your own comfort zone.

You can adjust the seat of the bike as well according to your own height in a very convenient way. With convenient tension knot, you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of your workout session. Once, you get used to taking on high level of workout intensities you will see the efficiency of losing weight even more.


  • You will not feel any jerky or out of control movements with this spin bike.
  • The flywheel has been designed to provide smooth momentum.
  • The spin bike can be easily shifted or stored by the help of the wheels to move it around.
  • High weight capacity makes it suitable for usage by all the family members.
  • Seat and handle bars can be easily adjusted according to the convenience depending on your height.


  • Expensive in terms of price.
Brand Sunny Health & Fitness
Model SF-B1002C
Flywheel 49 lb
Adjustable Handlebar Up/down Only
Drive System Chain Drive
Adjustable Seat Up/down & Front/back
Max User Weight 275lb
Dumension 49.5 x 18 x 44 inches ; 115 pounds
Shipping Weight 122 pounds

Final verdicts:

To sum up, if you are looking for a spin bike that will help you experience full convenience then you will love the Sunny Health & Fitness 49 Lb. Chromed Flywheel. With the capacity that it has and the smoothness that it provides you for working out with motivation will surely help you in a great way during your weight loss journey.

02. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Being short is definitely not your fault. And with that height struggling to reach the paddles of a spin bike is surely enough annoying to make you leave exercising. Well, not anymore! With the Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike, you will be able to reach the paddles comfortably and enjoy your cardio workout session like never before.

The bike has an adjustable seat length feature that allows you to adjust it according to your comfortable height so that you can reach the pedals comfortably and don’t struggle during exercising.

 And making the adjustments is nothing complicated you will just need to release the knob and then put it back to the previous position after you have adjusted the height.

The tension can be adjusted to 8-preprogrammed positions for changing the intensity of the workout. Depending on your requirement or how much you can perform initially. You will get a user friend digital LCD display that will track the time, speed, distance and as well as the number of calories that you lost. This is to help you keep a track of the progress of your workout.

Feel the comfort while working out since you will get the recumbent handlebars and a seat back pad. This make sure that there is not strain being caused on your back and neck so that you exercise with comfort.


  • Keep your self-hydrated throughout your workout session by keeping a water bottle by your side with the help of the holder that it comes with.
  • The bike is easily portable since it has wheels that can be easily pushed around.
  • Both height and the tension can be adjusted to make your workout session comfortable.


  • For running the LCD screen you will need to get batteries for yourself, the batteries won’t be included.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, if you are in search of a comfortable exercise bike that has an adjustable height for making you feel comfortable then you will definitely love working out with the Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike. You can easily move it around with the help of wheels whenever you will need to shift it and as well as store it in a convenient place.

03. Schwinn Upright Bike Series

Make your heart stay healthy always by the help of the Schwinn Upright Bike Series. The bike has been designed to make you work out with comfort. You will get a padded contoured seat that has a post which allows you to exchange seat easily. You will not be disturbed because of any weird machine noises since there won’t be any sound emitted by the bike.

Reach the goal that you want with this spin bike. You can easily set the goal that you want to reach like the total hours you want to work out, the calories you want to burn and the distance that you want to run. With the help of this you can surely see yourself getting the body shape that you are targeting for since the goal tracker guides you.

Control the level and intensity of your workout by choosing amongst 20 different levels of resistance that is provided by this spin bike. You can choose from 22 different preprogrammed exercises that will help you plan your whole workout session.

Using the handlebars, you can check out heart rate because of the sensors in it that can track your pulses. You can adjust the comfortable padded handle bars according to your own comfortable position.


  • Sturdy and durable construction makes sure that your investment on the spin bike is worth every penny.
  • The paddles come with a cage for holding your feet in place so that they don’t slip off.
  • High speed can be provided by the bike for high intensity cardio workouts.
  • The bike is easy in terms of assembling and you will be getting a manual with instructions to help you out with that.
  • Very easy to start up.


  • Does not come with any water bottle holder like other bikes.

Final Verdicts:

To sum up, if you are looking for a bike that will improve your heart health and will help you in a great way during your weight loss journey then you will love the Schwinn Upright Bike Series. With the goal tracker and as well as heart tracker you can achieve the kind of desired shape that you have been dreaming of since ages.

04. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

An exercising bike that will support all heights starting from 4 feet 10 inch to 7 feet tall people is all that we need. You will find that equality in the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle. If you can reach the handle bars and the pedals easily by adjusting the seat according to your own comfort for working out effectively.

You will pedal comfortably since you are getting curved crank arms. This feature provides you the freedom of wearing any kind of shoe that you wish to wear since there is sufficient room for keeping the footwear.

Furthermore, to keep yourself motivated and to make sure that you are training properly on the exercising bike, you can watch training videos. You can place your tablet or your cell phone on the convenient holder to watch videos and to train accordingly.

There is another screen present that you can connect with your phone via Bluetooth and check your heart rate, speed and details regarding your calories getting burned. For doing so you need to download the Keiser M series app that will work for showing you all the details.

The construction of the bike has been ensured to be durable enough so that it lasts very long. You will not need to invest behind maintenance of the bike. Cleaning with proper instructions by your-self will do the work. It is sweat and corrosion resistant in nature for lasting long.


  • The exercising bike does not emit any kind of noises.
  • Very durable construction since it does not require maintenance.
  • Mobile phone can be connected to the display via Bluetooth for checking heart rate and other essential things using an app.
  • The exercising bike is easily portable by the help of wheels that can be used to take it anywhere.
  • The pedals are designed to allow foot wear of all riders to fit properly.


  • There is no convenient brake present by the handlebar for stopping the bike from exercising.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, if you are in search of a bike that is guaranteed to be consisting high durability then it is the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle. You will find every penny that you invest in it completely worth it since all your family members can use it.

05. ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Exercise Bike

For someone who is a gym freak, bike that provide just moderate level of exercising intensity make them annoy. for such people, ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Exercise Bike is a suitable choice. The bike is all about providing user the experience of high intensity and steady exercising state.

To add more, for providing high speed and smoothness when you use it for working out the bike consists of a flywheel that is 33 Lbs. in terms of weight. The transport wheels can perform heavy duty for taking it out easily while you think of shifting your home.

Stay hydrated all the time so that you can keep up with your workout session for good number of hours by keeping a water bottle by your side. To keep the water bottle by your side the bike consists of a water bottle holder. To make sure that your feet does not slip off while you go through a high intensity workout the pedals of the bike has a foot cage feature.


  • With the help of the tension knob you can increase or decrease the tension for changing the intensity of the workout.
  • Height of the seat can be adjusted for added comfort and convenience.
  • The bike is suitable for using by all sort of body types.
  • The magnetic resistance is adjustable depending on the requirement.
  • Smooth and non-jerky ride ensured with high inertia flywheel constructed with strong aluminum and steel alloy.


  • No digital LCD screen present to help you track your workout.

Final verdicts 

To sum up, if you are in search of a spin bile that will keep you within the motivation of losing weight then it is surely ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Exercise Bike that you are in need of. The exercise bike will always be making sure that you don’t lose track during your journey. It makes sure that your feet do not slip and as well as you don’t feel jerky movements.

Things to consider before buying spin bike: 

Spin bikes are surely not something that can be found at the cost of buying groceries. They surely are expensive. Hence, it is essential that you consider some essential factors before buying a spin bike for yourself.

That is because you will need to invest your money at the right one as spin bikes are not something that you can purchase another one some other day if the previous one does not work right. To help you out we have listed down about some essential facts that you have to consider while purchasing a spin bike.

Level of resistance:

Make sure that the spin bike that you are willing to purchase has a good number of resistance levels to select from. spin bikes with various resistant levels are high in terms of cost compared to those that have fewer levels. Indeed, the cheaper ones use friction resistance which in the causes the spin bike to get worn out very easily.

Strength and construction:

Make sure that the spin bike that you choose have proper strength and durable construction. This to ensure that your spin bike can take on all the vigorous pedaling that you do for losing weight. And also to ensure that it can take on the pressure of the weight that you apply.

The seat and handlebars should be adjustable: 

You have to make sure that you feel comfortable the whole time you work out on your spin bike. To make sure of that you will need to adjust the seat and the handle bar just the way you would have done while tending to seat inside a car. Hence, choose a spin bike that you can be adjusted according to your height so that even your family members can use it.

Check out the dimensions of the bike:

This is a necessary fact to keep in mind if the space that you have at your residence is limited. If that is not the case, then it is fine that you get the spin bike that you like without caring regarding the dimension.

Check the wheels:

You will need to check the flywheel and as well as transport wheels. The flywheel is present at the front of the bike which should be larger in size if the spin bike is expensive and high in terms of quality.

And in case of transport wheels, check if they are smooth enough to make the spin bike move around.  You need to check the transport wheels only if there is a requirement of shifting it around in your house.


If you don’t want your feet to slip while cycling, look for spin bikes that comes with toe cages.


If you are investing on an expensive spin bike, make sure that it comes with warranty. The warranty must be of longer periods. Any spin bike without a warranty should not be even looked at.


To sum up, before you invest your valuable money on any of the spin bikes listed above make sure that you go through these factors. And also keep in mind that your personal requirements are being fulfilled by the spin bike.

Tips for Using Your Spin Bike:

To make sure that you make correct use of your spin bike we have listed down below some essential tips for your guidance.

  • Use your core muscles:

While using the spin bike, use the power of your core muscles for paddling. This will make sure that you don’t get exhausted quickly during your exercising session. Using legs and feet for paddling and applying power can cause fatigue.

  • Use the resistance of the spin bike: 

Using the knob present at the middle of the bike you can either increase or decrease the resistance level. If you increase the level of resistance you will cause your core muscles to lose weight.

  • Stay at a neutral position: 

When you have settled yourself down on the seat make sure that you maintain a proper neutral position by keeping your shoulders back and down and away from your ears. For stroking the pedals make sure that your feet are not too far flexed. For having a more proper control on the pedal make sure that you squeeze your inner thighs.

  • Take the correct position: 

Initially, you should make sure that you let the palms of your hands rest at the center position of the handle bars. Sit with your hips evenly settled on the saddle. Make your feet drive down on the pedal.

During the second position you need to activate your muscles present in glutes and hamstrings. To do so, you will need to move away your hands out from the curves of the handlebars. You need to then stand up straight with hips square and your chest should be at a lifted position.

During the third position, extend your hands and touch the top position of the handlebars. This will cause your back to become a bit flatter and your buttocks will be back and down. You will take such position during you climb something up.

  • Do the sprinting under control: 

Sprinting under a control manner will cause more muscles of your body to workout properly. Don’t sprint in an uncontrolled manner and make yourself feel tired very quickly. Make sure that you don’t shift your body weight to your shoulders. Keep the position of your shoulders above your wrists.


  • Is spinning a good way to lose weight?

Ans: Spinning is indeed a great way of losing weight. It surely helps people shed off fat from their body and as well as help people drop pounds. If you do the job of spinning you can lose up to 1800 calories per week.

  • What muscles does the spinning work at?

Ans: Spinning helps in improving the strength of certain kind of muscles. The kinds are: hamstrings, heart, muscles of back and upper body, quadriceps and calves.

  • How far do you cycle in spinning? 

Ans: If you spin on a bike for 40 minutes on an average, it is equivalent to travelling for 20 miles of road distance.

  • Is it OK to spin every day? 

Ans: Once, you get used to spinning on a regular basis it is absolutely fine to spin every day. it surely improves your cardiac health in a great way and helps you stay fit to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Final Word:

To sum up, after reaching the final end of this whole guide you surely got enlightened regarding some good quality best spin bike for short person. You will no longer feel insecure about your height and finding the right way of exercising any more. So wait no more, and begin your weight loss journey today itself.

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