Best Resistance Bands for Seniors

Best Resistance Bands for Seniors – To Build Total Body Strength

Often underestimated and underrated previously, resistance bands are the new high-demanded pieces of equipment. No matter whatever the time is, and wherever you are, you can start exercising using them. So, here we’ll be talking about the best resistance bands for seniors which are getting popular with every passing day.

Resistance bands are long, elastic bands that add resistance to your exercises when incorporated with them. We all are familiar with the cable instruments that are used in gyms for muscle and strength training. The resistance bands offer quite similar functions as them. They help you build your very own gym at your house. It’s a promising piece of equipment for those, especially the seniors who can’t manage enough time to go to a gym for workouts.

This travel-friendly fitness gear gives you a good number of benefits such as strength training, building muscle, enhancing mobility, and many more. If you’re only a beginner to start a workout regimen, you can get the best resistance bands for beginners as well. At an affordable price, you’ll get to use your first fitness gear.

Reviews of the best Resistance Band for Seniors

Upon scrolling down, you’ll find the 5 most outstanding resistance bands that amazed us with their performance, quality, and other features. We’ve done extensive research on the marketplaces to find out these superb items.

We made this listing keeping the users’ convenience, budget, and necessity in mind.  Keep reading to find out some fantastic features about these items.

01. WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

best Resistance Band for Seniors

Our first resistance band, the WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands, might get you confused a little with the name. You must be thinking if this band is only for pull-up assistance, but it’s not. This resistance band sold single or as a set, can help to improve your workout routine with many resistance-building workouts.

The pull-up assistance term is used here because this band is ideal for someone who cannot do pull-ups without assistance. Power-lifting, chin-ups, ring dips, and many more exercises can now be a part of your exercise routine as you’ll get these stretch-resistance bands as your private assistant.

This way, you can build muscle memory to perform those exercises without assistance. Those who cannot afford to have a trainer or those who want to do pretty much every sort of exercise inside the house can use the best features of these band sets.

You can purchase a single band or a set. They offer five different resistance levels that start from 10-35 lbs to 65-170 lbs. Different exercises require different levels of stretching and resistance, and so, you should consider buying sets of the bands. You can use the bands for stretching the muscles before and after exercising as well.

What we like

  • This item has a durable build with multiple layers of latex rubber fused into the piece of bands.
  • The bands can be combined for progression and regression.
  • They have five different resistance levels available- sold single or as a set.
  • The item offers very high resistance levels comparing to most others.

What we don’t like

  • These bands don’t have any handles.

Buying Advice

If you’re struggling with mobility issues, these resistance bands can become your savior. Apart from that, powerlifting sessions can get a boost as you use these bands as your training assistant. So, if you’re looking for a set of resistance bands that give you plenty of exercise options to perform with, the WODFitters Pull Up Resistance Bands might be the best pick for you.

02. Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands comes as a set of five different-level resistance bands. This product is suitable for most sorts of resistance loop band exercises. It’s one of the best resistance bands for glutes as well as other body parts like legs, arms, chest, etc. Setting up your private gym at home is made easy with this budget-friendly item.

Starting with a resistance of 5 lbs and ending at 40 lbs, this set contains 5 different bands. The straps are made of pure, natural latex. The bands are highly stretchable.

Other than spot-based shaping, you can follow any physical therapy, mobility enhancement and rehabilitation routine with these bands. These 12”x2” bands are great for Pilates and Yoga too.

The bands are differently color-coded for different levels of resistance. For the price, this product is a deal-breaker. With the help of the carry bag, you can slip the bands into a corner of your bag and take them to office, parks, or on a tour. The various-level resistance bands will help you do a full-body workout as there are five different bands that you can use single or as combinations.

What we like

  • This item contains an instruction manual.
  • The set consists of 5 different level resistance bands.The item is inexpensive.
  • The bands are made of 100% natural latex.
  • This set comes with a carry bag for portability.
  • The bands are durable and sturdy.

What we don’t like

  • The resistance levels offered are much less than high-intensity exercise requirements.
  • The bands are looped; there’re no handles provided.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for something cheap to pull off most of your exercises within, the Letsfit resistance bands are probably the ideal one for you. The brand gave so much at such a low price without compromising the quality a bit. Keep maneuvering newer exercises every day with these terrific stretch bands.

03. EveryMile Resistance Bands

EveryMile Resistance Bands

After latex and rubberized resistance bands, now comes the turn of the fabric resistance bands from EveryMile. Add extra resistance to your workout routine with these fantastic resistance loop bands. With the four different resistance levels- light, medium, heavy and, extra-heavy, this item will be suitable for almost all kinds of workouts.

These bands have high elasticity. They are made of polyester cotton. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The bands don’t roll up when you exercise which makes the hip exercises simpler than before. The bands can provide you different levels of resistance based on how much you can stretch it.

For instance, if you elongate the medium-resistance band to 100%, it gives you 17 lbs of resistance whereas 36 lbs when stretched to 200%. Overall, the bands give out 14 to 59 lbs of resistance based on elongation.

All of these bands are of the same dimension. When you look at other brands’ resistance bands, you’ll see that the light-resistance bands were thin in width which makes them roll up while you’re squatting or doing some other butt exercise. However, EVERYMILE’s resistance bands will save you the agitation of that situation as their fabric resistance bands are of the same width and have an anti-rollup feature. These bands are more convenient than any other bands for all the leg and hip workouts.

What we like

  • The bands are anti-slip and anti-roll up.
  • This one is a set of four bands of different resistance levels.
  • The price is reasonable.All the bands are of the same dimension.
  • The fabric is 100% natural, soft, and breathable.

What we don’t like

  • These resistance bands are loop-like. Therefore, there’re no handles.

Buying Advice

If you want a whole resistance band package for a cheap price, then EVERYMILE’s fabric resistance bands might be the best option for you. They provide a fair amount of resistance. They are strong and tear-resistant. Shaping your body, doing some strength-training workout and yoga or Pilates, losing weight- whatever you want to do, this set of bands will assist you. So, make a choice hurriedly while the item’s still in stock.

04. TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands

TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands

Looking for an all-in-one resistance band package for a reasonable price? The solution is here- the FitLife brings us a set of five tube-like resistance bands that give you the versatility you’re looking for.  It features a free e-guide which demonstrates how you can make the best use of these resistance bands through exercising.

First of all, let’s talk about the material. The natural latex made bands are non-irritant and prevent skin-irritation. The bands are odor-free. These anti-snap bands won’t break over heavy-use.

They are stackable for changing the level of resistance. These 48-inches long bands have the weight marked on them. Each end of the bands has a D Buckle for the handles to be attached. The buckles are joined with the bands with a double-layer fabric, locked securely with cross-stitched weaving. To minimize the risk of breaking-off, the bands have eyelets at each end at the connecting places of the fabric.

This item comes with a pair of handles. The handles are soft and skid-proof which means that it won’t slip off your palms. Moreover, these sweat-proof handles give you guaranteed safety during exercise. The package also contains adjustable ankle straps and a sturdy door anchor. The materials are all non-irritant and odor-free. These accessories give you the liberty to experiment with different sorts of exercises.

Last but not least, there’re a carrying bag and a free e-guide. Therefore, you can carry the bands anywhere with you. The bands take up a little space; much conveniently portable. The user guide can be useful for beginners mostly because it demonstrates how you can exercise with the resistance bands. It’ll be suitable for advanced-level exercisers as well.

What we like

  • This exercise band set has soft and sweat-proof handles; it can be used in both ways- with or without handles.
  • This item comes with additional accessories like adjustable ankle straps and a door anchor.
  • A carry bag is included in the package.
  • You get a fitness e-guide for free.
  • The weight measurements are written on each band.
  • The unit price is reasonable.
  • Premium-quality latex is used to make these bands.
  • The bands are anti-snap and durable.

What we don’t like

  • The bands are quite thin in diameter; not too wide.

Buying Advice

With the FitLife Exercise bands, you don’t have to worry about buying accessories like ankle straps or door anchors. Looking at the price we get all that for, this one would be undoubtedly an intelligent pick. Exercise all your muscle groups and give a boost to your stamina with the help of this resistance band set. This versatile set will make you get effective strength training without needing any other accessories.

05. POWER GUIDANCE Pull Up Assist Bands

POWER GUIDANCE Pull Up Assist Bands

This one is the last item on our list. The features that made the Power Guidance Pull-Up Assist Resistance Bands stand out before our eyes are- the durable build, materials, and performance. These bands are sold individually, and so, if you need only one band of specific resistance, you can have it from them. They have six different colors available for different resistance levels varying from 5 to 175 lbs of equivalence.

All the bands are .45 mm thick with 15 continuous layers of 100% natural latex. They stretch to more than 200% of the length without snapping. The rough and tough muscle-training sessions won’t wear these bands off. The bands are extremely durable. You can exercise with them anytime, anywhere. You can carry them in the mesh carry bag with you to every place where you like to exercise.

This item gives you a free instruction guide. You’ll get guidelines for using each band properly. From beginners to professional gymnasts, everyone will find this kit helpful.

 These looped resistance bands help you in stretching, doing the basic warm-up, pull-ups, squats, bench presses, dips, light to heavy strength training workout, and many more. Building your body beautifully, achieving coordination, muscle strength, and flexibility is now a matter of using this equipment differently.

What we like

  • They have six different resistance level options (5 to 175 lbs).
  • The package contains a mesh carry bag and an instruction book.
  • The bands are much stretchy and anti-snap; durable.
  • They have color-coded bands for different resistances.
  • The resistance bands can be combined for building more resistance.
  • The bands are sold individually for a low price.

What we don’t like

  • The set doesn’t have handles.
  • The low-resistance bands have low width.

Buying Advice

If you want to buy a resistance band and keep using it for years, Power Guidance won’t disappoint you. The materials they use and the build quality makes their products in good shape for a long time. Six different resistance options- there’s always a band for an exercise you name. So, stop hesitating and buy a band, and you won’t regret this decision. Carry the bands anywhere and start exercising.

Buying Guide for the Best Resistance Band for seniors

Some factors can increase the effectiveness of resistance bands to a great extent. It’s necessary that you check these aspects carefully while buying a set of resistance bands. These will help you find out the most promising exercise bands that fit your fitness regimen.

  • Resistance level

The level of resistance in resistance bands is not always the same. The different measurements of weight levels can’t be present in one band. Therefore, there’re color-coded bands for different levels of resistance. You’ll find five or more categories of bands that provide resistance levels ranging from 5 lbs to 150+ lbs.

 It’s advised to buy at least 3 bands of different resistance levels in the beginning- light, medium, and heavy. There are more categories, but for the starting, three bands will be sufficient. If you’re thinking about getting only a specific resistance band, you’ll end up buying them again as our body parts aren’t equally strong, and so, we need different resistance levels to train them.

  • Handles

Some exercises are comfortable to perform if the bands have handles, and some are not. Padded handles are a good pick because they’ll make using the bands easy while not making the exercise easier. Hard-plastic handles are good too. Removable/interchangeable-handled resistance bands give you the option of using the bands without handles or change them when you’re using another band.

  • Price

If you’ve checked the prices of the items we listed in this article, you must know by now that the resistance band sets are quite less costly than most other exercising equipment. Never settle for cheap materials because of a low price as they won’t give you the durability you need. You’ll get a high-end set of resistance bands within a hundred bucks. So, make sure you spend your money right.

  • Durability

The materials used in the bands provide the quality and durability of the product. High-quality resistance bands are made of durable latex, rubber, or other stretchy fabrics.

  • Accessories

It isn’t necessary to get accessories for resistance bands. However, you can bring variation in your exercises by getting some. Door or poll attachments will allow you to wrap the band around it and perform upper-body strengthening exercises. If you think you need these types of accessories, different handles, etc, you’ll get them in any online and physical marketplaces for fitness equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some questions that the users most frequently ask about resistance bands.

  • What are some using exercises resistance bands for seniors?

While resistance bands seem like ordinary elastic bands, they can help strength-train your muscles when you incorporate them with your regular exercises. You could do a variety of exercises using resistance bands. Squats, crunches, reverse crunches, bicep & triceps curls, glute bridges, leg lifts, glute kickback, etc. are some of the best resistance band exercises.

  • Can I use resistance bands for hip exercises every day?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, never overwork yourself with it because it’ll then only be detrimental to your health.

  • Can We use resistance band exercises to gain weight?

Resistance bands are beneficial for strengthening your muscles. Resistance band exercises will help you build and strengthen your muscles. However, your weight cannot increase noticeably due to exercising using resistance bands. The exercises will help you maintain a healthy weight.

  • Is it better to workout with resistance bands that have handles or the ones without handles where it’s just the band?

It depends on the type of exercise. Both types of resistance bands are advantageous for different exercises. Doing pull-ups, bicep curls, triceps extensions require you to hold or pull the band with your palms. In this case, if the bands have handles, the exercises will be comfortable. On the other hand, the flat resistance bands are better for squats, reverse crunches, etc.

  • How can a senior use a resistance band for exercising?

A senior can do any kind of resistance-training exercises with resistance bands. They can incorporate normal exercises with resistance bands to boost the outcomes of the exercises. There are several resistance band exercises for arms, abs for the seniors to start their fitness journey.

  • Can I use resistance bands instead of weights?

You can, but for specific exercises only. You see, resistance bands don’t allow you to measure the resistance. Therefore, you won’t be able to tell if it’s a proper substitute for weights or not. Moreover, while using weights, you’re being steady, and while using the bands, your muscles are in motion. The effects will be, thus, different. Surely the bands can be a good alternative to weights for some particular exercises. You’ll have to check your regimen to know if you can use resistance bands instead of weights.

  • Can you build muscle with resistance bands?

Yes. One can build muscle with resistance bands. Think about the body-building exercise regimens. There’re lots of resistance training exercises for the muscles. If the resistance bands are used, the muscles would feel more resistance, and so, faster results. If regular exercises are performed using resistance bands, muscle-building will be quicker. You have to follow a proper resistance band workout routine for that.

Final verdict

Resistance bands will be a befitting addition to anyone’s fitness regimen. The best resistance bands will give you lots of newer options to add more resistance to your cardio exercises or the strength training sessions. As a travel-friendly piece, it’ll allow you to exercise whenever and wherever you want.

This low-cost apparatus helps you regain mobility if you have mobility problems. It will fit into the corner of your bag and be your constant companion for working out nearly anywhere. so, without any further delay, make your purchase and enjoy the benefits of the resistance bands.

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