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Best Recumbent Bike For Short Legs – That’s Right For You

Are you in search of the perfect recumbent bike for your height? Are you looking for the correct guide that will enlighten you about best recumbent bike for short legs? Then, sweat out no more! You have arrived at the correct place! This guide that you are letting your eyes go through is all about helping you get a recumbent bike for your weight loss journey.

Best Recumbent Bike for Short Legs – Comparison


Product Name



Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Brand: Schwinn

Material: Carbon Steel

Resistance Levels: 25

Weight: 300 Pounds

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Brand: Marcy

Material: Plastic

Resistance Levels: 08

Weight: 61 Pounds

EXERPEUTIC Foldable Recumbent Bike


Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic

Resistance Levels: 08

Weight: 43 Pounds

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike


Material: Steel

Resistance Levels: 03

Weight: 97.2 Pounds

Product review: 

This whole guide is about detailed reviews regarding four best recumbent bikes present in the market. Each of them are known to be very effective in helping to lose weight. And to help you choose a recumbent bike we have listed some brief facts that you need to keep in mind. Also, make sure that you go through the tips that we have for you to be able to make right use of your recumbent bike.

01. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

We all know that every plan works if it is well organized. If you are planning to lose weight and improve your cardiac health, you will need to have it well organized. And for such purpose, you will surely love the Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series. The bike does consist of features that works for helping you lose weight but also has a feature that allows you to track your fitness.

With the Bluetooth connectivity system of the bike you can easily connect your bike with a fitness training app. The app will be doing the job of calculating how much calorie you have burned; it will keep your heat rate tracked as well. If you don’t know about a fitness training app you can easily use the Schwinn trainer app.

To make your workout session interesting and motivating you can listen to your favorite songs. The MP3 input port allows you to do that. You will be able to control the intensity of your workout to suit your requirement since the resistance has 25 levels to choose from. Starting up the bike is easy and hassle free and it will give you the experience of riding a real bike, while you stay at the safe environment of your home.


  • Anyone who is into cardio workout will love this bicycle since it has 9 heart rate control.
  • High speed and inertia enabled by the help of weighted flywheel.
  • Easy and hassle free to start.
  • Easy plug in the bike and ride system.
  • Charge your phone on the go while you have a workout session on the bike.
  • Comes with a water bottle holder for satisfying your thirst.
  • Bluetooth connectivity helps you keep your fitness on track.


  • You will need to assemble the bike yourself and that consumes about 1 hour according to a review of a customer.





Schwinn 270

No. of Programs


Bluetooth Connectivity


Resistance Levels

25 (12 profile, 9 heart rate control, 4 custom, 2 fitness test, 1 quick start; Plugs into any standard electrical wall outlet on a 110V 120V circuit; 120V 60Hz AC input; 1.5A output; 90 240V, 50 60Hz adapter included)


2 Blue Backlit LCD Displays

Heart Rate

Contact & Telemetry Enabled

Immersive Training

Explore the World App

More Features

USB Charging Port, Built-In Bottle Holder, Speakers, Media Rack etc

Item Weight

93 pounds

Final Verdicts

To sum up, if you are willing to have a firm and stern target of losing weight and staying fit. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series will help you with that and will also make sure that things happen in a well-organized way.

02. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Because of having short legs, you surely are tired of struggling to reach things. Riding a bike has been difficult because you dint find reaching pedals easy. Well, not anymore. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 has been designed with adjustable seat to help you reach the paddles easily so that you have a comfortable and convenient working out session.

The paddles of the bike do consist of safety straps that will make sure that your legs stay at a proper position. No matter how much you increase the work intensity and speed you will not see your feet slipping off. The intensity of your workout can be controlled by adjusting the resistance using a very simple to operate knob.

To add more, you will be able to control the amount of calories you burn and the speed you ride. You can easily keep a track regarding the total time you work out by the help of the LCD computer display present. This feature surely helps in making your weight loss journey easy and well planned.

Tired of your workout session, want some rest? Well, you can get that easily with the help of the recumbent handlebars and comfortable padded seats. You get to sit and relax after a vigorous workout session for a while. You can start up soon if you are not done.


  • The bike has been constructed with very durable 14- gauge steel for performing heavy duty and to last long.
  • The resistance can be controlled easily with a knob to 8 different levels to help you choose your workout intensity.
  • Comfortable workout session enabled as body posture is kept right by the help of a padded seat that consist if high density foam.
  • Foot straps make sure that your feet do not slip off while paddling.
  • The recumbent is absolutely easy for shifting since it has wheels attached to it.


  • For running the LCD display you will need batteries and that has not been included with the bike. 

Final Verdicts

You won’t see yourself struggling with keeping the recumbent bike at your place. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 is not way too large in dimension. Since it has an adjustable seat you can let all your family members use it. Hence, keep yourself fit and your family members as well with the help of this ultimate recumbent bike.

03. EXERPEUTIC Foldable Recumbent Bike

For cardio workout there is a requirement that you keep a track of your heart rate. You will be able to track your heart rate in the right way with the help of hand pulse sensors present on the handlebars of EXERPEUTIC Foldable Recumbent Bike. The LCD display that it has will give you the reading of your heart rate, the speed you are riding at, the distance and the amount of calories you have burned.

Do you want to tuck in the bike somewhere because you have some party held at your place? Well, you can easily do that! This recumbent bike is foldable to become half of the size so that you can store it somewhere convenient. After folding the bike, you can easily carry it to the storage compartment by the help of wheels that it has.

Getting on the bike for working out and getting off it after workout has been made easy and convenient with the semi recumbent design that it has. It is a very convenient feature for people with short legs. Moreover, it has a great weight capacity of 300lbs. if you are looking for losing weight you should start with it very soon.


  • You will not have any sort of back issues with this bike since you will able to rest your back on the seat.
  • Spacious large seat cushion allows people of different body types use it for work out.
  • The bike is quiet it will surely not make your workout session annoying.
  • You can peacefully enjoy the music you hear.
  • The bike comes with an easy to read LCD display that for tracking heart rate and other factors regarding your workout.
  • Not very large in dimension so it will not take much space when you install it in any particular room of your house.
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty.


  • The recumbent bike does not come with any water bottle holder for added convenience of drinking when you are thirsty.

Final Verdicts

To sum up, if you are in search of a very convenient bike as you are short legged then it is the EXERPEUTIC Foldable Recumbent Bike you are looking for. And if you are into cardio workout, you will do that with complete convenience since the pulse sensors are going to help you. You won’t face any difficulty during the assembly of the bike since you will get an instruction manual with detailed diagrams.

04. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

To keep you going with your weight loss journey so that you don’t stop somehow. You will need a recumbent bike that will give you the feeling of convenient ride. And you will be getting that convenience with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. The bike consists of a flywheel that is 40 pounds in terms of weight. It allows you to ride the bike in a smooth way since you will get to maintain proper momentum.

Short legged people will not face any fuss or hassle while riding this amazing recumbent bike. The bike consists of adjustable height that can be set according to your leg size. You will indeed be able to try different sort of riding styles since you can adjust the handlebars to your own convenience. No matter how much you sweat during your exercise you hand won’t slip off the handlebars and the seat since both of these consists of proper grip to hold on.

The bike is lightweight for ease in installing and moving it around. You will have transporting wheels attached to the bike for portability. Even if the bike might seem lightweight it does have a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs.


  • Control your workout intensity with the resistance system that can allow various tension.
  • You will be able to ride the bike on a regular basis since the bike has a crank system that can perform heavy duty.
  • The multi grip handlebars make sure that your hands do not slip off during vigorous work out sessions.
  • You will find it very convenient for setting in any room of your house since the bike does not take much storage space.
  • Very durable construction since it is made up of heavy steel.


  • The seat cannot be used for back rest since there is no back support present like other recumbent bikes.

Final verdict

To sum up, getting this amazing recumbent bike is indeed a great investment. Since, you are getting amazing features that will make working out a very convenient experience for people who are short as well. You will not find assembling it a hassle since there will be a manual containing instructions to help you with that.

Things to consider when buying a recumbent bike for short legs: 

When you will be investing a lot of money for getting a recumbent bike, it is essential that you look for some facts. Judging on some essential bikes you will get to know whether or not it is the right one for you. Hence, we have listed down these facts that will help you in making a decision.

  • Speed: 

The more you speed up while you ride your recumbent bike the more you will be able to burn your calories. Hence, it is essential that you know how much speed can be applied on the bike. You will initially start slow and speed up when you get used to it. Hence, make sure that your bike is capable of taking in all the speed you apply.

  • Comfort: 

For the sake of achieving the perfect body shape you cannot put yourself at the risk of straining your back. Before you think of purchasing an individual bike check if you the seat can be adjusted. If you are short legged it is essential that you look for that feature. Since, struggling to reach the pedal can cause pain in your back.

The next thing is to look if the seat allows you to let your back rest. You will see yourself exerting on yourself if you lean forward while paddling for a very long time. You will need to lean your back while you continue to paddle to allow your back some rest.

  • Safety: 

Recumbent bikes are surely safe since they stay at a definite place, you will just need to pedal your weight off. Make sure that your hands do not slip off from the handlebars because of sweating. And to make sure of that check that the handlebars are covered properly with grip.

Tips for using your recumbent bike:

For making the correct use of your recumbent bike it is important that you have knowledge regarding some certain things. And we are here with a small guide to enlighten you regarding it.

  • Adjust your seat first:

Depending on your height and convenience adjust the seat of your bike first and then start with the workout session.  If you are struggling with adjusting the seat have a look at the instruction manual that comes with your bike. You might be doing it the wrong way if you are struggling with making adjustments.

  • Stretch yourself: 

Before you settle down yourself on the recumbent bike for working out make sure that you ease yourself by stretching out. stretching out helps to warm up your muscles and release stress. Doing so will make sure that you work out efficiently. Try stretches like lunges, toe touches and swinging your legs. Watch short YouTube tutorials to learn more on stretching yourself out.

  • Warm up yourself up on the cycle: 

Don’t just workout like crazy with goal of losing all the weight in one day! it is a slow process. You will need to increase the intensity of your workout slowly by starting to paddle lightly in the beginning. Warm yourself up for the 5 minutes by going easy and then pick up speed after that.

  • Select the right resistance: 

With whatever the system is to increase the resistance of your bike, make sure that you begin with the minimum intensity. A lot of use get excited and turn the intensity of the resistance to a high level. You should know that with increasing resistance the pedaling gets tougher. Hence, begin with how much you can take on and then when you get used to you can look forward for higher levels of resistance.

  • Make sure that your working out duration is correct: 

 You need to save your energy for the whole day that remains for all the work that is left. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t overdo your workout and get tired at the end of the day. Also, your workout duration should be efficient so that it actually helps you in losing weight.

Make sure that you perform 30 minutes of cardio each day for efficiently losing weight. People who are used to riding they work for almost 50 to 60 minutes.

  • Don’t bore yourself while your workout: 

Keep yourself motivated during your workout session. Don’t bore yourself. You can do that by listening to some music. Or if you have enough budget get two bikes. Workout together with your partner while you talk and keep encouraging each other for losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. Doing this helps you to stay engaged and kill the time without feeling much stressed out.


  • Are recumbent bikes good for your knees? 

Ans: Yes, indeed the bike are good for your knees. Pedaling helps you in losing a long of thigh fat. And while your pedal you are not letting your knees fall in nay risk of getting injured. Your ankles stay safe as well, since it is enclosed by the help of straps present on the pedal.

  • What does a recumbent bike do for your body? 

AnsRecumbent bikes are great for performing cardio exercises since it strengthens your heart and as well as makes your leg and body muscles stronger. A lot of fat from the lower part of your body gets burned.

  • Do recumbent bikes work abs? 

Ans: Recumbent bikes does not help much in burning fat of your tummy. But yes you will get some effect of the workout on your tummy. Your glute muscles and leg muscles are the ones that will get the most impact of the workout.

  • Is walking or biking better for knees? 

Ans: Biking is better for your knees since it is more gentle. Walking cause your muscles to get tired quickly.

Final Verdicts

To sum up, you surely have decided till now regrading which recumbent bike that you will be getting for yourself. Even if we have listed above 4 best recumbent bike for short legs, it is essential for you to be sure about what you want. Depending on what your requirements are and what you are targeting for you can make the correct decision of which recumbent bike you should invest in.

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