Best Punching Bag for Small Space – Buying Guide

Are you a gym addict that sometimes fail to hit the gym because of some unavoidable circumstances? Do you feel incomplete and restless without working out for a day? Well, not any longer. As the solution to all your problems you only need to get yourself the best punching bag for small space.

By getting a punching bag for your apartment you can practice anytime when you want. You will have no restrictions like gyms do. Gyms give you only certain limited hours for having your workout session. Furthermore, the punching bags that we have listed below are very versatile. You will get to practice other things such as kicks of martial arts other than just boxing.

Moreover, the punching bags we have listed below are high in terms of quality and very well known amongst the rest of the punching bags present in the market. Hence, wait no more! Read the reviews below thoroughly to pick out the best one for yourself and the kind of sport you follow.

You cannot always go to the gym when the condition outside is not preferable because of the weather being harsh. For such reasons you will need to practice at home with the RDX Punch Bag. This amazing punch bag does not come alone, it comes with 13 other essential objects.

The total set makes sure that you can practice punches in the best way by staying at home. The set includes a pair of gel foam padded gloves so that you don’t hurt yourself while giving out the hardest impacts. You will get a very strong shackle that will allow you to hang the punch bag to any hook present with the ceiling.

Be assured that your safety will be maintained at all times as much as possible. The bag is filled with layers of shredded textiles materials that will be able to take large blows and punches. The layers of these materials reduces the chance of getting bruises of hands or getting bones fractured.

If you have any sort of suitable place for getting the punch bag hanged outdoors, you can do that now very easily. The punching bag is water resistant so it will not degrade in quality if it comes in contact with water.


  • The inner layer of the punching bag consists of very durable high quality polyester.
  • This makes sure that it lasts long and does not get easily worn out.The chain of the shackle is rust resistant.
  • Comes with hand glove that is high in quality.
  • To hang the punch bag in a stable way, it has 4 hooks at the top where you can attach the chains.


  • The wall mount system of the punch bag is weak.
  • Expensive in terms of price compared to other punching bags.

02. Ever last Single-Station Heavy Bag

Do you find filling in punching bags a very exhausting task? Well, not anymore. The Ever Last Single-Station Heavy Bag comes prefilled that minimizes the entire hassle of assembling the bag. This is the best punching bag for teenager as well because they can use it for practice and look forward to a growing future in boxing career.

Even if you are not into being a boxer, you can get to work out with the punching bag to keep yourself fit and healthy. To add more, you will not find hanging this punching bag a hassle. The bag comes with an adjustable chain that can be used to hang it with any hook or pipe.

You are getting two accessories as well in the whole kit that consists the punching bag. The bag comes with a pair of leather gloves that has proper padded palm grip for keeping your hands safe from getting bruised. To add more, the kit consists of 100% cotton hand wraps that is breathable and provides you the comfort and support you need while practicing.


  • The training punching bag comes with a bag stand. It has a holding capacity of 100 lbs.
  • Adjustable heavy bag chain allows you to set the punching bag at your desirable height.
  • Hassle free assembly.
  • Comes pre-filled from the manufacturer.


  • For assembling the stand, you will need to read the instruction manual first.

03. Ever last 80lb Omni Strike Heavy Bag

Do you want to invest your money on a punching bag that has a very strong guaranty from the manufacturer regarding not disappointing you? Then you should get yourself the Ever last 80lb Omni Strike Heavy Bag. This punching bag comes with a warranty from the manufacturer so you can stay assured that if your punching bag comes defected, you will be getting a replacement.

The size of this heavy bag might seem small to you but it is surely a dynamic one. You can practice knee strikes for giving your martial arts a bit of polish. The handles that comes along with the punching bag has been specially provided for letting you to practice knee strikes.

Apart from punching and knee striking you can use the bag for low kicks, grounding and pounding as well. To add more, you can be assured that your punching bag will take on tough blows and forces on it as well. The cover is made up of synthetic leather that is not only nice to look at, but is also very durable preventing from getting cracked.


  • Very versatile as it can be sued for practicing other moves as well other than just punching.
  • The foam inside the punching bag comes with the bottom panel wrapped for making it perfect for user to practice low kicks, grounding and pounding.
  • Comes with a strong warranty from the manufacturer. If the product comes defected it can be returned within 120 days.
  • The cover is made up of durable leather that is black in color and high in terms of durability.


  • The punching bag don’t come with other accessories such as gloves or hand wraps.

04. Ever last Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

Don’t you think if you get a value bundle that comes with a heavy bag and a bonus speed bag, all your investment will be worth it? Yes, you heard it right. The Ever Last Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle comes with not only just one heavy bag you get a speed bag as well.

You can use the speed bag for just warming yourself up before you begin vigorously practicing on the heavy bag. Both the heavy bag and the speed bag have covers made up of very durable leather that will not get cracks anytime soon.

To add more, you will be getting a lot of more accessories with this very worthy bundle. You will not need to purchase punching gloves separately. The bundle comes with gloves that has been included that has padded palm grip. Be assured that the quality of the gloves will be satisfying just like you need.


  • The very valuable bundle comes with a stand where both the heavy and speed bags can be kept.
  • For comfort and support during hard sessions practicing punches the bundle includes a pair of hand wraps that is made up of 100% breathable cotton.
  • Comes with adjustable strong chain for hanging the bag with the ceiling.


  • There is a requirement that you fill in the bag with air. It will not come prefilled like other punching bags.
  • There is a requirement of refilling the bag with air time to time when the volume inside it seems to get reduced.

05. EZ Speedbag Portable Doorway Speed Bag

Sometimes for practicing boxing at home it does not seem efficient to purchase the best punching bag for small space. There are two reasons for that. One is you are always hitting the gym for working out using a heavy bag. The other reason is you have a small space at your apartment, getting a heavy bag will not be efficient.

For such causes, you will need a speed bag and the EZ Speedbag Portable Doorway Speed Bag will be a great option to invest your money in. It is small in size and inexpensive as well. If for some unfortunate case you cannot go hit the gym, you can have a small warm up session at your own house very easily.

The best thing about this speed bag is, it takes only 5 minutes to install at your residence.  You will not need to spend hours behind refilling, or getting the chains attached to the hooks. Like you usually need for installing heavy bags. You can remove the heavy bag from an individual spot any time you wish and fix it somewhere else if there is a requirement.


  • Greater stability can be installed with the optional 2 screw brackets that comes with the speed bag.
  • Perfect for working out, doing cardio, strength building and coordination.
  • The covering of the speed bag is made up of durable leather that will be able to take on hard blows.
  • Takes very less time to install the speed bag unlike how much it takes for installing heavy bags.
  • Very easy in terms of portability.


  • The swivel that comes along with the speed bag cannot be changed.

06.  Wave master Power line

If you are looking for best punching bag for apartments, then getting the Wave Master Power line will be a great choice. The heavy bag is not way too humongous but indeed it comes in the perfect size for placing it in your apartment. You can have quick warm up sessions with this heavy bag even if you are not in the boxing field.

The punching bag is quite easy in terms of mobility even though after being heavy. The bag comes in a rounded shape that can be rolled for moving it to a different space. To add more, it is indeed very versatile. You can not only punch it, but also polish and improve all your martial arts techniques.

Furthermore, the punching bag comes in three very attractive colors like black, red and blue. The base of the punching bag can be filled with either water or sand. You will not face that much hassle while filling in the heavy bag as well. The heavy bag has a cover made up of leather that is high in quality and very durable to take on tough blows.


  • Comes in three colors that will fit in everywhere according to the interior of your room.
  • Very sturdy construction makes it suitable for vigorous practice.
  • The height of the heavy bag can be adjusted according to user’s preference.
  • The cover is made up of leather that can take on tough blows.


  • The punching bag does not come prefilled like other bags. You will need to fill it yourself during assembling.


Before you think of investing your valuable money in any of the punching bag listed above there are certain things you need to know. Also, certain questions that might confuse you needs to be answered. Hence, to guide you we have listed down important frequent questions that do rise in a buyer’s mind.

01. Which kind of punching bag should I get for myself? 

In this whole guide we have mentioned 3 kind of punching bags. These are speed bag, hanging bag and free standing bag. To know, what sort of bag you should get you need to know what these bags help you in. And there you go! We have listed them below.

  • Speed bag: Speed bags have been manufactured for helping someone to improve their reflexes. Speed bags can be used for simply just working out as well. But is mostly suitable for anyone who wat to practice boxing.
  • Free standing bag: You cannot be punching or kicking humans all the time for practicing karate or martial arts. Free standing bags help you to practice and improve your kicking techniques for becoming a pro in martial arts. That is what it is more suitable for.
  • Hanging bag: The hanging bag is best suitable for purchasing to be practicing by staying at complete comfort. Also you can use it to improve your punching techniques. Hanging bags use up less space as well. Perfect for purchasing if you wish to turn any room of your apartment into gym area.

02. What is the ideal weight of an individual punching bag? 

You definitely have noticed that each of the punching bags differ from each other in terms of weight. This might have left you baffled thinking about which one to go for. Well, all you need to do is to pay head to the recommendation that we have.

We recommend you to first know about your own body weight and then choose a punching bag that is half of your weight. This will make sure that your backbone does not get way to stressed out while you practice.

03. How do I know which punching bag will be the best for me? 

Well, to determine the punching bag that you wish to invest on, you will need to know your own requirements first. Will you be practicing martial art techniques, boxing or simply just work out with the heavy bag? Know what you are going to do.

And then we have written details regarding the reviews of punching bag that have details regarding what kind of activities they are mostly preferable for. There are few punching bags that are versatile and perfect to help you in practicing all mind of activities. Hence, choose carefully!

04. What kind of coating material will be best?

The coating material of a punching bag is chosen according to the sport it has been made for. But mostly punching bags have coating material made up of leather. Just the kind of leather varies. Some of them are made up of faux leather for making it affordable.

However, the best coating material is just simply leather. Because leather is very durable and have the capability of taking on tough blows without getting easily worn out.

05. What kind of filling material is preferable? 

There are three filling materials, which are air, water and sand. Now, there are some punching bag that you have to fill in yourself which is kind of very hassling. Hence, we have listed above some punching bags that come prefilled from the manufacturer itself.

But again on the other hand if you like an individual punching bag that does not come prefilled you may go for that. There isn’t much problem with that as the filling materials are quite easily available.

Final verdicts

To sum up, after going through all the details of this guide you have surely come across the best punching bag for small space that you will be getting. Be assured which ever you have chosen amongst these five, will be the best and you won’t be disappointed.

Yet, to help you out even further for making your decision we have answered some questions. You will surely find your answer amongst them. And we have mentioned this previously as well that be specific about what you want. That is the most important part to take care of while purchasing anything. So, wait no more, and get the best punching bag for apartment without any further delay.

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