Best Mountain Bikes Under 3000 – Expert Rider Review

Bicycles are cost efficient means of transport providing the rider with benefits of exercising on the go. Biking is also a sport that most people enjoy in their free time and during events such as Cycling for a purpose on long trails. With many countries working towards easing congestion and jams in their major cities by passing legislation's to allow for cycling to work etcetera, manufacturers are having a field day in coming up with new bikes. Are you getting the best mountain bikes under 3000?

Your mountain bike should not only be a great fit for you but also serve you towards winning that cyclists competition you entered as a pro cyclist. Here is a review of best mountain bikes under 3000 Dollars to help guide you in shopping for one to suit your on and off the track needs

Bike Name


Wheel Size



Steppenwolf men's Tundra

Carbon Fiber

29 inch

Air Fork Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles Catch 1


26 inch

Full Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1 ​


29 inch

Full Suspension

Steppenwolf Men's Tycoon


26 inch

Dual Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles


26 inch

Full Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles Release 1


27.5 inch

Full Suspension

Mongoose Men's


26 inch

Full Suspension

Diamondback sync r pro



Front Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles Option Full


29 inch

Dual Full Suspension

Diamondback bicycles Recoil Comp


27.5 inch


Best 12 Mountain Bikes Under 3000

If you are looking for quality and reliable mountain bikes, read my reviews of the best mountain bikes under 3000 that bikers and outdoor lovers appreciate. Whether you are choosing a mountain bikes for rough biking, normal biking or recreational biking, I'm sure you will end up with one after going through the reviews.

01. Steppenwolf Men's Tundra Carbon Pro Hard Tail Mountain Bike

Everybody loves to own a quality mountain bike for the most rewarding riding experience, don’t you? If you want such a bike, consider the Steppenwolf men's Tundra carbon pro hard ail mountain bike.

This bike is powerful making it fit to access the most remote areas. No worries when you want to take a ride through rough roads to the remote areas. Other than its power, the bike has got high-performance carbon composite frame that makes it durable and able to support heavy users. The bike is also lightweight making it easy to ride.

Most amazingly, this model can be used in the cross country and marathon competitions. It has a steep riding angle that support supports the speed of the Tundra Carbon.


  • This model of bike is very powerful.
  • It has a brilliant headlight.
  • The bike is perfectly equipped.
  • The bike has also ultra-lightweight.
  • It has got high performance.


  • It can be tiresome to bend for that long because of its steep riding angle.
  • It may be recommended for the experience bike riders because of their powerfulness.

Summary: A single bike with carbon composite frame, Elixir 5 brake, FSA seat post, and Shimano XT shifter is almost close to dream! If you want to make this dream true, simply purchase this Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon mountain bike. It must satisfy your dreams.

02.Diamondback Bicycles Mission 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

The Mission series is one of the most promising series of Diamondback. The Diamondback Mission 2 is another all-mountain bike where you can safely invest your money. This bike is overall perfect for the avid mountain riders. The technical specification of this mountain bike comes with surprise and surprises. Most importantly, this bike is totally hand build. The manufacturer company used 6061-T6 aluminum frame in this bike. 

They attached Knuckle box with this amazing frame. That’s why you will get an ultra-durable and stiffer frame. As a fork, you will get FOX 36 rear and front float suspension. This fork is excellently smooth and features larger amount of adjustments. This fork offers FIT4 dumper. It makes a huge difference than traditional bike while riding this.

The Shimano SLX 1x11 shifter is used in this bike. This drivetrain offers a very effortless shifting on the rough terrains. And now, it’s time for the brakes. Cause, braking power automatically peeks on the mind when talking about frame, speed, or shifters. Well, you will get Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brake with this bike. This Shimano SLX BR-M7000 hydraulic disc brake provides a top notch stopping power at anywhere and any condition.

Highlighted Features:

  • SLX 1x11 Shimano drivetrain
  • FOX 36 rear and front float suspension
  • 11 Speeds
  • Metal cooling pads
  • Shimano SLX BR-M7000 Hydraulic Disc

What we liked

  • Hand built
  • Highly durable and stiff
  • Top notch performance
  • Full suspension

What we didn`t like

  • Only one size (19 inches) is available
  • Quite pricy

Summary: The diamondback mission 2 is a perfect bike for the extreme mountain riders. If the budget seems ok with you, I don't think any other bike might be a competitor of this. With these unique technical specification and hand built gorgeous design, you will fall in love with this enduro riding for sure!  

03. Diamondback Overdrive 29C 2 Carbon Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback is dominating the mountain bike industry over 30 years. This Overdrive 29C 2 is another overall gorgeous mountain bike presented by Diamondback. This mountain bike is best for extreme riders. The manufacturer company includes everything in this bike to achieve the highest speed on the tough terrains. At first, we can consider the frame.

You will get a full carbon fiber monologue frame with this bike. This bike is made with DBR AAMP XC technology. Along with this lightweight frame, the 29 inches wheels provide you the best speed you may need from a mountain bike. This frame contains rear and front 142 x 12 axles with PF30 bottom and 25R tubeless ready rims attached with these wheels.

As the gearing system, you will get Rockshox Reba RL 29er 120mm gearing system. And the shifting system is SRAM GX1 1 x 11 X-Horizon group set. This set contains a single ring 34-T up-front that matches with 10-24T cassette on the back.

You know, braking system is the number one considerable fact for high speedy bikes. This 29C 2 is offering Shimano SLX BR M7000 hydraulic disk brake. This braking system performs insanely good even on the slick roads.

I know these features have already amazed you. But, what happened if you don’t get the perfect size for you? Whoa, don’t worry. From the small (16 inches) to extra-large (22 inches), Diamondback made four different size of it. So, no more tension about the size. Just grab the one that suits you the most.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shimano SLX BR M7000 hydraulic disk brake
  • Rear and front 142 x 12 axles
  • Unique monocoque frame
  • Rockshox Reba RL 29er fork
  • 25R tubeless ready rims

What we liked

  • Perfect for speedy riders
  • Available in different sizes
  • 3 position remote lockout available
  • Lightweight carbon made frame

What we didn`t like

  • Doesn’t work properly on paved roads

Summary: This bike can provide as much speed you may want from a mountain bike. Its speed will amaze you for sure. The carbon made monocoque frame, Rockshox fork and Shimano SLX M7000 will be your guide to unlock the extreme speed.

04. IMUST 29 Plus Mountain Bike Carbon SRAM GX Groupset 11 Speeds

IMUST is a comparatively new product on the market. But this product becomes increasingly popular among the riders because of its performance. The IMUST 29 Plus mountain bike is another perfect bike for the riders. Let’s take a look at the frame first. This bike comes with a very lightweight frame. This frame is made of Carbon Fiber Toray T700 material. The rear spacing of this frame is 12 x 148mm.  This material and the spacing made this bike extremely lightweight and faster on mountain trails.

The attached wheel comes with CN spoke. This 29 inches wheel features 148mm Novatec hub D712SB-B12 on the rear hub and 110mm Novatec hub D711SB-B15 on the rear hub. Along with these hubs, you will also get 55mm deep and 23mm wide clincher matt rims.

This high budget bike also features SRAM X1 groupset. This set includes SL GX 11SP BLK rear and front derailleur. These features will help you to get the best speed on the mountain trails.

Highlighted Features:

  • SRAM GX Groupset
  • 3.0 wheelset fit tire
  • Carbon Fiber Toray T700 frame
  • 15 x 110 mm fork
  • CN spoke wheel

What we liked

  • Very lightweight
  • Ultra durable
  • SRAM GX group set

What we didn`t like

  • No water pot holder available

Summary: IMUST 29 Plus is a carbon made lightweight mountain bike. This bike weighs only 10.k kg including the pedals. If you are looking for a perfect mountain bike with perfect design and performance, then this 29 Plus will be yout perfect companion on the roads.

05. Diamondback Bicycles Catch 1 Mountain  Ready Ride Bike

Looking for a mountain bike with excellent performance on and off the trail has been made easy with the Diamondback Bicycles Catch 1 Complete Ready Ride Full Suspension Mountain Bike which is going under 2500. This bike that is great for exploration and can cover any ground regardless has a lightweight, comfortable, strong frame which can support any weight.

The bike has been made with tires with thick rubber treads which offer great grip for you as you ride your bike. The pedals on the Diamondback Bicycles Catch 1 Complete Ready Ride Full Suspension are efficient and give the rider full control of the bike.

As a result this bike fitted with level link full suspension which insulates you from shock while giving you comfort as you ride the bike making riding memorable and enjoyable for you. When fitted with the right pair of cycling shoes, this bike is an excellent choice for cycling competitions.

Highlighted Features

  • Diamondback Hydroformed Alloy Frame
  • SRAM GX Type2.1 Shifter
  • Tubeless Compatible Wheelset
  • DB4L "Lock On" 135mm Kraton Grips

What we liked

  • Great for exploration as it covers any ground
  • It has durable tires
  • The bike is light weight
  • The frame can host and support the bike fully
  • Rider can exercise full control as the pedals are fit
  • Has gear shifters that shift easily
  • Has level link full suspension for the ultimate riding experience.

What we didn`t like

  • It is a high maintenance mountain bike


This bike isn’t something from where you can take out your eyes. It features hydroformed alloy and Fox Float 34 fork. Along with this SRAM GX Type 2.1 and the drivetrain also made it exactly the same as the hidden wishes of your heart.

06. Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1 Complete All Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1 Complete All Mountain bike is another great bike from the Diamondback bicycle manufacturers which has an amazing design and look to cater for the needs of both sexes. Yeah right, this bike is unisex. If you're scouting for a Diamondback Bicycle for your woman, this can make a perfect gift folks. It is a small frame bike which qualifies it as a great fit for average height and size riders.

The frame of this speed monster is made of aluminum which is high quality thus the bikes durability can be guaranteed. This bike hits the trail hard and can withstand every obstacle on the mountainous terrain giving you a smooth ride. Traction is amazing with this bike as the tires hold it down well on the dry ground. This bike is worth the cost as it performs extremely well for its frame size and can be used by amateurs.

Highlighted Features

  • Fox Performance 34 Float Fork
  • Fox Float DPS Rear Shock
  • SRAM NX 1x11 Components
  • Diamondback Blanchard 27.5 Wheels

What we liked

  • It is a bike for both men and women
  • Assembling the parts after buying is easy
  • It is great for speed
  • It is comfortable
  • The frame is made of aluminum hence it is durable
  • It is a great fit for short and average height people
  • Has a good look design

What we didn`t like

  • The traction of wheels in wet areas are not effective


This Diamondback mission 1 is just another diamond of their crown. From the frame to the wheel, this bike is perfect in every perspective. If you are a rough rider, this bike will be the most suitable beast for you.

07. Diamondback Bicycles Catch 1 Mountain Bike

The ideal bike for adventure is readily available for around 2500 dollars - The Diamondback Bicycle Catch 1 Full Suspension 27.5 Plus Mountain Bike is a bike designed for riders who love going deep to unexplored grounds. The bike uses a level link suspension system which is very responsive and makes pedaling easy and efficient.The ideal bike for adventure is readily available for around 2500 dollars.

The Diamondback Bicycle Catch 1 Full Suspension 27.5 Plus Mountain Bike is a bike designed for riders who love going deep to unexplored grounds. The bike uses a level link suspension system which is very responsive and makes pedaling easy and efficient.

Braking on this bike is also fast and easy thus you can avoid collisions with trees. The Diamondback Bicycle Catch, 1 Full Suspension 27.5 plus Mountain Bike, uses a 27.5-inch wheel which is wide enough to offer the full advantages of speed, grip, and traction that comes with big wheels.

The rider can also change gears to manage different terrains using the SHRAM GX shifters it is equipped with. The frame is made of durable alloy material hence the bike is long lasting, and I would recommend it for any rider.

Highlighted Features

  • Different General Size Bike
  • Level Link Rear Suspension
  • 130mm Travel Front And Rear
  • SRAM NX 1x11 Drivetrain

What we liked

  • Provides traction on every type of surface
  • The bike is great for both professional riders & newbies
  • The grip between the road and tire is perfect for rough terrain
  • The cyclist can take fast brakes using the handle bars
  • Has level link responsive suspension that offers efficient pedaling
  • Made of durable alloy frame
  • Has SHRAM GX shifters that are efficient for changing gears in different terrains

What we didn`t like

  • The bike is a high-cost maintenance as it needs to be checked regularly


Size is the most noticeable issue for every bike. A perfect bike with the wrong size is nothing but a tremendous waste of your hard earned money. So, if you want to get a perfect bike with various sizes, this Diamondback catch 1 will be a perfect choice.

08. Diamondback Bicycles Release 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Level Link rear suspension
  • SRAM NX 1x11 drivetrain
  • Rockshox suspension
  • Diamondback Blanchard 28r

This high-performance beast made with hydro alloy frame is durable and lightweight to counter every obstacle on your riding excursion without tiring you out. The Diamondback Bicycles Release 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is yet another winner from the Diamondback manufacturers.

This high-quality bike has tubeless 27.5" wheels that exert low pressure, and it uses the level link full suspension like every other bike in this series. The suspension hoists you so that you do not feel the hit rather jump when riding through hilly areas.

The bike is effective on different terrains and can be your everyday bicycle to do various activities like going to school, deliveries and outdoor cycling. This performance oriented bike is built for speed and lasts longer making every one of your penny spent on acquiring it count.


  • Performance oriented bicycle
  • Can handle various terrains
  • It is light weight
  • The treads on tires are thick and do not wear out fast
  • It is multifunctional
  • Has tubeless wheels that exert low pressure
  • It is an excellent fit for different body type of riders
  • Uses the level link system of suspension which ensures smoother rides


  • Does not have a shock pump

09. Mongoose Men's Boot ‘R Down Hill 27.5 wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Mongoose Horst link aluminum DH frame
  • Manitou Durado Expert 200 mm travel fork
  • Shimano ZEE 1 x 10 drivetrain
  • Reliable Kenda Honey Badger

Are you looking for a mountain bike for downhill riding? If this is the case, the Mongoose Men's Boot ‘R Down Hill bike is designed for that purpose.

The mongoose Boot'r has got a swift move downhill because of its suspension that makes it absorbs the jump over bumps and drops with ease. This ensures that you get very smooth rides.

The bike is designed with an aluminum frame that is not only lightweight but also very durable. It also has 27.5 wheels that provide a better traction when you are riding on different terrains.

When you are racing downhill, you can be sure of instant stops when you need to. This bike is designed with hydraulic disc brakes that give you the required stopping power.


  • It has a swift movement.
  • Can be used even in the mountainous places.
  • It has got a good speed.
  • It is a powerful bike model.


  • It is made with aluminum frames which may not be that durable.
  • It is made with aluminum frames which may not be that durable.

10. Diamondback sync r pro 27.5 Hard tail mountain bike

Highlighted Features

  • aluminum alloy frame with boost
  • Fox Shox 34 float fork
  • Shimano xt 11-speed drivetrain
  • Shimano M447 hydraulic disc brakes

This is also another ideal bike with great performance. The Sync'r Pro has got an added stiffness enhanced its boost thru-axe that is compatible. With its front end being a little bit lower, make its progress generally better.

It has good braking system enhanced by the great hydraulic brakes. This makes it convenient to control when in motion hence giving you sure stops.

Unlike other mountain bikes, this model is very easy to assemble. It comes 85 percent assembled so you have very little assembly work to do.

It features Shimano XT 1x11 drivetrain with race face affect cranks. The bike also gives you a smooth and reliable shifting when you are going downhill.

Other than these features, the bike has a lightweight that makes it easy to push thereby spending little energy. It has an adjustable rebound that enables you to set up the best tune for your riding depending on the terrain.


  • It has great stopping power enhanced by its amazing brakes.
  • The bike is lightweight
  • The bike is compatible.
  • It is tough.


  • May not be used in all terrain.
  • Its stiffness may not provide the comfort the rider may need.
  • May not be used during night hours due to the absence of the lead light.

11. Diamondback Bicycles Option Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Highlighted Features

  • rear suspension travel 150mm front
  • Rockshox Sektor gold
  • Optimized single pivot suspension
  • 142x12mm rear axle

This is so amazing! Were you in need of a bike with unique and admirable features? The Full suspension bike is designed in such a way that it is fit to ride in any terrain. This is enhanced by its diamondback Blanchard that is tubeless and compatible wheelset.

It also poses a 6061 T-6 aluminum frame suspension mode that acts as a pivot thereby making it stronger for any terrain especially the mountain and the steep areas.

The bike has a great hydraulic and sharp brakes complimented by its powerful rotors that take you off the worries of losing control when you are in a ride especially in the descends. Since the bike is meant for all terrain, it is light, fun stimulant and durable.


  • It has great hydraulic brakes.
  • The bike has great durability.
  • It is light.
  • Its brakes are sharp enough.
  • It has a great stability when negotiating a corner enhanced by its firm grip of the wheels.


  • It may require experienced bike riders.
  • May not be used during night hours.

12. Diamondback bicycles Recoil Comp 29er Full Suspension Frame Mountain bike

Highlighted Features

  • 29 inch wheels
  • 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy full suspension frame
  • Shimano Altus 3x9-speed drivetrain
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

Do you enjoy smooth riding qualities? This can be the best bike for you. It is designed in a way that provides the traditional smooth riding thereby stimulating fun even over the rough surfaces.

Other than that, the bike model has an extreme balance and a considerable comfort and speed that can make you enjoy your whole time adventures. It is specially designed with an adjustable head tube angles that equip it with a considerable stable speed.

You can get the bike in different sizes to suit your riding needs. It also comes partly assembled so you will not experience a hard time putting it together.

Because of its full suspension, the bike is more stiff and stronger. Do you like a lightweight bike? Here is the bike that you will handle much quickly with a lot of ease.


  • It is stiff and stronger.
  • Support good speed.
  • It provides a smooth riding.
  • It has got a good comfort when riding.


  • It may not be used in hilly areas.
  • It may also not usable at night hours.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bike

Mountain bikes are majorly designed to be outdoor bicycles that can handle rough terrains. To use your bicycle maximally as desired, you need to have the right bike for you. Shopping for one can be a herculean task for newbies who do not know a thing about buying a bike therefore here is a list of crucial things to consider when scouting for and buying one.

The Use

Your intention determines the type of bike you will need. Your decision on which type of bike largely depends on the terrain you intend to use the bike on; smooth surface tarmac or off the road tracks. Knowing how you want to use your bike will be a guiding decision in getting you the best pick.

The Durability Of The Frame Material

The frame holds the bike together making it the backbone of the bike. Other things such as tires, pedals, and saddles can always be replaced, but the frame needs to be durable enough as it is the backbone of the bike hence the material used to make it should be checked for comfort, light weight and stainless nature.

Your Budget

The amount of money you planned to spend on a bicycle determines the type that you can buy. It's always a good point not to overspend straining your pocket when you can still get an affordable bike. However, if you wanted a specific bike, but your money is not enough, you can always resort to buying a used bicycle. When buying a used bicycle, carefully examine the condition and meet with the previous owner to discuss the bikes strength and weaknesses.

The fit

This is how comfortable the bike is for you. The fit is responsible for your using the most out of your bike as an uncomfortable fit that is too small or too big for your frame will cause a major hindrance to your riding adventures since you will need to bend your back or incline towards a certain angle. Ensure you sit on the saddle and test drive to check the performance of your new or used bike before walking out of the store with it.


It's all about the services offered to the bike in the line of duty for it to be as good as new. How easy is it to grease the bicycle gears on your own? Check whether the store offers after buying services and how long it takes for your bike to receive this treatment.

Important to note under this is the duration of the warranty as the warranty ensures you can return the bike in case of damage not necessarily caused by you within that specified period. On maintenance still, you have to check whether the bicycle comes with an extra pair of accessories i.e. pedals or saddles that you can replace the current ones with when they wear out.

Compatibility With Accessories

When looking for a bicycle, you need to be keen enough to ask the shop attendant if the bicycle is compatible with parts such as tires from another company when you want to change them. A mountain bike which can be customized to suit your personal preferences is a good fit that suits your style.

Final Words

Mountain bikes for rough terrains are the greatest companions for bikers who love outdoor activities. Getting the right bike is the first step in your expeditions. A bike that can be used effectively and allows for you to maximize its full potential is hugely dependent on the amount you want to spend and the performance you want for your bike as a mountain biker.

This review of the best mountain bikes under 3000 Dollars will help you in choosing a high performing, low maintenance, durable, perfect off the road bike that is within your budget frame and purpose for the bike.

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