Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 – Guide & Reviews

During such tough economic times, even the very basic of products have become exorbitant in pricing. This has resulted in owning a mountain bike to become a luxury. What if you found out that there are best mountain bikes under 300?

This seems impossible but the fact of the matter is that numerous companies are increasingly designing mountain bikes that are affordable so as to meet the budgetary needs of individuals in society. This is not to say that there are made of poor quality materials as they are highly durable.

High quality mountain bikes are essential as these types of bicycles are tailor made to handle terrain that is rough. Good mountain bike under 300 are primarily designed for individual who are seeking to purchase a luxury bike but within a budgetary range.

There are numerous reasons to consider when choosing a mountain bike under $300 (More or less). The factors include the following:

Mountain bike riding styles

There are several riding styles from which to select from. These include Trail Mountain Bikes, XC/ Cross-country Mountain Bikes, All-mountain/Enduro Mountain Bikes, Downhill/Park Mountain Bikes and Freeride Mountain Bikes.

Mountain bike suspension types

The available suspension types include Full Suspension Mountain Bikes and Hardtail Mountain Bikes.

Mountain bike wheel sizes

There is an array of wheel sizes to choose from and these include 24-inch, 26-inch, and 27.5 inch and 29-inch wheel sizes.

Mountain bike frame materials

​The frames of mountain bikes are made of various materials such as Steel, folding mountain bike frame, titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy.

​Mountain bike brakes

​There are two types of mountain bike brakes currently available in the market, these are rim brakes and disc brakes.

The above are the main factors one has to consider and make a decision on prior to purchasing a mountain bike under $300

Best 5 mountain bike under $300 - product review

1. Kent Thruster Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Kent Thruster KZ2600 is a state-of-the-art mountain bike from Kent International, Inc. It is aesthetically appealing and rugged and definitely built to last a life time with regular maintenance.

This best mountain bike under $300  has the following amazing features that sets it apart from its competitors in the industry. These include the following:

Full suspension

It has a convenient full suspension that is designed to absorb impact on rough terrain. This facilitates smooth riding.


It has a strong MTB frame made of aluminum material that guarantees longevity in service life. This is complimented by a suspension design of the floating beam type with a suspension fork mated to it. This is cutting edge technology in the biking world that is utilized as a factor of safety.

Speed shifters

It is equipped with 21 speed Shimano shifters as well as rear derailleur. This is a very efficient system with regard changing gears depending on the type of terrain. The 21 gears cater for all types of terrain.


It is fitted with a long lasting aluminum set of 26-inch wheels. These have futuristic high flange alloy hubs and a V-shape rim profile. This gives the mountain bike a modern attractive look.


It is equipped with top notch disk brakes both on the rear and front wheels. These are the linear pull type. These are effective in stopping the bike when an oncoming danger is realized.


It only weighs 40 pounds. This makes it portable if need be.


It is manufactured in an aesthetically appealing black color.

2. Merax Finiss 26" Aluminum Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss is a wonderful product from Merax. It is the terminator of mountain bikes as it is well equipped and has the look to compliment it.

This mountain bike has the following interesting features:

Quick release system

It is assembled with a front wheel that has a quick-release pin. This requires absolutely no tools which is very convenient. This facilitates a swift and simple changing of wheels in case of competition.


It has pedal threads that vary from the left side to the right side. This facilitates their easy assembly. They are also made of aluminum material that is highly durable.


It has brakes made of mechanical discs to ensure instant stopping when need be. The brake levers are of the highest quality Shimano type.


The mountain bike weighs only 57 pounds. This makes it easy to carry and transport when necessary.


It has a strong handlebar made of aluminum material to give it longevity in service life.


It has very efficient 21 speed shifters of the renowned Shimano EF51 type. These facilitate swift and easy changing of gears to suit the current terrain.


It is equipped with aluminum Seatpost that is held in place with a w/clamp 31.8 M8 × 60 MM.


It has stylish rear and front derailleur mechanisms that properly move the chain from one gear or sprocket to another. The rear derailleur has the Shimano RD-TZ50 while the front has the Shimano FD-TZ30.


It has a 19 inch frame which is made of heat treated aluminum. This is complimented by a high quality suspension fork alloy that is 80 mm thick.

3. Schwinn GTX 2.0 700c Men's Dual 18 Sport Bike

Schwin GTX 2.0 high performance mountain bike is manufactured by a reputable Schwinn brand which is renowned for its quality products. The Schwinn GTX redefines comfort. It is essentially a multi-sport hybrid style mountain bike. 

It has an array of interesting features, these include:


It is equipped with an aluminum dual sport frame and a suspension fork which are both manufactured by Schwinn. These function to offer the rider versatility when using the mountain bike.


It has trigger shifters with 21 speed capability incorporated to it as well a rear derailleur. These are meant to ensure gear shifting that is nothing less than precise.


Both the rear and front are sufficiently equipped with disc brakes for additional halting power when need be. This functions to avoid the occurrence of accidents while riding.


It has a highly durable crank made of alloy material. This is a fascinating feature on this mountain bike as it offers a gearing option.


It has attractive wheels made of alloy material. These wheels have multi use capability and are therefore able to handle both on road and off road use. This is a handy feature as it has no terrain restriction.


This mountain bike only weighs 39.1 pounds, a weight that is quite portable.


It is manufactured red in color which is aesthetically appealing.

4. Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

Roadmaster granite peak is an ultra-modern mountain bike that was specifically designed and manufactured by Roadmaster for 12-year old children.

This one of a kind biking product has a wide range of interesting features that consumers can enjoy. Some of the notable ones include the following:


It has a rugged frame made of aluminum material for high durability purposes. This is complimented by a suspension fork to guarantee a ride that is both smooth and safe.


This mountain bike has 18 speeds that are supported by high quality Shimamo hardware. In addition, it has shifters that are SRAM drive twist for consistent precise shifting during riding escapades on challenging terrains.


It is incorporated with both rear and front linear pull brakes to deliver control that is solid during performance. Brakes are important in saving life and averting potentially catastrophic accidents and the brakes on this mountain bike do just that.


It has 24 inch wheels that are characterized by gorgeous alloy rims that exude class. These tires are very good looking.


It has a seat that is designed to quick-adjust when need be, this is the definition of convenience.


This mountain bike weighs 31 pounds, this means that it can be easily carried if the need arises.


It is manufactured in 3 different attractive colors so as to cater for the needs of a wide range of individuals.

5. Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

Mongoose women's is a mountain bike that is specifically designed and manufactured for exclusively women. This mountain bike has several salient features that make it unique and an excellent mountain bike choice for women. These include the following:


It has 21 speed capability, a feature that is is supported by SRAM type shifters for optimum control. Furthermore, it has derailleur from Shimano that functions to precisely shift gears


It has 26 inch wheels that work in tandem with rim brakes to offer instant stopping if need be. Both the rear and front brakes are the V-type.


It is manufactured in a blue color which is universally approved as being aesthetically appealing.


This mountain bike for women has a light weight of 48.2 pounds. This is a weight that is easily portable.


It offers optimum suspension capability for optimum performance. Its suspension fork functions to increase control and smoothen bumps.


It has an aluminum type from geometry for simplified control. This kills two birds with one stop by offering high durability and easy control mechanism.


It has a three-piece mountain crank that provides an expansive gear range. This is one of the unique features that make this mountain bike to be a favorite for many.

6. Mongoose Cache 26 Men's Mountain Bike

I use the Mongoose use to trail along terrains just like an athlete due to its speed. The bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame and alloy rims that has 21speeds for all tires while cycling.

The bicycle also uses a disc brake and linear pull rare brake that provides great braking power. The alloys wheels designed with a front quick release are lightweight and easy to use during my cycling period thus making it an awesome event for a free day activity.

The bicycle also has a clear coat to all over it to prevent it from rusting. Due to the high speed the of the bicycle it gives one an opportunity for one to ride faster thus enhancing the work of the body.


  • Fast in speed due to the 21 speeds on the bike with twist shifters
  • Lightweight in the alloys wheels with the front quick release thus easy to use
  • The design gives one an athletic riding position
  • The bicycle has a kickstand to give it a firm position while standing.


  • The bicycle is not strong enough with the gears

7. 27.5 Mongoose Excursion Men's Mountain Bike

This bicycle has a beautiful sleek look on the outside view and a complete steel mountain frame that is appealing to the also has a front suspension fork with 21-speed twist shifters.

The linear pull brakes and the three pieces crank and alloys are also compact in the bicycle package. The three pedal cranks reduce weight and increase pedal performance during cycling.

The bicycle also has a tool-free seat post-release lever that I can change the seat height on the trail. The wheel is designed a position to be responsive and turn on tighter radius than a larger wheeled bicycle.


  • The bicycle weighs 50lbs.
  • One can change the seat even while cycling due to the tool-free seat post.
  • The bicycle has adjustable seats giving it an opportunity to adjust to any height.


  • Does not come already installed thus the buyer has to install the bicycle and might mess with it in the process.

8. Schwinn Men's High Timber 27.5 Wheel Mountain Bicycle

The bicycle has a Schwinn mountain frame with the Schwinn suspension fork for controlled riding on tough trails. The front and rear alloy linear pulls brakes provide a secure stopping power during my cycling times thus I do not experience the jump cuts.

The knobby mountain tires are designed in a way to sit on the light durable alloy wheels for an added stability. The Shimano twist shifters with the 21 speed rear derailleur on the bicycle for quick gear changes on the trail during cycling giving me an opportunity to cycle at a speed.


  • The bicycle offers great optimal gearing and less maintenance to the user.
  • Controls riding on tough trails due to the suspension fork designed on the bicycle.
  • The bike has light and durable wheels for easier cycling


  • Is not used by any gender
  • The bike does not come assembled so one spends time trying to assemble what is not well known by the person.

9. Mongoose Status2.2 Mountain Bike 26 Wheel Men's bicycle

This bicycle is designed with an aluminum frame with hydroformed tubing and a powerful front suspension fork that is strong and also has a front and rear v-brakes that always ensures that there is a quick stop when I am on the trail.

The bike uses the 21 speeds which gives the bike a smooth gear change on every side of the bicycle when I am cycling on terrains. This bicycle has also made it easy and interesting for me during my riding activities with friends.

The rims of this bike are light, durable and they tire all over the compound of the also has a completing handlebar with colored end plugs that completes the look of the bicycle.


  • The brakes are designed in a v form to ensure quick stops when riding.
  • Designed to allow comfort ability while cycling
  • The bike is lightweight and durable making it easier during cycling since you do not use much effort.


  • Do not hold air in the wheels for long period of time

10. 2017 Diamond Tess Complete pavement Bike

This bicycle is designed with a compound of tensile sleek giving the bike an opportunity to serve long in cycling purposes without the bike getting old. Just like other bikes, the bicycle has a suspension fork which helps the rider to get rid of and avoid bumps while cycling.

The bicycle also provides a great braking power when I want to stop and rest abruptly at an unplanned also uses the 21 speed in that in this kind of bicycle the speeds are designed to give a wide gear range to the rider.


  • Offers has a faster speed during riding
  • Suitable for both gender and age ranges.
  • The brakes are designed to offer stability and a powerful stopping for the rider


  • The bicycle has no kickstand


The above insightful information about best mountain bike under $300  is an eye opener to the possibility that a majority of biking fanatics in the society thought to be non-existent.

These products are readily available for purchase on Amazon at affordable prices and what makes it even more interesting is that they are accompanied by exciting offers. Hurry and get yours today as stocks last.

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