Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000 – Depth Review With Comparison

Mountain biking or trail riding is a sport for passionate people. Whether you are a passionate rider or just a hobbyist trying to learn something new, the one thing that you need is a good mountain bike. Sometimes you can associate high price with good quality, but that isn't always the case. Our team has identified the best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars and the innovative features that they have to offer.

Technology has revolutionized the mountain bike industry, and we now get the chance to enjoy amazing features as a result. Check out this review and guide to help you identify the bike that meets your style and preference within this price range.

If you are to buy a mountain bike below 2000 dollars, you have to employ the best choosing tactics. You won't like it if your hard earned cash is wasted on an inefficient mountain bike. Here are some of the vital factors to guide you in the selection process.

Mountain Bike Style

There is a wide range of mountain bike styles to choose from. It all depends on the purpose you intended to use your bike for. Trail bikes are the most common type because its use is not grounded to one specific type of racing. It is perfect for both climbs and descends, and it boasts an excellent climbing power. Other mountain bike styles include fat bikes, all-mountain bikes, and downhill or park bikes. Fat bikes have over sized three that have excellent traction on sand and snow.

Suspension Type

Rigid suspension type is not very common, but some bikes use it. It features no suspension, which is why it is easy to maintain and is less expensive. The problem with rigid suspension is that it is less comfortable. Bikes with hardtail suspension have a suspension in the front to help absorb impacts at the front wheel but no suspension on the rear wheel. Full suspension bikes are the most common. They have a front fork and rear shock to absorb the fact of the impact on both front and rear wheels. They are more expensive but also the most comfortable.

Frame Material

The frame material influences the weight, longevity, ride quality, strength, and price of the whole bike. Aluminum alloy is the most common mountain bike frame material. High-end bikes are made with lightweight aluminum frames. Other common mountain bike frame materials include carbon fiber, titanium, and steel. Steel is tough and inexpensive, and bikes with steel frame offer a smooth ride. The problem with steel is that it is heavy on a mountain bike. Carbon fiber is also a good frame material.


The braking technology and effectiveness will determine the level of safety for a rider. Disc brakes have almost completely replaced rim brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes provide more progressive and steadfast braking with less effort.

Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Contents

01. BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

BEIOU is one of the leading bike manufacturer companies in China. They are exporting their bikes beyond China for several years. And that’s how we have got BEIOU Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike. This BEIOU T800 offers numerous features with almost two times lesser price than its predecessor. Let’s explore more about this beauty 

The most surprising thing about this bike is its weight. This bike is made of carbon fiber. You know, carbon fiber weighs a lot lesser than other metals. Besides the lightweight, carbon fiber is also damage and rust resistant.

Like the drivetrain, you will get Shimano DEORE 610 with this bike. It will provide a perfect control over the ‘camel’ speed. When speed is the main concern, there is nothing more important than the braking system. So, the BEIOU has listed the best braking system with this one. This product features a Shimano M355 hydraulic disc brake system. There is nothing more to say about Shimano! It is always top on the list.

Additionally, this bike also features dual air suspension forks. This dual air suspension forks can absorb higher shocks from both the rear and front sides. It provides not only a smoother ride but also prevent any injuries to the riders.

Along with all of these features, you may think about does this bike height is suitable for you or not? Well, nothing to be tense. This bike comes in three different sizes –17”, 19”, and 21”. Just choose the right one for you!

Highlighted Features:

  • Toray T800 Carbon fiber frame
  • Shimano M610 DEORE
  • M355 hydraulic disc brakes
  • 30 speeds


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • High performance


  • Chains messed up sometimes

Summary: If you are a professional athlete or cycling enthusiast, this bike can fulfill your every requirement from a mountain bike. With the lightweight frame and premium specs, this bike is worthy of your every penny.

02. SAVADECK 700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike 

Savadeck is comparatively new in the mountain bike industry. This Chinese manufacturer company makes their debut in 2016. But they have already made a good impression on them in this industry. This SAVADECK 700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike is just another feather of their crown.

The most important feature of this mountain bike is the frame. This frame is very sturdy and made from TORAY T800 carbon fiber. This fiber makes this bike not only lightweight but also incredibly strong. Further, this bike comes in 6 different colors – orange, red, white, green, yellow and grey.

When you look at the tires, it will also impress you. This bike is available in three different sizes – 29”, 27.5” and 26”. These tires are made by Michielin. This renowned brand successfully made tires from 1889.

This bike also features Shimano M8000 DEORE 2x11S derailleur system. This system includes Shimano RD-M8000 DEORE XT back derailleur, Shimano FD-M8025-H DEORE XT front derailleur, and Shimano SL-M8000 DEORE XT shift lever. It enables the fastest acceleration to this bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Manituo air suspension fork
  • Shimano derailleur
  • Deore XT drivetrain
  • Micheln tire


  • Shimano BD 785 Disc Brake System
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very lightweight
  • Available in different sizes


  • No water pot holder available

Summary: This bike is not like the other Chinese bikes. The manufacturer company has included quality components into it. If you don’t have any problem with the new company, then this SAVADECK 700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike will be an overall perfect mountain bike for the bike enthusiasts.

03. Diamondback Atroz Mountain Bike

Riding downhill is so much Fun, especially when you have the right bike. But if you find a mountain bike that can handle hilly places or rough terrain, you don't need to be a professional rider to experience the splendour and beauty that is in the Diamond Atroz mountain bike. The company is doing well in the mountain bike industry because of its high level of innovativeness,

which reflects on its products. The Diamondback Atroz is one of the best entry level bikes today. However, it still promises extensive over finance and comfort. It comes with 650B tires and full suspension to complement its 27.5-inch wheels.

It features a design that supports maximum stability and reliability. The parts are innovatively created and put together to give it an enhanced comfort and durability. It's made from aluminium, which is a strong but cheap material. This makes it lightweight and easy to move around with.


  • Very Impressive gear system
  • Uses Tektro hydraulic brake system
  • Suspension is basic but very effective
  • Seam X5 gear shifter makes changing gears a lot easier
  • Single cartridge pivot system help make turning the bike extra easy


  • Gear space measurement system makes it difficult for some people to climb or down the hill

Some bikes are created with perfection and excellence that has changed the game in the mountain bike world. The BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B is one of such bikes. It features style, durability, and speed that will impress any cycling enthusiasts, professional athletes or wannabes. This bicycle runs on rough terrain like a superbike with little effect on your comfort while riding. It has a powerful brake system that is suitable for a speedy bike like this. The bike has a superb hydraulic system that uses Shimano M355 technology which is one of the best breaking technologies.

Better still, it has a sturdy and durable carbon fiber frame, which is also a lightweight frame. You can carry the bike around with ease. The frame also doesn't damage easily. If you love speed, then it will be good to know that the BEIOU Carbon Fibre 650B has an exceptional speed system that makes riding it so much fun.


  • Comes in a matte black, white or red finish
  • Shimano Alivio gearing helps optimize your control
  • 27-speed system provide exceptional speed performance
  • Has incredible strength and toughness
  • High-quality body and wheels contribute to its exceptional performance


  • Fork is of average quality

What I love about the Kodiak 2 is that it gives you the chance to own and enjoy riding a full suspension bike without spending a fortune on it. This is a super solid mid-level mountain bike that runs on 27.5-plus tires that boast of more traction on the trail. It provides better handling and can roll over almost anything on its way while it still maintains optimum comfort and balance. The Kodiak 2 is a simple, good quality bike with good looks and brilliant reliability that makes it a monster on the road. It rides great too.

Its wheels are super responsive on the trails. It boasts a true alloy plus with tapered head tube, front and rear thru axles, and an air shock, which combines to enhance the bike's performance. It is fixed with hydraulic brakes with the ultimate stopping power so that you are never inconvenienced when a quick stop is necessary.


  • Fantastic overall suspension feel
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Looks great and rides well
  • High stopping power in all weather conditions
  • Quality tires provide extra traction on the trail


  • Not the best for extremely rocky trails

SummaryOverall, this Raleigh Kodiak 2 is a performance booster. The thru axles, air shock consumer and the tapered head tube will make your riding as smoother as butter.

This is a bike that will give you traction, speed, comfort, and controllability that makes trail riding easier and more enjoyable. The wheels are easily noticeable because of how good and they look. These are high-quality wheels designed to tackle the road with impressive traction that makes bending and stopping easier.

The most adorable thing about this bike is its design. It is compact and contemporary. It boasts 120 mm of travel, which is something you won't find on most cross country bikes. The gears are easy to control, and the saddle is extra comfortable so that you can even sit for longer without feeling tired.

When you talk about speed, the Atroz Full Suspension has a total of node different speed to select from as per your riding needs. It only has chain ring without the front derailleur. It has a maximum gear ratio of 32111 with a maximum gearing of 80 gear inches.


  • Rear shock provides maximum comfort and control
  • Aluminum frame is conveniently lightweight
  • Climbs sloppy areas fast
  • Comes with everything you need to get it started
  • Stiff and sturdy construction


  • Its components are unlikely to withstand years of heavy use

This is the ultimate young riders' bike. The Splinter 24 can take the pressure that riding in the outdoors might present. It is rugged enough to take the punishment that rough trails have to present. The Splinter 24 is designed to fit young riders whether experienced or not.

Every part is carefully created to prevent breakage even under great pressure during a riding spree. This is the bike to buy for a young rider who still want to try the extreme. It features an aluminum frame with butted tubes just like the ones on big bikes.

Its single-pivot design gives its simple look and enhances its durability. The wheels are tough and can survive for longer even with constant riding. You will appreciate its comfortable construction and that comfort is maintained all through the riding experience.


  • Perfect for young riders
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Durable parts and components
  • Provide comfortable riding experience
  • Swift and easy to control speed


  • Don't offer enough balance

Summary: Finding a perfect bike for the teenagers or young bicycle enthusiast is a tough nut to crack. Thanks to Diamondback for this Diamondback Splinter mountain bike. Its youth full suspension aluminum with hydraulic disc brake and X-Fusion shock resistance make this number one choice for pavement riding.

Being a little bit too weighty, this might not be the perfect bike for climbing the slope but it is for sure a good bike to use for every other riding activity bike can be used for. Riding this bike is so much fun, as long as you are not going up a steep slope. It is competent and with good handling, which makes it easy to control in all types of terrains.

This bike also boasts a nicely controlled fork and shock gives it a confident and comfortable feel on a rough terrain. Its weight and strength is week balanced, and that explains why it runs so well down a slope or on a plain field whether smooth or rugged.

The wheels are of adequate size, and they are designed to absorb the vibration that a rugged terrain can cause while you ride on the bike. The bike is durable with each part designed to provide exceptional performance.


  • Provide an excellent range of gears
  • Wheels are designed with emphasis on their all-time strength
  • Excellently controlled fork and shock
  • Highly efficient rear suspension
  • Strong and elegant design


  • The wheels are slightly disproportional to the whole design

This is the coolest bike for commuting in this list. It is lightweight, and you can stash it in your car trunk or take it with you on a bus or train or carry it across some impassable terrains. I love how convenient this bike is. It requires less maintenance and therefore won't require too much from you.

It has a powerful battery that that is hidden well. The battery once fully charged can take you for a longer distance before the power runs out. It has a maximum speed of up to 20 MPH, which is pretty impressive. You can ride it to almost everywhere, from school to shopping malls, to stadiums, road trip, beach, you name it.

It is also the best city commuting bike option for those who work in the city, and they would like a bike that won't disappoint them. The Cyrusher RT860 is a also a zero-carbon emission e-bike that is God for the environment.


  • 100 percent battery powered
  • Pedal assistance
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Best for city commuting
  • Elegant design add style to it


  • Charges for too long

Final Verdict

These are the best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars, and they are at the top for reasons that you can only find out if you read this guide well. They are innovatively designed to provide the best performances in various types of trails. With any of these bikes, you get the chance to enjoy riding in the best way you know.

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