Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 – Beginners Bike Guide

If you ever visit a local shop to look for the best mountain bikes under $200, the storekeeper may wrinkle his face in a dismissive manner. After that, he will suggest you to pay at least twice or thrice of your budget if you want something good.

But, this is just a TRAP! Don’t fall for it. Here’s the catch!

There are two options for you. First, you may fall for his trap by believing his words. And secondly, you can go for a perfect mountain bike within your budget range. If you choose the second one, scroll down to know more interesting stuffs about budget mountain bikes!

Well, what is a mountain bike? For those who are new to bikes, this is a bike designed for off-road cycling.

Despite their name, not all mountains bikes are designed to go up and down the mountain. At the same time, not every person who buys a mountain bike wants to cycle up and down the mountain either.

But for those who would love to explore and get some time off the tarmac, be sure to try out the following mountain bikes; cross country mountain bikes, which are the most common.

You can also go for All mountain/ Enduro mountain bikes, if you are not in a position to make out what bike you want, this will be your best choice as it never goes wrong, Downhill mountain bikes, designed are for riders who just want the downhill riding experience, Freeride mountain bikes, almost similar to Downhill bikes and finally Dirt Jump bikes which come as a blend of Freeride and BMX.

There being several types of mountain bikes, I will discuss the best ones from the many tried out in that one decade. You can try out either depending on what you want to do with the bike.

Be keen of their features for the suitable choice, since some of these bikes have almost similar specifications but serve very different purposes. Make your choice wisely and enjoy your riding.

If you are looking for quality and reliable mountain bikes, read my reviews of the best mountain bikes under 200 that bikers and outdoor lovers appreciate. Whether you are choosing a mountain bikes for rough biking, normal biking or recreational biking, I'm sure you will end up with one after going through the reviews.

Bike Name


Wheel Size


Merax Falcon Mountain Bike



Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike



Akonza Cobra Mountain Road Bicycle



Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Mountain Bike



Dynacraft Power Climber 26" Ladies Bike



Mongoose Mountain Bike



Roadmaster Mountain Bike



Northwoods Mountain Bike



Best Mountains Bikes Under - 200 Reviews

01. Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike 

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: 6061 Heat treated alloy

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: Shimano 21-speed derailleurs

Weight Capacity: 330lb

Warranty: 1 year

Don’t say that you didn’t dream about conquering the Mount Everest! It is a dream of almost every adventure enthusiast. Instead of the icy mountains, if you want to conquer a rugged mountain, you will need a mountain bike. If you are looking for a sturdy yet low-cost full suspension mountain bike, the Merax Falcon will be a worthy choice.

This bike offers the smoothest ride with increased control because of the dual suspension design and aluminum frame. As this Merax Falcon is a full suspension bike, it can handle rugged surface area very well.

Another good thing about this mountain bike is that you can assemble this bike pretty easily. In fact, it will be delivered to your hand almost 85% assembled. But if you are thinking about detaching the wheels, you can do it within seconds without any help of expertise! This bike is also offering you 21 speeds which will give you a range of options to surf the hills!

Another feature I like about this bike is the overall visual design. The manufacturer company made itin three different color combinations. This bike is available at White&Red, Gray & Green, and Black & Blue.

However, it has a simple drawback too. This bike is only available as a 26-inch wheeler. It will be the best fit for 5 ½ to 6 feet heighted people. If you are shorter than this, I don’t think that this bike will be a wise choice for you. Further, it has a maximum weight limit of 330 lbs (approximately 150kg).

With the budget range of under $200, this might be the best choice as your adventure partner. This bike is definitely the best value for your money with other aesthetic and technical benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • 26-inch wheels approved from CPSC
  • Shimano 21 speed derailleur
  • 6061 Heat treated alloy frame
  • Shimano ASLRS35LNBC and Shimano ASLRS35R7ET shifters
  • Weight Capacity 330lbs
  • Anti-Skid on types and pedals


  • Dual disc brakes
  • Aluminum alloy wheels
  • Comfortable on rugged trails
  • Adjustable saddle height & handlebars
  • Delivered to you almost 85% assembled


  • Does not come with disk brakes
  • No water pot holder available

Summary: The lightweight 6061 heat treated alloy frame makes this bike a suitable fit for both the experienced and novice bikers. Such a well-designed and perfectly manufactured bike will fulfill your riding needs for sure!

02. Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike 26" Wheel Men's bicycle

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: Aluminum-made frame

Type: Full-suspension 

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: Shimano 21-speed derailleurs

Weight Capacity: 330lb

Is there anything yet that has not already been said? Yes, that’s the Mongoose Mountain Bike. These bikes are already well known for specific color combinations and distinctive styling. Today we will talk about a remarkable bike from Mongoose. Under the budget of $200, probably this Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for every biker.

Mongoose always tries to include the latest and fittest technology in their bikes. This Mongoose Status 2.2 is a perfect example of style, performance and blend of quality.

It is fairly uncommon to find out a 26-inch wheel size mountain bike that is specially made for men. These jumbo sized wheels help you to pass longer distance with a minimal effort to pedal. It leaves you some extra energy after completing a long ride.

The secret behind making these bikes lightweight yet sturdy is the Aluminum. Aluminum is widely popular because of its durability. Additionally, it also increases the portability that comes in handy during storage. Though it is a lightweight bike, it can dispute up to 330 lbs despite its small structure and frame.

The manufacturer company also takes humble care on the comfort facts. Mongoose includes suspension forks on both rear and front wheels. These forks are extremely important while surfing the rough surface of the mountains.

Along with all of these features, the speed is another blessing. This Mongoose Status 2.2 contains 21-speed gear shifts from Shimano. Further, it is easier to shift gear depends on the terrain.

This bike has not only the most significant speed but also a great stopping power when needed. The brake is quite useful even when you are under a free roll. It gives you ultimate control on the road without sacrificing the safety.

With the greatest build quality, big wheel and ultimate control over the bike, it becomes a perfect package of the best mountain bike under $200.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight, durable rims
  • 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur
  • Rear and front V-brakes
  • Powerful shock-absorbing system
  • Aluminum-made full-suspension frame


  • Features height adjustment
  • SRAM twist shifters
  • Durable alloy wheel rim
  • Stable knobby tires
  • Easier to handle and maintain


  • The saddle has a smaller surface area
  • Doesn’t come with a manual

Summary: A bike from Mongoose with 21-speed gear shifts must be a blessing for the riders. If you want a sturdy yet lightweight bike, you should take a good look at this bike.

03. Akonza Cobra Mountain Road Bicycle

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: High quality & strong frame

Type: Full-suspension 

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: 21 rapid fire derailleur's and shifters

Weight Capacity: 250+lb

The beginners always ask,“Which bike should I buy?”And people recommend the traditional bikes most of the time.But, before suggesting someone, we should listen to his requirements. He may need something special!

Well, if you are a beginner rider and need an entry-level mountain bike, you can easily go for Akonza Cobra Mountain Road Bicycle. This bike is designed to be the most economical and full-featured bike for the beginners.

Though it is designed for the beginners, it doesn’t mean that this bike is good only for the flat surfaces. Actually, this bike works great in the beaked hills too!

The manufacturer company uses high-grade rubber gripped handles bars in this bike. Even the seat is made by the natural contours of the human body. It provides a better riding experience to the rider.

Further, this Akonza Cobra comes with anti-skid tires. This tire ensures that your bicycle will be still and steady on the slippery surface too! Even, there is nylon made pedals in this bike which adds security while riding.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built in carved grips
  • Anti-skid tires
  • High-grade rubber gripped handlebars
  • Front and rear suspensions
  • Seven rapid fire derailleur's


  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Sturdy exterior
  • Heavy-Duty nylon pedals
  • Lightweight


  • No water pot holder available
  • Difficult to operate for the shorter riders

Summary: Finding a bike for the entry level bikers isn’t an easy choice. But thanks to Akonza to making this task easier. This Cobra with front and rear suspensions &7-rapid fire derailleur’s must be a good choice for beginners.

04. Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Bike

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: High quality steel frame

Type: Folding Dual Suspension

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: 18 Speed Shimano Gears

Weight Capacity: 177 lbs

Mountain bikes are amazing. No doubts about that. But the problem arises while you think about transportation! 

You may want to hike on the beautiful mountains of Colorado. But if you don’t live there, you have to take the bike there. To do this, most of the people prefer the back-part of their truck or car.

But, the bike is not the only thing that you may need while traveling to Colorado. You must carry out other required stuff. That means you must need a big car. Most likely, there is a slight possibility that your bike might be damaged under that stuff!

So, what should you do?

The solution is the folding bikes! If you love to travel a lot with your bike, the folding bikes will be a great fit for you.

It is not a common task to find out a mountain bike that can satisfy all of your biking needs. To become a perfect bike, it must stand out from the crowd as well as style is concerned at an affordable price!

By considering all of these facts, the Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike looks like a perfect one. We have done a thorough review to find out what makes it as the best one. Let me show you what we’ve got!

If you are not a craving biker and you just use your bicycle to move around, then this 26" Stowabike is for you.Once you start to use it, you will forget that it’s just a foldable machine. This bike doesn’t feel frail like the other foldable bike.

This Stowabike 26″ folding bike will provide the satisfaction of having both a folding bike and a mountain bike. The best part of this bike is its compatibility with small places. It is a good fit for the tight spaces. The new addition of this bike is the spring shock system. It helps you to avoid absorbing tremors from obstacles.

This bike comes with high-quality components. A dual suspension system from Shimanto is a perfect example for greater performance and gorgeous outlook.The tough exterior not only built for long-lasting but to fold too.

That’s right! You can travel anywhere you want with this bike. Further, it also fits from the small space in your garage to the trunk of your car.So, why don’t you grab one right now?

Highlighted Features:

  • 26 inches steel frame and suspension fork
  • Spring shock system to avoid absorbing tremors from obstacles
  • Contains a front and rear derailleur
  • Comes with a steel kickstand
  • Comes with a three-speed left grip shifter with a six-speed run right grip shifter


  • 18 Speed Shimano Gears system
  • Has rear shocks
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easily fit on the tight spaces
  • The zoom steel suspension fork offers a smooth ride


  • Limited gear speeds
  • Plastic-made brake arms

Summary: Foldable mountain bikes are always on the centers of biker’s devotion. And when a foldable mountain bike comes with 18-speed Shimano gear and the zoom steel suspension fork, you can definitely choose this one.

05. Dynacraft Power Climber 26" Ladies 21S Bike

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: Aluminum frame

Type: Specially made for ladies

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: 21-speed index derailleur with Shimano

Recently I asked a female rider about her riding experience. And she described an overall scenario of the difficulties of riding a general bike. Surprisingly, I noticed that riding a general bike is as painful as hell for the women.

Just like the people, I also thought that there are no differences between men and women bikes. But the reality is there are plenty of differences.  The main reason is the differences between the height and body shape of man and woman.

So, I start analyzing the spec sheets and geometry charts of mountain bikes. After analyzing countless specified bikes, I have found out the best mountain bikes for women. And that is Dynacraft Power Climber 26" Ladies 21S Bike.

Well, it’s not easy to find the best one among tons of mountain bikes. So, why I choose this Dynacraft Power Climber as the best one?

The body of this bike is Aluminum made and very lightweight. This lightweight body provides very smooth transitions on a rough surface. While talking about the body, it is mandatory to mention its brakes. This bike comes with steel front and rear V-brakes. It allows you to stop wherever you want.

The 26 inches wheel of Dynacraft power climber contains a perfect set of wheels for the adventure enthusiasts! It’s padded saddle, and front fork suspension ensures that you will enjoy a very comfortable ride with this Dynacraft bike. The padded saddle seat offers comfort while riding on bumpy roads.

The wheels included 21-speed index derailleur with Shimano grip Shifters to provide the best riding experience on mountains.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specially made for ladies
  • Aluminum made frame
  • 21-speed index derailleur
  • Steel front and rear V-brakes
  • 26-inch x 1.95-inch tires for smooth rolling


  • Padded saddle
  • Alloy rims
  • Steel handlebars
  • Integrated kickstand


  • Not good for the petite ladies

Summary: This bike is a complete package of quality for the lady bikers. If you searching a lightweight and almost perfect bike for your needs, you must consider this Dynacraft Power!

06. Mongoose Cache 26" Men's Mountain Bike

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: High quality Aluminum frame

Type: Full Suspension

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: 21 Speed Gears

Have you been on the look out of the best mountain bike to get your husband or boyfriend on his coming birthday? Well, are you a man looking for a great mountain bike at a good price? Here is what you have been looking for.

Mongoose cache has been the bike commonly used by athletes, and I believe you have seen how easy they make it look like to ride this bike off the tarmac.

The Mongoose Cache has amazing features that make it the perfect choice for mountain riders. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and alloy rims and 21 speeds that suit all types of riding. A powerful braking system is provided by the linear pull rear brake and disc front brake. Its riding position is very comfortable and athletic as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Aluminum Full Suspension Frame
  • Front Suspension Fork
  • SRAM Twist Shifters
  • Lightweight Alloy Wheels


  • Comfortable
  • Great brakes
  • Lightweight


  • Favors athletes

Summary: This Mongoose Cache is a lightweight aluminum-made bike. Along with the 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifter, this bike is unbeatable on its point.

07. Roadmaster 26" Men's Granite Peak Men's Bike

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: High quality steel frame

Type: Suspension fork

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: 18 Speed Gear

It's an all-around bike that is designed just for you because you can go places with it. Riding it is easy and it works great. It is a great deal for your money because it is very much worth the purchase.

It features a tire grid tread that grips pavement or dirt and a suspension fork that smoothness the path ahead of you. How great is that? With its 18 speeds, the SRAM drive twist sifters in order to change gears smoothly which is made possible by the three-piece mountain crank which offers wide gear range.

You can never go wrong with the Roadmaster, wherever you go you can ride smooth and stop easily without rolling over because of the linear pull brakes that provide great stopping power.

Highlighted Features:

  • Steel Mountain Frame Geometry
  • 3-Piece Mountain Crank
  • SRAM Drive Twist Shifters
  • 26" Wheels


  • Steel mountain frame geometry
  • SRAM drive twist shifters
  • 3-piece mountain crank
  • Padded seat
  • Linear pull brakes


  • Doesn't come already assembled
  • A little heavy

Summary: The geometrically perfect frame isn’t a common thing for the mountain bikes. Along with the other facilities, this one wins my heart from the very beginning.

08. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Techni​​​​​​​​​cal Specification

Frame Material: High quality Aluminum frame

Type: Full Suspension

Wheel Size: 26 inch

Fitted: 21 Speed Gears

In case you are not sure about what to get your teenage son for his birthday stop worrying yourself too much because I know the perfect gift that will make his birthday the best one ever.

Get him the Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike and watch how you become a cool parent because of the cool gift. Assembling the parts of the bike is a simple task that will not take much of your time. It has a user manual and a toolkit that has the tools to help you during the assembling.

It is designed with an aluminum frame that makes it serve your riding for a long period of time. Get this bike and get to rock the streets and have everyone looking at you as you ride down the street past the vehicles.

The bike is fast enough and has the best brakes for easy stopping and cycling. Its seat and handlebars are easy to adjust in order for you get comfortable as you enjoy your riding.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full Suspension Aluminum Frame
  • 24" Alloy Rims
  • 21 Speed Twist Shifters
  • Crank- Steel Triple


  • 21-speed twist shifters
  • Crank-steel triple
  • Full suspension Aluminum frame
  • 24" alloy rims
  • Alloy seat clamp


  • The front wheel doesn't have a quick release
  • Doesn't come assembled

Summary: while buying a mountain bike for the teenagers, you have to consider hundreds of things. But, thanks to North Woods for combining all of those required functions on a single bike. This bike is a perfect beast for your beloved teenagers.

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollars

Do not just hope into a shop and grab any bike that looks appealing to your eyes. You might end up regretting which is not what you wish for. Consider the following things any time you want to buy the best mountain bike.


Each bike has a special feature that makes it different from the rest. Pick one that has all the features you want so that it satisfies your needs. Do not be convinced to buy what you think will not suit. After all, you are the buyer.


Choose one that has strong wheels so that it can endure the harsh terrain you will maneuver.


Purchase what you can. Go for a quality bike whose price is easy for you to afford. You do not need an expensive bike so long as it has the features that suite you.

Bike Style

Different riding styles have different bike styles. Know your riding style before you buy a bike. This ensures that you are comfortable when riding.


A bike size that fits your size is the best.

Final Words

I have been riding for more than ten years, and I can assure you that owning some mountain bikes is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Find out what you need so that you choose the type of bike that will match your requirements.

Do not be in a rush since there are thousands of bike designs and you might end up mixing up yourself.

Talking from experience, mountain bikes are fun and smooth to ride off the tarmac. I would suggest you get yourself one or even more if you love to explore a terrain that looks difficult to ride through.

I was a little scared first time I went mountain riding with my friends, but I can assure you it is safe if you have the riding skills. Don't be surprised to be an expect within a very a short period. You can try out any of these great and affordable bikes for the most fun of the experience.​

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