Best Mountain Bikes Shorts

Best Mountain Bikes Shorts – Cycling Clothing Guide

Biking is a convenient sport that most people enjoy especially when the weather allows. Some cycle for health benefits such as weight loss or toning of the legs, others cycle as a means of transport to and from work. While others cycle to take deliveries to their required destination.

Biking is not only a sport that can pay, but it’s also a relevant method of spending your free time. The real question though is how dope do you look while riding your mountain bike? What are some of the outfits you choose as a professional or part-time cyclist?

How often do you look at the biking shorts section when shopping for your biking accessories? Not to worry, here is a list of a variety of best mountain bike shorts for men that I have reviewed to guide you on your choice of shorts whenever you want to go cycling!!

How to Select the Best Mountain Bike Shorts

If you are purchasing your mountain bike short, the following things will help you pick the right one.


Since one needs to wear the shorts for a specific time as they cycle, you need to check how comfortable the shorts are on your body.

Under comfort, we are looking at the material that has been used to make the shorts. Is it lycra or polyester or both? Just how comfortable is the material? Can you breathe well in it or do you sweat a lot on it? Now if you can breathe well in it then that’s a great pick for you.

How the shorts fit and feel around your body

This is basically how the shorts are regarding being tight or loose. Knowing what works for your body is the key factor to be majored when looking for a short that fits you perfectly. A perfect fit ensures comfort while sitting on the saddle of the bike and most importantly cycling.

Protection the shorts can offer

If you are a mountain biker, shorts are critical in your adventures. However, the routes can be hilly and may cause even the most experienced of cyclists to fall on stones or hills. For this reason, you’ll need a pair of shorts that can cushion you from getting injuries that are caused by these accidents. I’m talking about padded shorts.

These are shorts lined with material referred to as chamois to protect you from hurting your most important organs. Remember the padded shorts also help in preventing friction and constant chaffing of your thighs as you ride that bike.


It’s important to note that different people cycle for different reasons and different hours every single day. Hey delivery guys! Therefore, while looking for cycling shorts, make sure to find a pair or pairs that can last long.

Look for shorts made with a material that doesn’t fade easily and tear due to friction. Note that the shorts should be easy to wash and dry fast, but they should be able to stand the test of time since mountain bike shorts need to be often cleaned.

Personal Fashion Statement

This greatly deals with what kind of shorts you like, that is the feeling the shorts give you. You might want to find out the length of the shorts i.e., really short shorts that are just above the knee to show off those toned legs.

Others may prefer long shorts which go below the knees, but that’s just how they like it. Cycling involves making a bold fashion statement with your shorts thus it influences your selection of what type of shorts to rock.

Here we’re also looking at the color of the mountain bike shorts, for instance, the cargo ones, blue or black depending on how good you feel you look in the chosen color. The tip is to go for shorts that suit your personality and own style.

Recommended Mountain Bike Cargo Shorts

We review here some mountain bike cargo shorts for your consideration

1. Mountain Bike Cargo Shorts

The apparel worn during cycling can make you stand out against other cyclists and none other than the Mountain Bike Cargo shorts which are designed to be a loose, comfortable fit for cycling.

The color is also great for men who love subtle colors that do not scream. This pair of shorts is made of light material that allows for the cyclist to breathe easily in them and has free movement.

The Mountain Bike Cargo short is great for cyclists who are programmed to go cycling for longer hours daily as the color when no opportunity for change arises does not show dirt. What a hack for the men who do not like washing on trips. Worth noting also is the fact that cargo shorts when washed dry fast which makes them convenient for bikers on the move.


  • Made of light material which makes it easy for the cyclist to breath in
  • Comfortable loose fit for different body types
  • Drys fast when washed
  • Allows for free movement of the biker
  • Convenient for men who love subtle colors


  • Cannot offer protection in case of accidents as they are not padded
  • Wear out faster when washed often
  • Do not last long

2. ARSUXEO Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling Shorts

Cycling a mountain bike has never been made easier as it is now with the uniquely designed ARSUXEO Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling shorts. They are such a comfy pair that is easy on the eyes with the uniqueness being brought about by the differently designed zippers on the side.

Men love keeping stuff in their pockets just as women love their handbags. These outdoor shorts come with the privilege of many pockets which can serve as storage space for the cyclist’s important items. Another winner for the ARSUXEO Outdoor Sports shorts is that the pockets have zippers meaning your items are safe as you enjoy the ride.

How cool is that! The shorts are padded to ensure your safety from sores and bruises as you ride your bike. The shorts are also knit to fit the area around the knee ensuring no disturbance while pedaling.


  • The design is perfect for a man who likes to be bold
  • The length of the shorts is good
  • Has pockets with zippers
  • Comes in different colors
  • It contains a padded liner


  • Not comfortable enough to allow free movement
  • The padded liner cannot be removed
  • Sweating on sunny days

3. Bpbtti Men’s Baggy MTB Mountain Bike

The invention of cycling shorts came with a lot of looks for different men. It looks like the Bpbtti Men’s Baggy shorts were made with an image of a man who not only loves his protection but also loves his comfort.

This padded mountain bike cycling shorts are padded to cushion the cyclist from injuries in the event of a fall which may not be avoided sometimes. The good news is, drum rolls please, the padded liner is removable; I’m thinking one can remove the liner and slay in this pair after cycling as a ‘chilling at home’ or ‘going to a barbecue outdoor event’s shorts.

These shorts are baggy as the name suggests making it a direct go to by men who prefer shorts that do not grip them tightly around the thigh area. They offer a firm fit on the waist with the kind of high waist elegant look which tapers towards the flare bottom that is baggy.


  • Firm grip on the waist
  • The padded liner is removable
  • Baggy around the knee area
  • Offer protection to the rider
  • Movement is easy


  • The padded liners may not be comfortable for all
  • Sweating
  • The shorts are way above the knee

4. ARSUXEO MTB Cycling 3D COOLMAX Fit Shorts

Bike riders without correct gear often complain about pain, numbness and sometimes sores(saddle sores) in their testicular area. The ARSUXEO Mountain Bike Cycling 3D COOLMAX Padded Loose fit shorts is here to curb the problems listed.

This is because the shorts have a chamois also known as a padded liner which helps in covering the testicular area as they sit on the saddle to cycle. No man wants to deal with itching and numbness in their beloved perineal region, do you? The chamois prevents chafing and friction between the cyclist’s private region and the saddle. This shorts also serve as a comfortable pair that the rider can relax in as they keep on going on the track.

They are a perfect choice if you’re looking for something classy which is highly effective. This model, unlike the ARSUXEO Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling shorts, has a removable pad and they are very affordable. You won’t break the bank for this shorts which will serve you for a long period.


  • Fits well on waist
  • Removable padded liner
  • Loose fit that is comfortable
  • It’s of high quality
  • Adjustable waist straps


  • Time-consuming to re-install liner
  • Sweating happens when you ride for long

5. Baggy Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

Baggy Padded mountain bike cycling shorts are here to stay. They are trendy and stylish for bike riders without forgetting the comfort & protection it gives you. You expect that you’ll be safe, relaxed and comfortable as you go about your bike cycling duties and that’s basically what the baggy padded shorts offer you.

These shorts have pockets at the hips to store essential items you need that you can’t leave at home for instance keys, a phone, and tissue. Knowing that you have your basic items relieves you the worry of having to leave them with someone or going back to the house for them making it easier for you to concentrate on your business -cycling.

The baggy padded shorts do have an adjustable waist to fit your waist snugly, perfectly or even tightly according to your preference. The length of these shorts is great to prevent bruises if an accident occurs while showing your great masculine legs to a possible crush. They are my best bet when scouting for mountain bike shorts over a short period.


  • Have pockets for placing essential items
  • They have adjustable waists
  • Are padded with liners
  • Aeration happens


  • Take longer to dry
  • Movement is restricted

6. Astek Men’s MTB BMX Baggy Padded Shorts

Enter the Astek Men’s Blue Black MTB BMX Baggy padded mountain bike shorts. The name of this brand is quite long, but it’s worth it since they are such a beauty that is efficient for the nature of it’s work. This pair of shorts is sleek and has blue patterns on the black shorts.

The color is cool to the eyes thus it breaks the monotony of single colors. It is a great fit designed for bikers who know what they are about. A great fit boosts the confidence of the cyclist as they are aware that the shorts have them covered: regarding breathability and movement.

They speak elegance and comfort as they contain a padded liner at the center which offers protection as riding continues. This padded baggy pair is great for cycling and is of medium length to fit men of different body types and shapes. The Astek Men’s Blue Black MTB BMX Baggy Padded shorts are bold, protective and fashionable for the man who’s daring and loves the way shorts compliment his body.


  • They are durable
  • Great fit for every body size
  • Provide comfort to the wearer
  • They are padded to offer protection
  • Do not restrict movement


  • May get a little getting used to
  • Hand washing may be difficult
  • Takes longer to dry

Final words

Every opportunity you get to be on your bike is a chance to dress your lower body in cool, durable and comfortable shorts that offer Maximum protection. I have reviewed the best mountain bike shorts in the market which will give you the ideas of what to look for when shopping for the perfect fit that suits both your personal style and biking needs.

Flaunt your toned legs in the varieties available and remember you can always choose from different brands and experience the goodness of shorts meant for biking. Cheers to more happy cycling moments.

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