Best Mountain Bikes Helmet

Best Mountain Bikes Helmet – Guide & Reviews

Helmets tend to make sense in all kinds of riding conditions and it is mandatory to own and wear helmets when riding in some countries. Mountain bikes now have helmets that are lighter in weight, tougher in strength and extremely stunning in appearance.

The ultra-modern types of mountain bike helmets are very comfortable to say the least and this has increased their popularity a great deal. These are meant to comprehensively protect the head of the rider from impacts in case of an accident.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Mountain Bike Helmet

There exist several manufacturers in the biking industry that produce mountain bike helmets. With an ever growing number of brands and even technologies, it has become quite challenging to select the right kind of mountain bike helmet. There are several factors that come into play when selecting the best mountain bike helmet. The main ones include the following:


Since mountain bike helmets are designed to offer optimum protection to the head in case of an accident, they should have construction that is of good quality. An excellent construction is what will effectively absorb impacts on collision. It should essentially be strong while maintaining a light weight.


Human beings produce a lot of heat via their heads, more so when they are exercising. It is therefore important to have a mountain bike helmet that is adequately ventilated so as to facilitate good air flow that will allow heat to escape. This will function to cool the head of the rider. It should on both the back and front sides of the helmet and properly spaced out top create effective air channels.


It is obvious that your mountain bike helmet should properly fit on your head for it to function as required. An ideal mountain bike helmet should allow the rider to adjust the circumference of the cage of the inner helmet as well as its height in order for it to properly hold the rider’s head.

Recommended Best 5 Mountain Bike Helmet

The following are some recommended product reviews of mountain bike helmets:

1. Gonex Mountain Road Cycling Bike Adult Helmet

Best Mountain Bike Helmet

Gonex mountain is an adult mountain bike helmet that both feels and looks stylish from Gonex.


This ultra-modern mountain bike helmet has the following interesting features:


It has a properly ventilated design that is characterized by 23 integrated flow vents. This functions to keep the rider both cool and comfortable.


It has an internal regulator that rotates and is adjustable. This is useful in adjusting how tight the head circumference should be. In addition, it has cushion lining that offers optimum comfort when the mountain bike helmet is put on. The lining is made of fine textured velvet material that also offers shock protection to the head.


This amazing mountain bike helmet from Gonex has CPSC certification. This implies that it meets the bare minimum industry safety standards stipulated.


It is manufactured in black with white, black with red or alternatively black with yellow. These are color combinations that are aesthetically appealing.

Material of Manufacture

It is made of PC with a one molding process specification and EPS of high density. These are quality materials that are both durable and strong to give the product longevity in service life.

Interior Material

It has a velvet lining that is double-sided and is complimented by absorbent lining that repels insects and a bracket made of aluminum. These facilitate comfort of the rider by effectively absorbing sweat and repelling insects.


It has a head circumference range of between 54 com and 62 cm. This caters for an array of individuals. The helmet also measures 26 × 21 × 12 cm which is a conveniently portable size.

2. Fox Head Flight Sport Trail Bike Helmet

Fox head is another quality product from Fox Racing that promises to bring both fun and adventure into mountain bike riding.


This mountain bike helmet has the following salient features so as to allow for aggressive trail riding, park riding and even dirt jumping:


It only weighs 2 pounds, this is a weight that is easily portable.

Outer shell

It has an ABS outer shell that is highly durable to offer longevity in service life. This will minimize replacements and re-purchase.

Inner liner

It has an inner liner made of suede micro fiber that provides comfort on tough terrain rides. It can also be removed and washed if need be so as to promote hygienic conditions in the helmet that averts infections and generally promotes comfort.


It has a total of 11 venting ports that serve to enhance both breathability and airflow within the helmet. This keeps the rider cool even in hot weather.


It is manufactured in a beautiful matte black color that is very attractive.

3. Airflow Bike Helmet

Airflow Bike Helmet

Team Obsidian Team has done it again by producing a state-of-the-art mountain bike helmet that redefines biking itself.


The Airflow Bike Helmet has numerous unique features that set it apart from its competitors in the market. The main ones include the following:


This elegant looking bike helmet has stayed clear of the traditional round design and instead has adopted an oval-shaped stylish look that is very attractive on the rider.


It has a CE certification, this means that it has satisfied each and every safety standard that has been stipulated by the law. This is a surety that the rider’s head is in safe hands in case of the occurrence of an accident.


It is manufactured in both S/M and M/L sizes so as to cater for client sizes in the market.


Ventilation is a function of the sizes of air vents in the mountain bike helmet. The Airflow Bike Helmet has air vents situated on its front side to facilitate easier air flow. It has 22 air vents that are characterized by wide frontal air vents to provide exemplary air flow from the front all the way to the back of the helmet. This makes it possible to ride in hot weather with comfort.

Adjustment System

It has a good adjustment system that is both horizontally and vertically adjustable for a fit that is snugger and tighter on the head. This acknowledges the fact that the shape of the head is unique to a person and allows for adjustment. This system is the secret to its optimum comfort.

Safety Feature

It utilizes Expanded Polystyrene Shell technology that is molded into it. This is a trendy technology that guarantees protection from strong shocks due its high quality and efficiency.

Chin pads

It has comfortable chin pads that are washable so as to maintain their hygiene standards.


It only weighs 15.7 ounces which is readily portable if the need arises.

4.Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giro trinity have yet again not disappointed by producing this game changing mountain bike helmet.


This exemplary biking product has many interesting features that include the following:


The helmet is made through an in-mold technology that provides structural integrity to it by fusing the EPS form body with the shell. This functions to give the helmet the necessary strength to offer impact protection for the rider’s head.


It has a total of 25 air vents that facilitate air flow through the head to provide a cool and sweat-free environment.

Fit system

It has a convenient Acu Dial fit system that functions to secure the helmet on the head of the rider. This is because it can only function when it is properly secured on the head.


It has reflective accents incorporated to its rear to promote visibility in poor lighting conditions.


It is only 2 pounds. This means that it can be easily carried when not in use.

5. Gonex Wind Cross Road Mountain Bike Helmet

Gonex wind have outdone themselves with this exciting road mountain bike helmet.


This cross adult cycling helmet has a number of eye-catching features that sets it apart from other mountain bike helmets currently being sold in the market. These include the following:


It has a profile that obeys the laws of aerodynamics so as to enhance its speed by reducing air resistance. This is complimented by its light weight that is of high convenience. Furthermore, it has a nylon strap to secure it on the head when riding.


It has 24 vents that promote breathability and air flow in the helmet. This keeps the head of the rider cool even in hot weather. The ventilation feature is one of the reasons that make this to be a preferred choice of helmet for many people.


It has an inner lining that is both removable and washable. This serves to maintain hygiene conditions within the helmet and keep off infection due to dirt and sweat accumulation. This is also equipped with insect nets to keep off those annoying bugs.


It has trendy colors and patterns that make it visually appealing.


It has an internal regulator that rotates and is adjustable. This is useful in adjusting how tight the head circumference should be.

Manufacturing Material

It is made of high quality PC and matt printing. It has high density foaming integrally molded onto its shell. These are high quality materials that guarantee a long service life. This incredible product is sold with an extra lining.


The above insightful information about the best mountain bike helmet clearly outlines some of the useful and incredible features that the best mountain bike helmets above have.

Fortunately, they are all readily available for all interested individuals at very affordable prices on the Amazon. Their authenticity is guaranteed as they are produced by reputable companies and sold by Amazon which is a trusted global online market.

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