Best Mountain Bike Tires – Guide & Reviews

Mountain bikes are built to last for years upon years depending on the frame and material used to make them. The mountain bike tires, on the other hand, can get spoiled, punctured or worn-out with continuous use. If you've gone through this, don't shelve your mountain bike yet, there's a solution.

You can get mountain bike tires from your nearest or online store on trusted biking sites. There is a whole world of mountain bike tires out there in the market. You need guidance, wisdom and a sound mind to choose one that fits your riding needs.

Buying a new tire for your bike can, however, be daunting. You want to buy one that will fit your needs and at the same time give you value for your money. This piece will extensively look at the best mountain bike tires.

If you are looking for quality and reliable mountain bike tires, read my reviews of the best mountain bike tires that bikers and outdoor lovers appreciate.

01. Schwinn MTB Tire with Kevlar

There's nothing more annoying than getting a flat tire when you're out on an adventure on your mountain bike. You need a flat resistant tire like the Schwinn MTB Tire with Kevlar. It's the best mountain bike tire that comes with a built-in flat resistant layer.

Terrains for ridding mountain bikes are mostly rugged to give you the exceptional experience when you ride. However, with this kind of terrain, you may end up getting flat tires which will set you back a few miles/hours/days. With the built-in flat resistant layer of the Schwinn MTB, you get the ultimate protection on the road or trail.

Other mountain bike tire brands in the market are made from cheap materials that are not suitable for riding. The Schwinn MTB is made from ultra-durable steel bead construction and traction suitable for all types of trail riding.

Bikes come in different sizes to fit every type of person using them. Finding the right tires for your bike is where the problem comes in. The Schwinn MTB tires fit most of the 26' bikes in the market. This makes them the most versatile tires yet.


  • Built-in flat resistant layer
  • Ultra-durable steel bead construction
  • Fits most 26' bikes
  • Built for ultimate protection on the road
  • Real aggressive tread on any trail


  • Doesn't come with a guide on how to mount
  • Doesn't come with rims

02. WTB VelociRaptor Mountain Tire

Are you an old-school junkie? Are you looking for tires that have existed for more than a decade? Look no further, and the WTB VelociRaptor Mountain Tire is just the type of tires you need. They're the best mountain bike tires that are old-school but rip up the single track for a long time.

Other mountain bike tires in the market are built to handle only specific conditions. They may limit you and in the end inconvenience you. The WTB VelociRaptor tires are built to handle almost every dirt condition. This tire boasts large directional treads that dig deep to provide exceptional climbing and cornering traction.

The front tire gives you precise steering control and soil clearance. On the hand, the rear tire climbs and brakes with a powerful vengeance.

For a mountain bike to be easily controlled, it needs lightweight tires. This makes ascending or descending trails an easy task. The WTB VelociRaptor's lightweight casing rolls fast tearing through anything in its path.

When riding, there's friction between the trail and the tires. This makes it susceptible to punctures. The WTB VelociRaptor has an Aramid reinforced tread that maximizes puncture resistance.


  • Built to handle almost all dirt conditions
  • Front tires give you steering control
  • Rear tires climb and brakes
  • Lightweight casing
  • Aramid reinforced tread to maximize puncture resistance


  • Narrow tires
  • Difficult to control at very slow/steep climbs

03. Maxxis High Roller II Compound EXO Folding Tire

If you live or like riding in mud or soil trails, you need mountain bike tires that can easily navigate these terrains. The Maxxis High Roller II Dual Compound EXO Folding Tire is the tire you need. It's the best mountain bike tire that can take you through mud and soil terrains.

Other mountain bike tire brands in the market aren't known to work on different trails. This can be very limiting if you're adventurous.

You'll need to own different tires for different trails. The High Roller II is different from these other brands. It's a dual compound rubber. It can work in muddy or soil conditions as well as normal trails.

A unique feature of the High Roller II tire is its 60tpi folding beading construction. This allows for penetration of mud and soil conditions in an easy aggressive manner.

A square profile provides a solid, consistent feel across all knobs. With its modified on the shoulder and center improve braking performance and cornering while at the same time improve rolling speed. Along with a sipe from left to right, it allows for more knob flex.


  • Dual compound rubber
  • 60tpi folding beading construction
  • Square profile for a solid, consistent feel
  • Modified shoulder and center
  • Sipe left to right for more knob flex


  • Doesn't work well on rocky tracks
  • Doesn't roll fast on pavements

04. Kenda K850 Aggressive MTB Wire Bicycle Tire

If you own other regular 26inch tires, you may need to rethink your decision. Sure they may work well in different trails and give you that exceptional experience. But you haven't tried the Kenda K850 Aggressive MTB Wire Bead Bicycle Tire. It's the best mountain bike tire that stands out from the rest. Other mountain bike tire brands can be inconvenienced if you're more a versatile rider. It features a smooth center tread. This allows enough traction to perform well in the dirt. Because of this tread, the bike runs well on pavement surface along with other surfaces as well.

The most important feature of mountain bike tires is the durability. While other brands get worn out after a few months of use, the Kenda K850 due to its tread design, it's durable and will last you for years. This is guaranteed despite running on rugged trails; both on the road and of road trails. It lasts on the pavement and crushed granite and mud.

The tires also protect you if it penetrated in the lug. For an increased endurance, you can use the tire liners so that no material can latch on the tube and damage the tire. With the thick thread sidewalls, they work great both uphill and downhill.


  • High performance on multiple rails
  • Smooth rides on pavements, granite, and rocky surfaces
  • High durability
  • Protects from goat head if penetrated in the luge
  • Works both uphill and downhill


  • Rims fit too loose
  • Complaints on the quality of tires

05. Maxxis Ignitor Mountain Bike Tire

The Maxxis Ignitor Mountain Bike Tire tread pattern was designed for the most discerning professional racers and already has laid claim to multiple World Cup victories. It's the best mountain bike tires meant for all those with the heart of a cycler.

To be able to easily navigate trails, the tires need to be properly spaced. The Maxxis Ignitor tires are just that. Its wide-spaced tread sheds mud and rocks like a beast. You are therefore able to rip in full-on mank without your bike gaining after every five feet.

Are you looking to make those sharp corners or looking to learn the art of cornering? The Maxxis Ignitor tires will help you achieve this difficult yet important task. The pentagon shaped knobs and a medium tread compound help you corner well in a wide range of trail conditions.

The tires are made from long lasting 70a or race proven exception series 62a compounds. Not only does this make the tires durable but also efficient in the long run. You will get to enjoy using them for some time before they give out.


  • Wide-spaced treads
  • Pentagon shaped knobs and medium tread compounds
  • Made from long-lasting compounds
  • Excellent traction for great confidence in corners
  • Able to climb steep slopes


  • Reduced traction in wet rocky surfaces
  • Tread doesn't clean out well

06. Maxxis Ardent Mountain Bike Tire

If you love happy endings, stick around, I promise it will be worth it. The Maxxis Ardent Mountain Bike Tire is an aggressive tread in high-volume casing. This distinguishes it as the newest addition to Maxxis' downhill and mountain disciplines. It's the best mountain bike.

While other brands in the market have poor traction, the Maxxis Ardent is designed with great traction. It doesn't forget your needs as a racer. You can easily negotiate those corners, go uphill or downhill and ride on any trail.

For a mountain bike tire to be able to be used easily, it needs knobs. The Maxxis Ardent large block-style side knobs offer numerous edges for high-speed corners.

The center tread on the tires is designed for braking and accelerating traction. It also features ramped knobs to minimize rolling resistance. With a wide variety of size offerings, the Ardent captures every mountain rider's needs.


  • Designed with great traction
  • Large block-style side knobs
  • Center tread for braking and accelerating traction
  • Ramped knobs to minimize rolling resistance
  • Captures mountain rider's needs


  • Tires tend to clog up when going through mud
  • Slippery in mud, requires skill

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Mountain Bike Tires

When it comes to choosing the best mountain bike tires, there a good number of factors that you should always put into consideration to guide you in the selection process for the best results. These factors are:

Riding Conditions

For the riders out there, there are different conditions you prefer riding in. It can be on pavement, in mud, on rocky/granite surfaces, uphill or downhill. Depending on your suitable riding condition, you should choose tires that will easily fit your needs.

For every riding condition, there is a type of tire set to fit into the condition. You should be able to choose the correct tire for terrain, mud, and rocks. Narrow tire rolls faster than a wider tire, therefore, it can withstand most of the trail and riding conditions.

Wheel Size

Tires for mountain bikes come in different sizes; 29inch, 27.5inch, and 26inch. The standard mountain bike size is 26inch.Before you purchase tires for your mountain bike, make sure that it's the same size as your mountain bike. Getting the right size will make installing easy. It's not reasonable choosing a big wheel for a small mountain bike.

Tire Width

The width of the tire is one of the major factors you should put in mind. Some tires are wide while others are narrow. A wider tire gives greater stability. The higher the surface area that comes into with the ground, the more the grip, traction and overall performance. It, however, reduces mud clearance between tire and frame.

Narrow tires, on the other hand, reduce traction and overall performance. With the low surface area that comes into contact with the ground, the grip becomes less. It, however, increases mud clearance between the tire and frame.

Front And Rear Tires

Mountain bike tires come in either the front or rear types. Many brands come in in front tires. They have however been made in such a way you can use the front tires in the rear.

The front tire will have a wider profile compared to the rear to provide optimal cornering with a lower rolling resistance. The rear tires, on the other hand, have horizontal knobs to improve traction and improve mud clearance.


The amount of money you spend on a mountain bike tire is solely dependent on you and your needs. Wide profiled tires cost slightly more than narrow tires. Those with more features on the tires also tend to cost more. Ultimately choose one that easily fits into your budget.

Final Verdict

The best mountain bike tires can navigate any trail for optimal performance. There are however those meant for specific trails. If you're looking to get tires for your mountain bike, I'd recommend any of the above discussed.

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