Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Best Mountain Bike Shoes – Guide & Reviews

Ask a girl what she notices first other than the looks of a man who’s hitting on her and her first answer 9 out of 10 times will be shoes. Shoes according to ladies hugely define the man that you are. Your shoe game no matter the activity should be able to give you, your boys and that pretty young thing you’re eyeing a shoegasm. Reviews here some best mountain bike shoes.

​Being a cyclist does not lock you out from getting yourself to own a pair that’s long lasting, worthy your money & efficient for the job it is meant to do. For shoes worth taking a picture for the gram with the caption #LitShoeGame or #Shoegasm here is a review of the best brands of mountain bike cycling shoes to guide you in choosing one or two that will leave your feet happy and healthy after a day’s job of pedaling.

Reviews of Best Pair Of Cycling Shoes

01. Diamondback Men’s Trace Clipless Cycling Shoe

Cycling is an amazing adventure both for the leisure mountain biker and the professional one with both having dreams and working towards being better cyclists. The Diamondback Men’s Trace Clipless Pedal Compatible Cycling Shoe does indeed transform you into a better cyclist. This is due to its compatibility with the clipless pedal which offers you a better connection with your foot and pedal giving you power and control as you ride your mountain bike. This pair has a sole made of nylon that improves the efficiency with a rubber outside sole for better grip.

It is a great pick for bikers as it also has a lace keeper meaning you do not have to worry about the laces opening up and wandering away from the shoe. The shoe has been designed for comfort and is great for a biker who loves to be at the top of his sport.


  • It’s compatible with the clipless pedal for maximum control
  • Has an outer rubber sole that gives good grip for cycling
  • It’s designed for comfort
  • Has a lace keeper


  • Limits the user to clipless pedals
  • Does not have replaceable cleats
  • Sweating in them is easy due to the nylon inner sole

02. Shimano Unisex SH-CT41 Cycling Shoes

The Shimano Unisex SH-CT41 Cycling Shoes is a pair designed for both men and women who cycle for various benefits. Seeing that they are designed for both sexes is a major selling point for this pair as it occurred to me that this must be the most comfortable cycling shoes on earth as women love great stuff; they pay attention to the softer details, not to say that men don’t though.

They are made with mesh uppers meaning that sweaty feet are a thing of the past due to their breathability. The shoes can absorb shock, and this wow fact gives them a 10/10 rating in the shoe chart. The grip is great for pedaling as they are not heavy on the feet and are easy to wash.

Another great fact about this unisex pair is that they can double up as day to day gym shoes and boy they can work that treadmill. I’d recommend the Shimano Unisex SHCT41 shoes to anyone who wants to be comfortable as they take their mountain bike game a notch higher.


  • They have a shock absorbent inner sole
  • Are light weight and comfortable
  • Have mesh uppers for breathability purposes
  • They are easy to wash
  • Dry faster
  • Have a great grip


  • They look like athletic running shoes hence one can easily dismiss them

03. Pearl Izumi Men’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe

The all-road word in the brand Pearl Izumi Men’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe is not just a misplaced word but a word that adequately defines the nature of this shoe which is multi-functional. The shoe is a good fit and goes well with walking on the ground when cycling is not an option.

They are very comfortable and has a synthetic upper made of leather which enhances the breath ability of the shoe. The ability to breathe while wearing a shoe is the number one factor to look at as shoes that leave you sweating are not worth the cost. As a cyclist, you need shoes that can in the least guard your feet against smelling and acquiring infections. They do have a strong tread and are not heavy on the feet.


  • Have a synthetic upper made of leather
  • They are light weight
  • Strong treads for maximum grip
  • Have an inner sole for comfort
  • Has a hoop and strap closure for easy wearing
  • Dry quickly when washed
  • Are comfortable on the feet


  • Are not flexible enough

04. Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes

The Venzo mountain bike bicycle cycling Shimano SPD Shoes made in Taiwan are classic cycling shoes for classic bikers constantly on the ride. The shoes are light in weight and have a sleek shape that is unique from the traditional normal cycling shoes that look big.

The shoes have a breathable mesh upper made with nylon synthetic and have a removable liner. That is great news because you can always remove the liner and wash it for a fresh feeling when you do not want to wash the shoes until you feel like doing that.

The Venzo mountain bike cycling shimano SPD shoes also come with pedals. They are great shoes that provide for tightness for cycling hence little or no disturbance as you pedal along the track.


  • Highly breathable mesh upper
  • Has a sock liner that can be removed
  • Dries up pretty fast when washed
  • Comer with a 1-year warranty after purchase
  • Is a close fit providing tightness needed for cycling
  • The lace and strap closure is perfect
  • They are compatible with the Shimano pedal systems


  • The design is not for all foot types
  • The sole does not grip firmly as it has no cleats
  • The pedals surface area is small

05. Giro 2017 Chamber Dirt Cycling Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are probably the best investment you can choose to spend your money on as they last long and can multitask. That’s the description that best fits the Giro2017 Chamber Dirt Cycling Shoes which are built for cycling.

The shoes have a sneakers style look making them stand out as a bold choice for riders. It boasts of the toe box in rubber that ensures comfort and breathable mesh uppers. The Giro 2017 Chamber dirt cycling pair of shoes is efficient for its job as it is comfortable due to the stiff inner sole and the hook and strap technique for the shoe laces which keep away the laces from disturbing you. The shoes are cool and can perfectly fit any foot type depending on the size needed by the mountain biker.


  • Stiff inner sole for durability
  • Have breathable uppers to avoid sweaty feet
  • The closure system i.e. hook and loop strap keep away laces
  • Outer sole has a firm grip on the pedals
  • Compatible with any pedals
  • Have an inbuilt rubber toe box that’s comfortable


  • They are not flexible much
  • Breathability is limited in a way

06. Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe

If you’re looking for a laid-back sneaker cycling shoe, then the Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style shoe was made for you. The shoes are comfortable with a breathable fabric for the health of your shoes.

The shoe is lightweight thus it’s highly effective for its functionality as a cycling shoe, gym shoe, and outdoor activities. The shoe has an inner sole which helps relieve pressure off the foot by taking the pressure and helping stabilize the arch properly.

This shoe is compatible with clipless pedals and has a provision for cleats making it a power & control combination for cycling. Power and control is necessary for cycling in difficult terrain which this Gavin Mountain MTB shoe can take care of. The sneaker style model is also great for some outdoor sports photography event as it complements the leg handsomely.


  • Comfortable on the leg
  • Breathing is easy due to the fabric used to make them
  • Are light weight
  • Compliments various feet types
  • It is compatible with different pedals
  • Has a provision for cleats
  • Removable inner sole
  • Washing is easy
  • They are so cool


  • They are quite expensive
  • May take time to wear

07. Giro Timbre Mountain Shoes

Looking for shoes that can multitask? Look no further. The Giro Timbre Mountain Shoes is a brand that can handle the terrain and pedal fine without struggling. The pair fits perfectly well, is comfortable and its durability is to die for.

These shoes have amazing treads which provide grip to prevent you, the cyclist, from sliding off the pedal. The sole of these shoes does a lot of giving power and control to the biker making you a cyclist per excellence. The shoe also has a nylon and EVA sole that help in balancing your feet and relieving pressure from them in the process.


  • Comfortable
  • Has a nylon and EVA sole that provide a great platform for cycling
  • Amazing tread that prevents sliding off the pedal
  • Has synthetic upper that is breathable


  • They are not flexible

How to Select the Best Pair Of Cycling Shoes

Shoes are the best companion for a mountain bike rider covering both short and long distances; therefore, they need to be of high quality and a certain standard. Check out some factors to consider when looking to buy a shoe that not only serves its intended purpose of cycling but also suits your both your personal style and needs.

The fit

​This is how perfect the shoe is for your foot size. It is the degree of how the shoe does not compress your toes. Shoe size is the first and most vital factor to put in mind while getting a shoe since a perfect fit determines the level of comfort the shoe will give you.

It also determines the effectiveness of your mountain bike cycling shoes as you cannot ride a bike with overly tight shoes. One more thing to look at while finding the right fit is the size and shape of your foot.

As a cyclist, you need to understand both the length and width of your feet plus the arch of your feet. The arch is where and how your foot balances the weight of your body. Knowing these facts will help in selecting the best shoe design for your size and type of foot.


Once you spot a shoe, fit it into a shop and find that it is the one. You should look at some factors, for instance, the material used to make them and the sole of the shoe to ascertain if it will withstand the pressure that comes with cycling. The treads should also be strong enough not to wear out to create a firm grip so as not to slide off the pedal. Knowing this will assist in finding cycling or ankle support shoes that will not only last long but also be in good shape.


Simply said this is the use of the shoe. When shopping for shoes remember the reason as to why you need these pair. For our case, we are interested in finding the best pair of cycling shoes thus the need to find a shoe that serves the purpose of being on the pedal. That’s to say a shoe that is specifically designed for mountain bikers.

You need to check if the shoe can also multitask. Getting a shoe that can hack both cycling and hiking say on mountains where you need to push your bike is a plus.


Can we talk about shoes and fail to talk about the quality? Of course not. On quality, you need to look at the material used to make the shoes, find out if its breathability is great. Then check out the treads of the shoe which prevent sliding.

Here we also look at the type of sole both the outward one and the inner sole, and you have to check whether they’ve been designed for comfort and high-quality rubber for the outside sole to be effective for the pedals. Finally, ensure that you check the seams of the shoe for any mistake to avoid getting yourself shoes that will tear as soon as you wear them.


The pricing of the shoe is important since you need not go beyond your budget to buy yourself a mountain bike pair of shoes. Do not get into loans trying to get the most expensive pair especially if you cannot afford it. Worth noting is that the most expensive pair may not necessarily be the best shoe for you do use your eyes and feel of the shoe on your feet to determine your choice.

Final Words

Cycling shoes can be your greatest companion for years if you understand how to pick the good ones for your feet. They protect the feet from damage, pain, and sores while giving you comfort as you like your way to your destination. Finding the best pair that suits your style is not hard once you grasp the concepts discussed. The review I have done will do you a lot of good while shopping for shoes. Good luck in getting yourself a pair that will keep your feet smiling and healthy.

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