Best Mountain Bike Seat – Guide & Reviews

The feeling of discomfort on your bike is an indication that something is wrong. Something is very wrong. It could be anything, and you could look for the problem everywhere else but the seat.

​I believe a great cyclist has an idea of what a comfortable seat looks like and the qualities it brings to the table. A good seat puts you in a feel-good kind of mood while atop your bike because you will be enjoying the activity a lot more.

Finding the perfect seat is not always easy, but it doesn't have to be a daunting task. This article gives you a guide, and some of the best mountain bike seat reviews to lead you a step closer to your next buy.

01. OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat

This mountain bike seat has a human shape design for comfort, and it is hollow to make you feel cooler as you ride. It is made of thick elastic that is breathable and comfortable so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride even for long periods of time.

It has maximum firmness with excellent shockproof qualities. This minimizes vibrations and makes bumpy rides super comfy. It is also lightweight, and the sort cushion ensures even more comfort during those long rides.

Installation of this bike saddle seat is easy, and it is suitable for all kinds of bicycles. It is also easy to wash so it can be maintained and easily kept clean. It is one of the best choices for riding essentials.


  • Human shape design
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to install
  • Hollow design for coolness as you ride
  • Firm and shockproof
  • Thick, comfortable and breathable elastic


  • Comfortable at first but starts to fall apart after some time
  • The firmness is not ideal for everyone so it could use a little extra padding

02. Planet Bike  A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

Regardless of your style of biking, Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle will eliminate numbness and pain that causes discomfort during rides, to give you a painless, easy and comfortable ride. It has sit-bone gel pads that help relieve pressure from soft tissue to enhance your comfort further as you ride with this saddle.

 It has a weatherproof and a durable cover which is a plus on longevity. It also features an elastomer spring suspension that absorbs shock for a smooth, less bumpy ride.

A hole in the full-length center recess serves to provide ventilation and anatomic relief. It is made of a super soft padding with a flex base for maximum support and comfort. It also features a soft lycracover with an abrasion resistant side cover.


  • Sit-bone gel pads help relieve pressure from soft tissue
  • Weatherproof and durable cover
  • Has a hole in the full-length center recess to provide ventilation and anatomic relief.
  • Soft lycra cover and an abrasion resistant side cover
  • Elastomer spring suspension for shock absorption


  • Front portion of the seat is wide and might be quite uncomfortable for some

03. Gavin Gel Foam Anatomic Relief Bike Saddle

The Gavin Anatomic Relief Saddle is great, as it gives you hours of comfortable riding, regardless of your riding style. It has a center cut out that serves to provide ventilation and to relieve pressure in sensitive areas. It has a channel at the back too that also relieves a lot of pressure.

It has a gel foam padding that provides maximum support and comfort for it cushions the seat, with a neoprene shell for maximum durability, a much-needed quality in terms of longevity. It will last you for years to come without needing replacement.

This anatomic relief saddle eliminates numbness and pain during riding, for any style of biking. Numbness and pain lead to discomfort, fatigue, and even sprains. All these will make your riding experience less enjoyable, but with this seat from Gavin, you do not need to worry about any of that.


  • Anatomic relief saddle eliminates pain and numbness
  • Cushioning gel foam padding that provides maximum comfort and support
  • Neoprene shell for durability
  • Contoured to fit where it is needed to
  • Easy to install


  • Rails are bent poorly and are out of alignment
  • It has staples holding the outer fabric to the plastic base. The staples might fall out, and the saddle will fall apart

4. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

This saddle's one of the best features is that it has a universal design that ensures it can be installed on any standard seat post. It also features chrome coil spring suspension that serves to smooth bumps out, giving it shockproof properties.

This cruiser bicycle saddle is designed for optimal comfort, to say the least. It has a dual-density foam padding that is soft and feels comfortable even after a long ride. Its anatomic relief design relieves pressure in sensitive areas, and also gives your bike a stunning new look.

It has a substantially wider base, and this design also does a lot in protecting your body from pressure on the perineum which causes discomfort, and might even lead to further complications.


  • Designed for comfort
  • Universal design to fit on any standard seat post
  • Has a dual-density soft foam padding
  • Anatomic relief design
  • Wider base design that protects the body from perineal pressure
  • Chrome coil suspension for protection against shock


  • Rather large and heavy for an active use
  • This seat does not work with rail-type mounting systems

5. Bikeroo Bike Saddle With Soft Cushion

This mountain bike seat is well loved for its versatility, as it can make a comfortable replacement saddle on your mountain bike, as well as on your road bike. It comes with a free adapter and the universal standard rails system which means it can fit many bike types including fixed gear or bikes for indoor cycling.

This high-quality saddle comes with goodies too! It comes with a waterproof seat cover, mounting tools, and mounting instructions so that mounting isn't a gamble even for amateurs. Also, you will receive an e-book that covers everything a biker needs to know. The saddle also has an extra padded cushion that will make your rides enjoyable for miles and miles.

This saddle has a hollow core and a deeper than usual cut-out to provide you with the comfort you need. It is designed for men's unique anatomy, as no pressure is felt on your prostate, ensuring that in the long run, your sensitive area will not suffer any long-term side-effects.


  • Extra padded cushion for longer, more comfortable rides
  • Makes a comfy replacement saddle for your mountain bike and your road bike as well, so it is versatile
  • Comes with a waterproof seat cover, mounting tools, mounting instructions and an e-book
  • Hollow core and deeper cut-out relieve pressure in sensitive areas
  • Eliminates pain and numbness during ling rides


  • It is too wide and might lead to chafing

6. Mountain Bike Oversized Thicker Bicycle Saddles

MTB Bike Oversized Thicker Soft Comfortable Bicycle Saddles Seats are versatile, as they can be used on mountain bikes, road bikes, indoor cycling and et cetera. It has a soft cushion to enhance your comfort as you ride, even during those long rides.

This saddle bike seat is designed to comply fully with the anatomical shape, to make your ride even more comfortable. It has a hollow design for ventilation and cooling. It also has shock-absorbing qualities, to ensure smoother rides.

It is a durable bike saddle seat, as it is made of leather and metal, so it will last for longer without needing replacement. It is for both clip seat tube and double track seat tube. The fact that it looks good too is just a bonus.


  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and can be used on mountain bikes and road bikes
  • Has a soft cushion for comfortable rides
  • Complies fully with the human anatomical shape
  • Hollow design for ventilation and cooling
  • Shock absorption qualities ensure smoother rides
  • It is for both clip seat tube and double track seat tube
  • Durable bike seat made of metal and leather


  • The soft cushion rests after a while

7. MTB Gel Comfort Bicycle Seat Cushion Pad

This gel cushion is built for your comfort. It eliminates pain and numbness providing a comfortable ride even after a long ride. Installation is easy, and it will not even take two minutes of your time.

It is made of thick, breathable and comfortable elastic. Breathability reduces sweating. It is also washable, making it easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness. It has a streamlined design that also complies to the shape of the human body, further enhancing comfort and relieving pressure in sensitive areas.

It is a firm bike saddle seat with excellent shockproof qualities. This minimizes vibrations and makes bumpy rides super comfy. It is also lightweight, and the gel cushion ensures, even more, comfort during those long rides.


  • Breathable and comfortable thick elastic
  • Easy to wash
  • Streamlined design
  • Reliable, practical and durable
  • Very comfortable seat


  • Comes in vibrant colors that might not match other parts of your bike

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mountain Bike Seat

If you have decided that it's time for a new saddle for your mountain bike, here are a few things to consider helping you narrow down your choices.

The Type of Riding You Do

Your choice majorly depends on the riding that you do. If it is recreational, a cushioning saddle with plush padding and springs is perfect for you. This is great for shorter rides on cruisers, urban or commuter bikes.

For racing and clocking significant road miles, a performance saddle that sports minimal padding and is long and narrow will be a great choice. It ensures minimal chafing as there is little extraneous material between your legs for maximum power transfer.

There are women-specific types, saddles great for touring and so forth so consider what type of riding you do, then look for saddles that will make your rides even more enjoyable in one way or the other.

Center Slit

Some saddles have a center slit, and these are often designed to protect your perineum – the area between the sit bones. These saddles relieve pressure in the perineum and provide airflow and comfort during long rides.

Since we have different anatomies, some riders find relief with a perineal cut-out while others find relief with saddles that have no accommodation at all. It all comes down to personal preferences. I highly recommend trying out different types and finding your perfect fit before you buy one.

Type of Cushioning

The 2 most common cushioning materials are gel and foam cushioning, and each one of them reacts differently underweight. Gel cushioning takes the form of your body to provide the plushest comfort. Most recreational riders prefer it for their casual rides.

The downside is that it tends to get compacted more quickly. Foam, on the other hand, gives a pliable feel that springs back to shape. It is favored by road riders as it provides more support and comfort at the same time.

Pressure Points

A saddle can work with your anatomy, and it should provide relief in those areas that come into contact with soft tissues. It could mean a thinner nose or a cut-out. You need to focus on whether the saddle pushes against the soft tissue. If it does, you should probably try another style.

Final Words

And here you have it. Picking out your perfect bike seat is easy as pie. In my review I have broken down the best features and the pros and cons of some of the best mountain bike seats in the market, so you can see what makes them stand out in a market of hundreds. Along with a brief list of things to consider, you will be able to make a good decision, as it is from an informed point of view. Happy riding!

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