Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Best Mountain Bike Pedals – Top Pedals Review In The Market

Without a doubt, mountain bikes are the in thing right now concerning exercise and leisure partaking. Just like little babies have to be taken care of by their guardians to prolong their healthy growth.

Mountain bikes are more like the little babies on this instance; they have to be taken care of regarding repairs by their owners/riders to ensure that they don’t experience breakage. Mountain bikes have many parts e.g. brakes, chains, gears, pedals e.t.c

The human body cannot work without correlating most parts of the body in that most of the parts depend on the brain to perform a certain task. Based on this analogy, mountain bikes cannot work without correlating the various parts of the bicycle. Pedals act as the accelerators in bicycle just as the brain in the human body.

Therefore a rider can ensure that he/she gets hold of best mountain bikes pedals as illustrated below;

Best 7 Bike Pedals Review

If you are looking for quality and reliable mountain bike pedals, read my reviews of the best mountain bike pedals that bikers and outdoor lovers appreciate. Whether you are choosing a mountain bike pedal for rough biking, normal biking or recreational biking, I’m sure you will end up with one after going through the reviews.

01. GEEDIAR CNC Mountain Bike Bearing Pedals

This pedal has various aspects in terms of preference based on the taste of the buyer (rider) e.g. color and size. These pedals have been built using outstanding specifications, not just as any other products. This specification makes it stand out in line with the customer needs. The material used is aluminum, CNC which weighs 192g per pedal and has a dimension of (115.5 x 97.7 x25.9) mm.

Their structures are created based on the bearings in that the original structure has two bearing while the new one has three bearings which are mostly suitable for a rider who rides his bike mostly.

Most of the pedals are prone to tear out after their screws start being loose, the mountain bike pedals screws have been perfectly crafted and polished to avoid this kind of incident from happening when a rider is out and about. The aluminum alloy makes it dual-sided enough to withstand the riders strength when peddling hence making it and idle choice.


  • It is easy to maintain
  • It has fine pedal edges
  • Has polished screws
  • Features a nice design
  • The pedals are made of durable aluminum
  • Perfect for cyclists


  • Its slight expensive.
  • Prone to tear when the pedals are forcefully stamped.

02. Bodyguard Mountain Bike Pedals

The word bodyguard on the pedals name itself speaks out. To some extent, it should give a slight insight into its features. Riding Mountain bikes doesn’t come down to just riding for the sake but the need of feeling and acquiring worthwhile experience. There is no other way than to kick start this these by ensuring that your bike has bodyguard mountain bike pedals which have an ultra light fashion pedals which and enables in conjunction with their movement and mechanical design.

Riding mountain bike can sometimes become tiring, that’s a pure fact, but with this type of pedal one can accustom his/her body to experience less act of getting tired. These pedals are designed in a way which makes it able to use full CNC process control bearing by human body genetics hence reducing the act of feeling tired mainly during uphill cycling.

Rainy seasons come and go, and with them, they bring muddy environment, that’s nature. Sadly, this course of nature directly or indirectly affects the mountain bikes riders in one way or the other. Mud brings about slippery surfaces mainly on the tracks but also on the pedals.

Bodyguard Mountain Bike Pedals have induced a spray engineering to maintain the smoothness of the surface of the pedals to curb those muddy instances in relation with pedals becoming slippery.


  • Fully sealed bearing
  • Has a beautiful pedal surface
  • Designed in a way to minimize the pedal weight
  • They are non-slip
  • Has a wide tread


  • Heavy

3. AosKe Mountain Bike Sealed Bearing Pedals

This pedal has high qualities and features which make it quite impressive. Mountain bike riders cherish their bikes. I am saying this based on experience because I always treat mine like a beautiful lady at that matter. Let’s narrow down the maintenance process to the bike pedals.

The pedals can be suitably maintained by introducing AosKe Mountain Bike Pedals Cycling Sealed Bearing and by the time you will introduce it, the term maintenance will be a distant memory in your brain.

This sentiment can be factually backed up by the feature and descriptions of this particular pedal. No rider doesn’t love the thought of having a light pedal on their ride, AosKe Mountain Bike Pedals use a light material on the pedals which is magnesium alloy which acts as the main pedal material.

Scientifically magnesium alloy has been proven to be one of the light metals. Furthermore, with this kind of pedal, the amount of friction is maximized to avoid slippery occurrences. In addition, the pedals are designed to allow the rider to feel comfortable as he/she pedals based on the availability of special skid studs. As a rider, am sure you will love the feeling of your feet on these pedals.


  • They are light
  • High-quality bearing
  • Comfortable and do not slip
  • The bearings have a high precision
  • Very easy to pedal


  • Requires expertise to install
  • They lack heftiness

04. Race Face Chester Pedals

My Business teacher always stressed on the fact that quality is better that quantity. But at this particular moment, I would like to differ, Race Face Chester pedals are cheap which brings about the issue of quality. Truth be told, as much as these pedals are cheap, they have that wide aspect of quality based on its customer know how in that they are designed on a traditional angel which in the end will satisfy the rider after using them.

The Chester pedals are the upgrades which have been introduced to the race face pedals which have proven quite astonishing. The Chester has nylon composition which has Chromoly axle that is entirely enclosed with an extra bearing function which can be easily serviced.

This pedal allows the rider to save regarding finances. They always say that things don’t come easy in life but guess this is one in a million instances where that doesn’t count based on the price of these pedals.

These pedals are highly suitable for mountain bikes mostly which sadly casts out riders who use a different type of bikes. These particular pedals are just recommended for mountain bikes because they are designed in a manner which only allows riding only done by mountain bikes e.g. downhill riding, free riding and dirt jump rid.


  • Bearings can easily be replaced.
  • They are cheap
  • Performs to the highest level
  • They are light


  • Poor gripping aspects

05. Rock Bros Bike Bicycle Pedals

Who said that riding is not about style? Everything in the modern society is all about style. RockBros Bike Bicycle Pedals 9/16″ MTB BMX DH Platform Pedals embraces style in terms of its high-quality design and presentation. I bet the ladies will love this type of pedal. Oops! I didn’t mean that, let’s just say it suitable for both genders. Mountain bikes ought to be strong always and with this pedals, they bring in the higher advantage of strength. As compared to Chester pedals, RockBros pedals suite most of the bikes regardless of their type.

When riding, I would to some point like to be able to move at a relatively high speed because that’s part of riding mountain bikes. I presume most of the riders share a similar thought. Having that itchy urge of speeding their bike is quite taken care of by these pedals due to their capability of making a mountain bike safer and enables it to accelerate and pick up speed quickly.

The pedals are brought to life by the use of feet. Riders have various feet sizes and strengths which bring about different amount pressure in relation with the foot superiority. This medal has been designed to curb such cases based on their wide platform design.


  • Has good traction.
  • It has an outstanding strength and lightweight
  • Designed beautifully
  • Their pins can easily be changed


  • They have poor central support
  • They are not that much grippy

06. Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16″ Cycling

As much as the name sound to be out of this planet, this pedals come in handy to enable a smooth ride for mountain bike riders and lovers. I am saying all these founded on its features which are pretty much catchy. Bonmixc pedals is designed in a manner which doesn’t give any room for a pedal platform which may cause any slip with a dual sided feature as an added advantage to cast any doubt which may hinder you from not purchasing it

It shares the similarity of strength as GEEDIAR CNC Aluminum Alloy Road Mountain Bike Bearing Pedals through its use of aluminum alloy as its main material of creation.


  • It has a sealed bearing
  • Has high strength because of the aluminum alloy
  • Has catchy color choices
  • They have anti-slip nails


  • Their axle are prone to bending
  • High aspect of fragility
  • Has durability issues

7. Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals

Saving the best for last it is, this pedal has proven over and over again to be the best in the market at the moment. Shimano pedals have been in the market for a long period, and they have been built and upgraded from the previous version as the years have passed by. Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals is the latest version in line with the previous generation which renders it to be the best in the current market, and one word can only describe it, perfect to cast any doubt which may hinder you from not purchasing it.

One cannot just say that he/she has ridden a mountain bike by just covering a childish distance. Speaking from personal experience, that beautiful feeling of riding is experienced through coverage of great distance. These pedals caters for mountain bike riders who like taking long rides through its efficiency and comfort enhancements while riding.

This will make you feel like you are in seventh heaven once you try it out. The pedals can survive for long rides and timeframe due to its high durability which also plays out on this factor. These pedals are mainly designed to suite races in that they have seamless and stable balance in the process of acceleration and deceleration.


  • They are durable
  • Have a smooth axle which easily rotates
  • Have a magnificent balance control
  • Designed with replaceable pins


  • Has less power on the stroke
  • Has computability issues in that it’s not compatible with some pedal bolts

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Various factors should be put in mind before getting hold of mountain bike pedals. Using the above pedal types, a rider should be able to clearly choose a suitable pedal with the proper guidance as projected below;

Pedal Clips

There are only three known types of pedal types which are clipless, platform and toe clips. Clipless pedals are known to provide stable connections to the mountain bike which enhances efficient peddling. Toe clip is the most used by riders because they have straps which are strapped around the foot and the pedal. The platform, on the other hand, doesn’t have straps in that it gives the rider the freedom to easily move his/her foot from the pedal.

Pedal Heftiness

One cannot afford to go with a heavy pedal which might prove difficult in terms of its weight when peddling hence the need of lighter pedal.


It’s obvious for one to go for the kind of pedal which can be easily maintained in terms of repair parts and upgrades.

Bearing Type

Smooth bearings do not require that much of maintenance because they rarely trigger pedal malfunction.

Final Words

As much as I have tried to justify and bring out the need to have a particular type of pedal over the other, it comes down to the customer taste and preference. What matters at the end of the day is the feeling of satisfaction after the rider has put his foot on that certain type of pedal and felt like he/she has experienced that riding mojo which will make him/her cherish the pedal used.

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