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Best Mountain Bike Light – Everything About Biking Light

Mountain Bike Light is important for the riders who will like to ride after dark, as they do not have to limit themselves to day riding only. It gives the rider freedom to ride to any place of his choice at any time.

​These Mountain Lights are very important for both the rider and other road users so that they are both able to see what is coming on the way.

If you choose to buy not only a good but also the best for your Mountain Bike without spending so much money and time, searching for what best suits your ride at night. I have some tips that I have prepared for you, and the following are my best four mountain bikes light you can consider.

Top 4 Mountain Bike Lights For Bikers

If you are looking for quality and reliable bike lights, read my reviews of the best mountain bikes lights that bikers and outdoor lovers appreciate.

01. Revtronic 1600 Lumens Bike Light

Without the right mountain bike lightning, you may find yourself being involved in running after other road users or ending up injuring yourself due to lack of visualization. If you are a rider who wants to ride comfortably and safely without any troubles then the Revtronic 1600 Lumen bike light suits you better. This is a nice bike light as it is well protected from heat accumulation and it is made up of a sturdy aluminum housing which manages the optimal temperature.

The light has a better 1600 lumen output, which provides light enough to turn night into a day while you cycle. It best suits cyclists who are riding in a poor illuminated town or street and dark cycling lanes to avoid fatal accidents which occur at night due to lack of light vision.

The Revtronic BT40S has four different brightness levels: 1600lumens, 1200lumens, 800lumens, and 480lumens. It also has a wide beam angle suited with a high-quality optical lens, which offers comfortable and excellent beam throw helping the rider not to feel the visual fatigue after riding a long distance.

It also has an ideal illumination gear for mountain bike, which uses neutral white led suitable for outdoor activities. It is also fitted with a digitally regulated output maintaining constant brightness whereby the overheat protection function protects the bike light.


  • It has a long battery light, which helps the owner to save time and money on batteries.
  • It aids the user not to feel visual fatigue
  • It produces enough light to turn night into a day
  • Designed With Four Different Intensity Modes
  • It has an overheat protection function


  • It requires troubleshooting to make sure the light is used correctly

02. Blitzu Gator Rechargeable Bike Light

Most Mountain riders have been annoyed by lights running out of battery unexpectedly. With the coming of Blitzu Gator provides you with a weekly battery change never shall you experience a ride in darkness. The Blitzu light has made riding in the dark more comfortable as it is made of no external wires and can swivel 360 degrees with water resisting IPX-5

rating to ensure usage in all situations whether it is rainy or dry. The most amazing part of the Blitzu Gator light is that it is USB rechargeable making it even easy to charge with your laptop if it runs out of power or you can also use any other device with a USB port. It’s light system has been improved with an Ultra Bright 320 lumen output, which is the latest LED technology in the market now.


  • It is cost saving as you do not have to replace the battery instead you can just recharge it using a USB cable
  • Apart from it being used as a bike light it can also be used to provide safety for your family at night when you have an outdoor activity
  • It is water resistant providing the rider with a light system that can be used in both wet and dry condition.
  • It also has an automatic fully charged cut-off system which makes its charging smart with low risks of overcharging


  • It is expensive due to its unique nature which makes it the highly demanded light in the market

03. Sahara Sailor Bike Light

One of the great bike’s light with powerful output for a long ride is the Sahara sailor, which comes with three levels of brightness at the highest level, is 5600 lumen. It has a run time of between 2-4 hours when fully charged. The light is also fitted with a suitable strong beam for the safety of the rider.

The beam provides a suitable light for darker cycle lanes and streets that are poorly illuminated. This is an incredible light that has been designed for a comfortable ride even when it rains as it is designed with O-type ring waterproof.


  • It has a long lasting battery life, which is rechargeable.
  • It has a one-year warranty on battery
  • It also comes with a USB charger
  • Perfect for all weather conditions because it is waterproof


  • It must be recharged after every four hours
  • The LED has a limited lifespan of 100,000hours.

04. Ultra-Bright Bike Light Blitzu

Have you ever found yourself thinking about which bike light can best suit your mountain tail light. Now Blitzu provides you with the best tail light ever that comes with so many amazing features among them being that the light can be used in all conditions either it is rainy or dry as it is fitted with an IPX-4 water-resistant gadget.

Unlike other lights that riders have been, purchasing Ultra-bright bike light blitzu does not run out of battery unexpectedly. You only have to charge it for two hours and use it for about 4-6 hours. The users will also not have stresses of being restricted to charge it from a socket only it has a USB recharging cable enabling you to charge it from any device with a USB port such as your laptop.

It can also be mounted either vertical or horizontal depending on the rider’s choice. Blitzu also made it more unique as its lightning modes come in six levels that is Strobe, 100% flashing, 50% flashing, High, Mid, and Low level.


  • It is easy to install
  • It has a long battery life which does not run out unexpectedly
  • It can be used in all conditions either wet or dry as it is fitted with water resistant IPX-4 rating device
  • Easy to charge from any USB port device such as a laptop, computer
  • Apart from it being used as a bike tail light it can also be used as a helmet light
  • It saves the riders money of replacing a battery


  • It requires recharging which takes almost two hours to be fully charged
  • It requires monitoring to ensure it does not run out of power unexpectedly

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Light

Being hard to figure out which light best suits your bike. Now that you have made up your mind on purchasing a bike light for your mountain bike, there are some important features that you need to consider to get the best bike light. Here are some tips to help you, some of them include:

The Level Of Brightness​

The level of brightness should take into consideration the battery life. The fact that battery life fades with time you have to adjust your brightness capacity to get more battery life. The level of brightness should be in such a manner that it does not cause the rider visual fatigue.

The Battery That A Light Uses​

Some lights use an alkaline battery while others are on a Lithium-ion battery, which are smaller, lighter and more powerful. However, a rider should not only be concerned with the kind of material used to build the battery but also he should check the rechargeable factor.

Being that some, batteries are USB rechargeable via a cable while others have an in-built USB cable thus no need to charge them. The most important factor is whether the light indicates the level of charge used and what percentage is remaining to avoid the battery running out unexpectedly.​

The Switchgear​

The switchgear has two main functions that is it firstly turns on the bike light and secondly switches the power output levels enabling the user to know when the battery is low as it lights the low power indicator. Therefore, the switchgear needs to be easy to operate even if one is cycling.

The Charger​

The chargers are available in a variety ranging from car chargers, which is suitable for riders cycling for a long ride. The other type is the USB charger, which enables the rider to charge from any USB port device. The rider should take into consideration the kind of a charger that has a high speed of charging.

Final Words​

There are different ways in which one can cycle safely at night without causing, but lightning is the best of all as it provides a bright vision enabling both the rider and other road users to see what is on the way coming. With the inventions of new best mountain bike lights, most riders find it interesting to commute at night.

For a long and safe ride consider any of the five mountain bike lights as the best choice, and they deliver the best performance ever. I have only reviewed the best selling and most suitable mountain bike lights that you can depend on for a safe and enjoyable long night ride.

The lights have the ability to withstand both wet and dry conditions as they are fitted with an IPX-4 water resistant device. They can be used for longer rides as their batteries can last long and do not run out of power unexpectedly as it has an indicator showing the rider the level of charge remaining.​

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