Best Mountain Bike Gloves – Essential For Bikers

Cycling is one the incredible experience that meets the life of a rider. It can as well come with lots of fun, excitement and for sure; responsibilities.

Just take a case, where you are to go for a long cross country ride or face an upcoming cycling competition or hang out with folks camping for that much-awaited crazy unwinding, while doing some riding around.

All these will keep most of the time your hand on the grip of your bicycle handlers, for your stability and suitable direction.

Your hand is likely to sweat in the process, get tired having a firm grip and experience a lot of hand shock and vibrations as you cruise through that rough terrain, leave alone the urgency which comes with applying those quick brakes while dashing to work through the crazy traffic.

Now this is where the mountain bike gloves, come calling. They are a great fix. They assist in dampening those vibrations that hit your hand for a reliable grip.

Gloves absorb much of the sweat to avoid your hands going slippery, keep you warm during that winter long ride, and you can as well wipe your nose or face and clear out stuff as you remain comfortable on your mountain bike.

Reviews The Best Mountain Bike Gloves

This is the safety personally I need when am on my bike.So, which type of mountain bike gloves that seem to beat the rest and remain the favorite of the riders for the best performance?​

01. FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves

One aspect that gets my attention about this gloves is the way its designing goes about to ensure not only you have a creative look of a mountain glove, but also the gloves that are top in performance. Imagine you take a quick short rest grabbing some food while on your gloves, you receive a call in the process, with FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves, interestingly you don't need to remove them to take a call.

The gloves are intelligently designed to guarantee you not only use your mobile device effortlessly but also have a firm grip on any object you get hold to, on and off your mountain bike.

Cyclists need comfort. With comfort, you can remain more in control and have maximum concentration towards your to ride your bike better. This gloves will not only provide this but ensure you stand a chance to experience less fatigue however long you stay in them. It also makes sure that no much pressure is applied on your ulnar nerve for much comfort. Don't expect too to experience any numbness, thanks to the glove's absorptive material.


  • Foam padded for softness and more comfort
  • Touch screen access convenience
  • It is a durable reinforcement synthetic Micro matrix leather for longevity
  • It is soft and absorbent to sweat
  • Design for less fatigue and no pain on hand


  • Doesn't have much warmth, especially for your winter riding

02. Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

You never get a chance to upgrade to better accessories when riding, if you haven't experienced how this gloves can treat your hand.

What most people normally aren't keen on, is the vitality on the handlebar grip.

A small lost grip of your handlebar just because of a slippery hand, may be as a result of sweat, can be a recipe for that poor reaction during that impromptu braking that could save your life.

With this Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves, expect your sweat to be smartly absorbed by its micro-suede thumb, dedicated exactly for that. The gloves come in a combination of polyamide nylon, polyester, and polyvinyl chloride, this assures you of durability.


  • It's a lightweight flexible glove
  • Has a double layer clarion palm
  • Comes with a silicon grip fingerprint
  • Material design for long term use


  • Not so suitable for calligraphic use

03. Fox Racing Reflex Gel Mountain Bike Gloves

I just love this glove more especially its outlook. This is one glove that you can wear, and it will catch the attention of your fellow cycling ardent. They are amazingly elegant and beautiful. Don't you like good looking things? Well, be sure to be sorted with this gloves. It comes in a double layer clarion synthetic suede palm,

 assuming an outfit that is ergonomically placed well with gel pads. Its air mesh upper part leaves your hand cool enough and dry.

If you are the type keen on maneuvering the art of shifting your bike and its braking system, stay sorted by its silicone print on its fingerprints, perfected for that. This is why the glove is a smart design with your safety, in mind.

Find the ability to wipe your nose and glasses easier, with its micro-suede thumb patch. Its hook and loop cuff tab is sure well dedicated for that easy and secure closure.


  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Ensure a firm grip for the best control
  • Suitable for the best braking
  • Durable design and material for longevity


  • Not so good for tough screen usage

04. HuwaiH Cycling Mountain Bike Gloves

My last favorite glove is the HuwaiH Cycling Gloves Men's/Women's Mountain Bike Gloves. Do you want that glove that is more comfortable and allows more air circulation on your hand? Well, that will mean too, you sweat less and stay cool. Seems fun, right? This is what this glove is all about. It is an elastic lycra fabric, knitted so well with mesh for the best comfort.

 The wrist is Velcro buckle.To take it off easily, after that tiring ride, its pull buckle on the fingerprint is well suited for the ease.

More interestingly, it is easier to wipe it and clean too. It dries more quickly, leaving it fresh. That means as well; you never have to worry of moistening inside the glove, as it comes into contact with your skin. You never slip and you about your handlebars grip.

The fabrics are incredibly durable and can absorb shock during that ride on the bumpy part of the road.


  • Safe and easier to wash
  • Great breathable performance
  • Comes with terry cloth design for wipe dripping
  • Has great shock absorption
  • Less numb on the bumpy road ride


  • Doesn't have the best paddling for cyclists headed for the gym

05. URPOWER Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves Bicycle

My cyclist friends have grabbed this gloves for themselves since they saw me on them. I just like the fact that with this gloves, you remain comfortable, the feeling you get. It's as if you weren't in gloves in the first place. You hate those much vibrations and shock on your hand while cycling? You have no idea, me too. We all want to reduce such vibrations as much as possible.

Well, strain no more, because, with this URPOWER Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves Bicycle, you are assured to have superb shock absorption effect and still strike a balance with comfort.

You like it cool too? These gloves are the finest designs I had a chance to use. You will kind of throw in some style and mix it up with less fatigue on your hand plus a less painful feeling during those long riding trips.

The last thing a rider wants is too much sweat in his or her hands, and this could leave your grip unstable and without full control of your handlebar. You don't have to worry anymore with the gloves. They are the best in the absorption of sweat, courtesy of the towel-like clothing in its body design that takes in all your sweat.


  • Breathable touch recognition full finger ability
  • Secures your hand from the sunburn
  • Comfortable for those long rides
  • Great material design for longevity
  • Don't need to take them off to take a call on your phone


  • You might not get much of the warmth during the cold temperatures

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Having looked at the best mountain bike gloves, one thing for sure is that, you need to be keen on quite some details to get one that has the most value for your savings. Check out the following for the easiest and best identification of the best gloves.


You don't want to wear gloves that are squeezing you so much making you feel uncomfortable. Ensure you top welding gloves that keep you warm if the weather season is cold.

The hands need to be insulated from cold, wind and that evaporative cooling while going about your ride. Your hands should experience a good amount of stress, still achieving you the most comfortable amount of shock absorption.

Face And Nose Wiping

You are likely to perspire during long hours of riding under the hot sun. Get a glove you can use its back to wipe out that much sweat from your face, to avoid going for your handkerchief, which might distract you off balance from the best balancing of your mountain bike.


Consider getting a glove that will leave your hand protected, even if you wear it for long durations round the year.

Water/ Windproof

If your glove is waterproof, that means you are not likely to have your gloves so dump or heavier on your hand if you are caught in the middle of the rain doing your ride. This ensures further, a stable grip on your handlebar.

Final Words

It is advisable not to use hot water or bleach to wash your mountain bike gloves or any other acidic cleaner.

Never bask it o the sun too. Al this might affect the material organization or for the worse, wreck your gloves. You might end up with fabric pilling, loosening, deformation among other things.

Use laundry cleaning for the best longevity. Soak it in a soap solution, rub it gently as you remove dirt and dry it in the shade. You get any of these gloves; you are sure to enjoy your ride even better.​

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