Best Mini Trampoline for Seniors

Best Mini Trampoline for Seniors – Reviews 2021

As the times are getting harder and busier, people are losing time for recreation and refreshment in life. In this scenario, what if the regular exercising part became a little bit exciting? Wouldn’t that be alluring? Yes, I know it would. So, here’s a little suggestion for that—get the best mini trampoline for seniors!

While a full-size trampoline is costly and all about taking up spaces, a mini trampoline could do charms within its little boundary. A research conducted by NASA says that calories burnt from rebounding are more than running, considering equal time for both. You can do that rebounding in your mini trampoline, inside your house or outside; however you want.

So, did the thought of buying a mini trampoline drag you here to this article? If so, then keep reading further for information about them.

Mini Trampoline for Seniors – Comparison


Product Name

Quick Features


Newan silent mini trampoline

Brand: Newan

Material: Polypropylene

Shape: Hexagonal

Frame Material: Stainless Steel

SereneLife Portable Fitness Trampoline

Brand: SereneLife

Material: Elasticized Fabric

Shape: Round

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

Brand: Stamina

Material: Polypropolene & Steel

Shape: Round

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

MaXimus Pro Folding Rebounder

Brand: MXL MaXimus Life

Weight: 32.19 Pounds

Shape: Round

Frame Material: High grade steel

ANCHEER Mini Trampoline Rebounder


Material: Polypropylene

Shape: Hexagonal

Frame Material:rubber + iron

Reviews of the Best Mini Trampoline for Seniors

Buying the best rebounder trampoline for adults might not be the hardest job, but it sure is a tough job if you’re a first-time buyer. We’re here to help things get easier for you. We’ve made a list of mini trampolines that stood out amongst the other ones available in the markets. We did market research, customer feedback analysis, and above all, we went through the product specifications carefully to choose the best ones.

Therefore, you’ll find detailed reviews of the mini trampolines that seemed to us the best for adults. We’ll present a set of pros and cons so that deciding on a product becomes effortless.

01. Newan silent mini trampoline

If you want to exercise anywhere without drawing people’s attention, even in your home, check out the Newan silent mini trampoline. With its bungee ropes, the trampoline achieves the finest kind of elasticity while making no sound. It’s a suitable trampoline for morbidly obese to normal-weight adults.

While looking at its specifications, we found out that this trampoline has an extra thick metal frame and bungee cords. These two things together make this equipment undoubtedly durable. 

You don’t have to worry constantly about rusting, which you would have to if it employed springs. There are a total of 42 rope bundles for the total rubber pad-metal frame binding. It ensures complete robustness. The 30.75-inch diameter jumping area consisting of a rubber mat is also thickened and wear-resistant. It contacts with the ground while in use.

The price of this item gave us a shock. It’s truly affordable while having all the best features. We cannot expect bungee ropes at such cost. It comes with a handrail too for stability. Available in 3 different colors, this trampoline makes a good appearance with its hexagonal shape. The manufacturers suggest that two persons should do the installation.

What we like

  • Adjustable handrail for people of different heights
  • Sturdy build with bungee ropes and thickened metal frame
  • It can support as much as 330 lbs.
  • The trampoline doesn’t make noise
  • The price is reasonable

What we don’t like

  • Installing this trampoline is quite a tough job if you’re doing it alone
  • There’s no safety pad over the bungee ropes

Buying Advice

You have read the details, and you can understand that a trampoline of this kind should cost a lot higher than it does. It’s a package of all the good features within a tight budget. I’d say it’ll be the best high-end mini trampoline for any adult. Another upside is that you won’t have to worry about buying another trampoline in years when you have it.

02. SereneLife Portable Fitness Trampoline

Putting pause to a sedentary lifestyle and doing in-house exercises are so easy now. Especially when you have SerenLife Portable fitness trampolines available in markets. Handling a maximum of 150 lbs. of weight, this trampoline can be appropriate for kids and old citizens.

The polypropylene jump pad is securely tied with the metal frame with elastic straps. The straps provide the bounce. A padded handrail is available for balancing on the trampoline. The steels are all sturdy and have a powder-coated finish. They look sleek and eye-catchy. The metal parts are rust-proof.

If you want to keep the trampoline assembled somewhere, or fold it back again, you can do both. The package contains an easy step-by-step instruction manual that makes assembling and folding trouble-free. You can take it anywhere with the carry bag it comes with.

This kit is very cheap compared to the other ones here. It’s more of a kid’s item to be precise. Nevertheless, seniors who aren’t heavy and fall within the 0 to 150 lbs. range can try it.

What we like

  • Features a padded handlebar
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene jump pad
  • Padded frame cover for extra safety
  • Elastic straps for bounce
  • Foldable and portable
  • Assembly manual included
  • Comes with free carry/kit bag
  • Cheaply priced

What we don’t like

  • This trampoline can handle weight equivalent to only 150 lbs.

Buying Advice            

With the vivid cyan color, this trampoline holds attention at first glance. Aside from being eye-catchy, it’s much sturdy and built to last.

03. Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

Among all the trampolines we’re reviewing here, the Stamina 38-inch Intone Plus Rebounder is the only one that comes with a progress-tracking monitor. You get to know how many jumps you performed per minute, total exercise time, total calories burnt, and total jumps. Along with keeping you motivated, the monitor helps you have a track of your routine so that you don’t get yourself overworked.

This one’s also a foldable model. While it already takes less space due to its 38-inch steel frame, it can be stored folded as well. Unlike the other trampolines here, this one uses elastic bands for the bounce. There’re a total of 30 tension bands connected to the jump pad and steel frame. You won’t find any difference in the bounce, whereas you won’t have to deal with noise. So, it’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

To add up to toning your body, this trampoline has two resistance bands attached. The rubber latex resistance bands are detachable as well if you don’t prefer to use them. The blue lining along the jump pad-safety mat interface works as a reminder for you to exercise in the bounce area. The rubber-tipped legs will keep the floors mark-free.

Assembling this trampoline might require a bit of strength and time. However, one person can do it.

What we like

  • The trampoline has a monitor to track progress
  • High-quality polypropylene jump pad
  • Two resistance bands with padded handles for upper body toning
  • Elastic straps for bouncing (which means no sound)
  • Safety pad on the circumference
  • Supports up to 250 lbs
  • Foldable and takes less space
  • Affordable & Sturdy build

What we don’t like

  • The elastic straps can get loosened over time
  • The trampoline is small in diameter

Buying Advice

Built for longevity and superior performance, what else do we want from a mini trampoline? On the brighter side, it keeps us aware of our day to day progress in achieving fitness, balance, and better health. Having the monitor is great. Overall, it’s an excellent trampoline.

04. MaXimus Pro Folding Rebounder

Looking for an all-in-one exercising tool for indoor use? The MaXimus Pro Folding Rebounder, voted to be the number #1 exercise mini trampoline in 2020, comes packed with everything you need to set up a home gym. This trampoline is equipped with premium-quality materials for users’ best experience.

The metal parts are made of high-grade steel. There’re a total of 32 giant springs to provide the bounce. They give you the perfect resilient bounce for working up your whole body. There’re two resistance bands and two 1lb. sand weights that can help in resistance training as well. 

So, you got your strength training also covered with this rebounder trampoline. The 28-inch jumping area is non-slip and double-stitched durability. The springs are also covered with a safety mat.

There’s a stability bar in case you find balancing hard in the beginning. The item comes with a workout DVD that includes videos of beginner, intermediate, and pro-level trampoline exercises. One great thing about this trampoline is that it is foldable. The six steel legs can be laid flat, and there are four hinges that’ll help you fold the trampoline in half and then in quarters. The package includes a strong canvas bag for storage and portability as well, and so, you can put it anywhere in the house or take it outdoors for exercise.

This item is priced reasonably according to its properties. All the components are high-quality to ensure the trampoline’s impact-resistance, sturdiness, and superior-performance. It’s like a home-gym in one tool.

What we like

  • The trampoline is foldable
  • Comes with a carry bag for transportation
  • The equipment has a stabilizer bar
  • Includes resistance bands with handles and weighted sandbags
  • Supports up to 310 lbs. of weight
  • The price is reasonable for the features
  • Comes with workout DVD

What we don’t like

  • This trampoline can be much heavy after folding which impedes the portability
  • The springs make noise while bouncing on it

Buying Advice

This mini trampoline is one of the best folding trampolines. If you intend to make a one-time investment to improve your health and body, this can make the best possible option.  Undoubtedly one of the best spring rebounders it is.

05. ANCHEER Mini Trampoline Rebounder

Shredding unwanted fat and being in shape couldn’t be more relaxing and fun without mini trampolines. The brand Ancheer brings a 300 lbs capacity mini trampoline that is very much indoor-friendly. This heavy-duty trampoline will be the perfect addition to your exercise tools. A rebounder for heavy adults, and will be just as suitable for the kids as well.

The trampoline is foldable. All the six legs can be folded, and there are hinges to fold the trampoline into quarters. It saves up your storage space. Forty rust-resistant stainless-steel springs give you smooth and firm bounces.

Maneuvering is pretty easy as it comes with a removable and adjustable, padded handrail. Assembling this trampoline is a matter of minutes since the legs come pre-adjusted. The 28-inch jump pad has a red lining for you to exercise safely within the area.

The legs have a rubber-tipped ending. It ensures that the legs don’t leave any marks on your floor. Also, it makes the trampoline easy to sit in your garden as well. The polypropylene mesh jump pad and safety mat will not deform regardless of your high-intensity exercise routine, for they are anti-stretch and impact-resistant. In fact, all the components of this trampoline are made of high-quality components.

As we all know, spring-filled trampolines can be a little noisy when it comes to exercising, and this one is no different. However, despite the squeaky sounds, it’s a pretty good deal and budget-friendly.

What we like

  • It can handle up to 300 lbs.
  • A height-adjustable and removable stability bar with foam cover is included
  • Rust-resistant springs for the bounce
  • Safety pad for covering the springs
  • Foldable into quarters
  • High-quality Polypropylene jump pad
  • Rubber-tipped legs

What we don’t like

  • The springs make squeaky noises

If you want to make no delay in starting trampolining, and start with springy ones, this one will be just as useful as the other ones. So, what are you waiting for?

Buying Guide for the Best Mini Trampoline for Seniors

Buying a rebounder trampoline isn’t an easy task. If you’re a first-timer to be buying one, you’ll find it very difficult as there’re plenty of mini trampolines in the market having plenty of different features. Before buying a fitness trampoline, you might need to check these features carefully. Although we have already reviewed the best mini trampolines for seniors, you need to know the factors that helped us decide on these items.

Spring or Bungee Cords?

We’re not here to tell you which one is better between trampolines with springs and with bungee cords. Both of these types are functional in different ways.

Spring– Springs have less suspension, and therefore, less elasticity. As a consequence, trampolines with metal springs won’t give you much bounce. If you’re looking for something that makes you feel weightless or feel like flying high for a long time, spring won’t give you that. A spring trampoline will rather give you a feeling of jogging on a hard surface. It’ll be impactful and cause stress on your joints. It’s better for those who want to add stress to their aerobic workouts.

Because of the metal, spring trampolines are prone to rusting over long usage. Moreover, there might be noise coming from the bouncing of the spring while using. However, an upside to spring trampolines is that they are much cheap and found easily.

Bungee Cord– Contrary to springs, bungee cords have more suspension. Therefore, they’re more elastic and bouncy. It’ll cause less strain on your joints, and so, won’t be very beneficial for aerobic exercises. However, they’re the best rebounders for working out the muscles, improving the lymphatic system and other organs. They don’t cause any long-term pain.

Rebounders with bungee cords are much durable. They don’t need occasional maintenance. Moreover, they don’t make noise and work silently. One potential drawback is that they’re much expensive.

Build & Durability

Along with the trampoline’s build comes its safety and durability. When you’re opting for a trampoline, make sure it has a sturdy metal frame. If the item is foldable, check the joints properly; otherwise, they might warp while you’re jumping on it. The jumping pad should be made of high-quality materials. The springs or the cords have to be covered properly. All the materials should be weatherproof. All these are necessary so that the trampoline has longevity, and the users don’t get injured while using. The materials and the build define the safety of the item.


We’ve already talked about the different types of bounces that you get from springs and bungee cords. It solely depends on your purpose, which type of bounce you should go with. For seniors, the firm bouncing trampolines might be more suitable than those with soft bounce so that they do not get tired easily.


The circumference of a mini trampoline can be anything between 36 to 60 inches. The standard ones are around 40/42 inches in circumference. The shape is mostly circular, although there are other shapes available for those who like variation. Sometimes the size defines how much weight the rebounder can support. Therefore, it’s a crucial factor.


Some trampolines come with added storage facilities, such as a folding option. Especially those who have small apartments or those who want to take the trampoline outside should look for storage and portability options.


Mini trampolines can cost, starting from fifty to thousands of dollars. A couple of hundreds of bucks spent on a well-equipped rebounder mustn’t seem like a waste of money. Therefore, my advice for the buyers will be to check all the features carefully to find the best mini trampoline within their budgets.

Additional features

Although most of the mini rebounders come with no extra features, some do. What if your jumping trampolines had resistance bands? Wouldn’t that give a boost to your fitness regime? A rebounder with a stability bar can make exercising on it a little more convenient than before. Yes, a mini trampoline can come with these features as well. Some of them have a monitor to keep track of total jumps, exercise time, etc. Some feature added resistance bands to tone your upper body too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that might cross your mind when you are planning to buy a mini trampoline.

What are the benefits of exercising on a mini trampoline?

Answer: Exercising on a mini trampoline comes with loads of health benefits. It’s also a fun way to exercise on it. People who prefer light exercising to serious workout routines of gyms will find the trampolines most useful. A list of benefits are given below—

  • You achieve better metabolism
  • They relieve you of stress
  • You can exercise with your kids on them
  • Burn unwanted fat
  • It strengthens your joints and muscles
  • You get an energy boost
  • Your reflexes get improved
  • You can exercise in the comfort of your house

Is jumping on a trampoline considered good exercise? 

Answer: Yes, definitely. Jumping on a trampoline not only helps you lose fat but also gives you a series of benefits that we’ve read in the previous answer. Furthermore, it increases blood circulation and strengthens your antibody system.

Can mini trampolines hurt organs?

Answer: If you do everything correctly, you cannot get hurt. However, people should be careful about their landing. If you don’t land on it properly, say, you landed on the rim, then there’s a good possibility of getting hurt. So, if you’re a new user, you should take some time to gain the balance first and then exercise on it.

Safety Tips for Using Mini Trampolines

Nothing’s an unmixed blessing. Mini trampolines can turn out to be risky if you don’t follow certain safety codes. Therefore, follow the below-listed tips to keep safe while exercising on a mini trampoline.

  • Buy a good-quality and sturdy trampoline. Cheap ones with low-quality build would have the probability of the trampoline legs coming off while you exercise.
  • Assemble your trampoline properly. Follow the instruction manual even if you have prior experience.
  • Always check the parts before using the trampoline. The springs, cords, joints, etc. need to be monitored from time to time. Try to check them before every use to avoid future injury.
  • Choose the right place. Don’t set up your trampoline on a wet or uneven surface. Installing it adjacent to a free, fence, or an electric device also will cause problems. Make sure you have enough space around the trampoline so that you don’t experience serious injury even if you land outside the mat.
  • Use suitable clothing. Don’t wear slippery clothes for exercising on trampolines. If you have any sharp jewelry on yourself, removing them beforehand will be a good idea.
  • Install a spring pad. If your trampoline doesn’t have a proper safety pad on the circumference, you’ll need to get it fixed. Otherwise, you might land on the metal frame and hurt yourself. Also, you can buy a safety mat to place underneath the trampoline. It’s not mandatory, but it’ll be helpful if the surface isn’t plain.
  • Don’t try stunts on the trampoline. For in-house mini trampolines, it isn’t a good idea to perform stunts like somersaulting, flipping, etc. on them even if you’re an expert.
  • Consult your doctor before using trampolines. If you have any previous history of joint, neck, hip, back injuries, or any other physical problems, you should talk to your doctor before beginning your trampoline exercises.
  • Exercise alone on mini trampolines. One person at a time should be allowed on them.
  • Look out for the weather. Humid weather can make the jump pad wet. Before exercising, check all the parts cautiously to avoid such situations.
  • For stability, buy a trampoline with stabilizer bars, especially when you’re a beginner.
  • Stop exercising immediately if you feel pain anywhere in your body, or you feel dizzy.

Final Verdict

Having a mini trampoline at home can be a great way to have refreshment and exercise. They are inexpensive options for getting good exercise done within the comfort of the indoors. A wonderful upside is that kids in your household can also play on them (with an adult’s supervision, of course).

Despite being a piece of low-impact workout equipment, a best mini trampoline for seniors can be a useful tool. It can give you strong muscles, better blood circulation, and improved overall balance. So, what are you waiting for? Buy yours and get set to exercising!

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