Best Medicine Balls for Crossfit – Buying Guide

Looking for the best medicine balls for crossfit? We got you covered! Let us walk you through a brief introduction about the med balls for exercise, and after that, we’ll introduce you to some of the best Crossfit medicine balls for gym or home.

 Medicine balls can be a perfect addition to your exercise components if you want to take your fitness regimen to the next level. These balls come in different shapes and sizes, materials, flexibility, and quality. When used properly, the med balls can ensure you a good physique along with muscle strength, power, balance, and many more.

Exercising is a must-do thing if you want to keep healthy. It is recommended that everyone should exercise a couple of hours a week. For some people, exercising is a regular thing in their daily routine to keep themselves fit; and for some, exercise is all about pushing themselves to every upper level of their strength. The medicine balls come into play for the second category of people. CrossFit and other high-intensity workouts include lots of medicine ball exercises.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the best and most hyped medicine balls.

01. DYNAPRO Medicine Ball

Based on durability and performance, the DyanPro medicine ball can beat almost every other exercise balls out there. This ball is perfect for your everyday CrossFit workouts. Let’s take a quick look at the features this ball has to offer.

  • Durable construction: This product is made of rubber which is tear and burst-resistant. You can smack it on the wall or floor without the worry of damaging the ball. The rubber casing makes the bouncing and slamming nice and perfect. The surface can handle the tension properly. That makes anyone confident about the durability of this med ball.
  • Different weight options:  Medicine balls come in different ranges of weight. The DyanPro medicine ball has five different weight options: 4,6,8,10, and 12 lbs. The weight options give you the liberty to choose the ball that fits your fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-athlete, you’ll find your match here. The best medicine ball weight for beginners as well as the professionals- the correct thing to say about this product.
  • Dual Surface: The DyanPro med ball has a dual surface that ensures a non-slip grip. CrossFit workouts include rigorous bouncing and tossing of the ball. Don’t worry about the ball slipping off your palms as the dual surface includes marble texture on most of the parts and a diamond pattern on the rest which is comparatively smooth. Together these two textures give you a solid grip of the ball which is necessary for the exercises even when your hands get sweaty.


  • The product is super durable
  • Non-slip grip
  • Weights available for beginners to professionals
  • Color variations available
  • Affordable pricing


  • The smell of the rubber surface can be a little irritating for some users

Bottom Line

This ball is perfect for group activities or solo- whichever way you want. Your strength training will get a boost using this amazing medicine ball. If you think you can rely on our words, look no further and buy this one. Trust me, you’ll thank us for this.

02. Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

Aside from all other branded med balls, there’s AmazonBasics medicine ball which comes from the Amazon brand itself. This ball alone can stun you with its specs. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Wide range of weights: This medicine ball comes in 10 different weight options ranging from 4 to 20 pounds. From beginners to trainers, all will find the one they’re looking for. You’ll get the most of every exercise done with this med ball. The balls are available in different colors for each weight option.
  • Sturdy outer construction: The surface of this ball is made of high-quality rubber. It has a sturdy construction but it will bounce off properly wherever you might smack it.
  • Rugged design for better grip: This ball is slightly bigger than a basketball in dimensions. The size and the textured body help you have a firm grip of the ball even if the palms aren’t dry. As a consequence, you get better control of the ball and the overall exercises that you do with it.
  • Even weight distribution: This ball has an even weight distribution. When doing movements, you’ll feel equal pressure everywhere rather than feeling like the contents of the ball are also moving.


  • Sturdy material
  • Weight distribution is even
  • Price is cheap
  • Textured finish for a good grip
  • Available in many weight options


  • This med ball’s size is smaller than regular med balls
  • The plastic smell can be intolerable for some users

Bottom Line

Amazon does no compromise with the products they launch. If you’re looking for a compact medicine ball at a cheap price, this would be the best option.

03. Valeo - Pound Medicine Ball

The Valeo-Pound medicine ball is another product which is very popular among fitness-lovers. Affordable, durable, and functional- these three words can describe this product rightly.

  • Fitness Guide: Unlike the other medicine balls we have reviewed so far, this one comes with a fitness guide that contains a wall chart of the exercises that can be done with this med ball.
  • Textured finish: This product got a textured outer surface that gives you a non-slip grip on the ball.
  • Five different weight options: This ball gives you five weight choices in various colors.
  • Sturdy rubber construction: You can slam the ball hard against the wall or floor, and there’s the sturdy material to protect the ball from tearing up.


  • Textured exterior
  • Package includes a wall chart
  • The weight is evenly balanced
  • Weight and color options available


  • The low-weighted balls are quite small in diameter

Bottom Line

Valeo has been manufacturing fitness equipment since 1988. When it comes to medicine balls, they have proved to play their role just right. To find that out by yourself, check this med ball out.

04. j/fit Soft Wall Medicine Ball  

The three balls we’ve reviewed so far were slam balls. It is now turn for a wall ball. This J/Fit soft wall ball is an ideal example of a durable and balanced med ball. Let’s see what it offers.

  • Triple stitched shell covering:  This product has a soft vinyl outer surface which is triple-stitched. The material is of premium quality and non-stretchable. The heavy-duty surface allows you to toss the ball unlimited times without getting it torn. The seams are three times stitched, and so, the skin is thick. It can handle much stress.
  • Evenly weighted: As this one’s a wall ball, it has a stuffed inside. This can raise doubt in your mind that the weight distribution might not be even. But, to appease you, let me tell you that J/Fit tests all their wall balls through a balance tunnel to check if the ball tosses out straight. The balls wouldn’t roll straightly if the weight was lopsided.
  • A range of weights: This ball comes in 9 different weight options. All the balls are of the same diameter.


  • Double sandbags in the inside with overstuffed cotton for even weight distribution.
  • Impact-resistant
  • Triple-stitched for a durable construction
  • The soft outer surface makes it easier to do the workout with


  • This one is a wall ball, so you can’t slam or bounce it.

Bottom Line

Although you cannot slam the J/Fit wall ball, it can beat all other wall ball’s game. Give it a try if you’re more into wall ball exercises.

05. SPRI Dual Grip Xerball / Medicine Balls

As the name goes, you can understand that this medicine ball has dual-grip handles. With this feature, rotational abdominal exercises become more effortless. This product has more to offer. Let’s take a look.

  • Instruction guide and a DVD: This med ball comes with an instruction guide for the safe use of the ball. It also contains a DVD of basic workouts that can be done with this medicine ball.
  • Rubber-PVC construction: The 80% rubber and 20% PVC construction make this product one of the most durable in the market. It has a little bounce and can meet up to the level of exercise CrossFit include. The surface is textured nicely so that you can get a good hold of the ball.
  • Dual handle: This ball has a dual-handle design. You can perform the workouts holding the ball with both hands. The handles are really useful for upper and lower abdomen workouts. Golf swings, tennis strokes, and other similar activities become easy because of the handles.


  • Instruction sheet & DVD included
  • Dual-handle with easy grip
  • High-quality build
  • Surface is textured


  • Price is a little higher than other medicine balls

Bottom Line

Nice and sturdy construction with top-notch functions- that’s all we can say about the SPRI Xerbell Medicine Ball. The product is worth the money spent on it. The rest is up to you to judge.

06. j/fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball

The J/Fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball is another fantastic product from J/Fit. Compact in size, it’s much helpful for maneuvering the coordination and control.

  • Small diameter: This med ball is of a small diameter regardless of the weights. The balls are easy to grip due to the textured surface. Made with premium-quality rubber, this ball gives you a solid grip.
  • Five weight options: They have five weight options ranging from 4 to 12 lbs. they have different colors based on the weight.
  • Effective bouncing: The ball has a hollow inside for t to bounce off the surfaces properly. It can work both as a slam and wall ball.


  • The price is reasonable
  • Small size gives a good hold of the ball
  • Rubberized surface ensures durability
  • Best for throwing and coordination exercises


  • It might be a little small for high-intensity CrossFit workouts

Bottom Line

If you’re a beginner, this would be the perfect piece to start your CrossFit journey with. They have bigger weight options as well if you’re an advanced-level trainee or an athlete. It’s a very versatile product based on the size and price of the product.

07. Power Guidance Slam Ball

Here comes a great item for core training and cardio workouts. This slam ball come med ball has a superior build to stand any level of exercise. What else has it got? Let’s have a look!

  • Grooved surface: The PVC-built rugged outer shell is all over grooved. Wherever you might place your hands, you’ll get a solid grip of the ball. Sweaty hands ain’t a problem for this handy piece of equipment!
  • Strong construction: The outer casing of this ball is made of PVC. The inside is filled with iron sand. Yeah, a package of sturdiness it is! It’s designed to witness all your extreme workout regimes. The ball won’t bounce off or roll due to the strong build. It’ll give you the proper balance while exercising.
  • Multiple weight options: This product has 7 weight options. From beginner to trainers, everyone can find a ball for their physical activities.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Robust construction
  • Affordable pricing
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Great for balancing


  • It doesn’t support air-inflation

Bottom Line

For a very reasonable price, you’ll get the Power Guidance slam ball which has all the options to fit your CrossFit regimen. In case of durability, it’s a win-win product.

08. Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

Cap Barbell is a well-known brand for fitness equipment. Over the years, they’ve given us a range of top-notch med balls. The one we’re reviewing here is one of them.

  • Tacky surface: Throwing and catching med balls while exercising often get you into doubts that what if the ball slipped off your hands. To beat the slightest possibility of that. The Cap Barbell med ball has a tacky surface. The ball sticks right into your palms and there’s almost no risk of slipping.
  • Thick rubberized outer casing: This med ball features a single-textured rubber outer wall. The inside is inflated with air. The rubber surface is s strongly built that the manufacturer’s guarantee of no deflation.
  • Six weight options: This product comes with six weight options in different colors. They have a 2-lbs med ball too. If you’re just leaning into the world of CrossFit, a 2-lbs medicine ball could be the perfect product for you.


  • Thick rubber wall
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Tacky surface for a non-slip grip


  • Not suitable for slamming

Bottom Line

A durable and affordable option for someone who is just starting CrossFit as well as those who are experts. Give it a try even if you’re confused. You won’t be disappointed.

09. TRX Training Slam Ball

Here comes another slam ball. Available in a wide range of weights, this might be the product you’ve been searching for because it has got stability, durability, affordability, and many more to give you. Let’s not waste any time and go straight to the features.

  • Ultra-double rubber shell: This one’s a slam ball. So, it has to have a hard surface. The outer casing is made f ultra-double rubber shell. It makes the ball withstand the heavy use and keeps it durable for a long time. The inside is filled with sand.
  • Rugged surface: The total surface is rugged and textured for the users to have a firm grip on the ball. Slamming and holding it back get effortless due to the surface.
  • Nine weight options: Unlike most, this med ball has lots of weight options. They give you nine options starting from 6 and ending at 50 lbs. beginner, seasonal; athlete, or trainers; anyone can find a slam ball within this range.


  • Rugged surface ensures an easy grip
  • The outer shell is much durable
  • Lots of weight options
  • Comes at a cheap price


  • The sand-filled inner surface doesn’t have a proper weight distribution. The weight shift can be felt while exercising.

Bottom Line

For the price, the TRX training slam ball is an excellent product. Its impact-resistance will surely impress anyone.

Buying Guide for Best Medicine Balls for CrossFit

If you’ve made it through the reviews, you might have already decided which med ball you’re going to buy. We’ve tried to point out every feature of the balls that make them stand out among other products in the markets. However, you still might want to know on what basis we judge medicine balls. This section is to unknot all the other confusion.

Medicine balls vary from each other in many aspects. Different criteria meet up with different level f exercises. To find the best medicine balls for CrossFit, look for the below-mentioned qualities in a product. We’ll describe each point briefly so that you know exactly what you need in your home or gym med balls.

01. Type

Medicine balls have some types- wall balls, slam balls, etc. Medicine ball itself is also a type that falls under the category ‘weighted balls’. Each type varies in materials, build, and bouncing capability. Slam balls are generally heavier than wall balls. You can slam them hard against any surface and they won’t bounce back towards you. They are suitable for HIITs, lifting, and incorporating challenging exercises with them.

Wall balls, on the other hand, are lighter than the slam balls. They have a soft outer surface which allows you to throw them at the walls and catch them with ease.

It depends on the type of exercise you do that which ball you need. Considering that, you can pick any type.

02. Weight

We’ve already seen in the reviews that the balls are available in a range of weights. What it means is that you get many options to choose from depending on the level of exercise you do. The lightweight balls are for beginners, and as you increase the levels, you can move to heavier balls. However, you can have differently weighted balls as they all are designed for many exercises.

03. Material

The outer surface material can be vinyl, PVC, rubber, etc. The surface has to be made of robust materials like these. Exercises done with medicine balls go through a lot of stress due to the tossing, slamming, and bouncing. The material has to be strong enough to handle the tension. For outer surface, rubber is ideal for slam balls, and vinyl for wall balls.

For the inside, sand, cotton stuffing, gel anything can be used. You have to be sure that anything inside is giving the proper weight distribution. So, check the material out for the med ball type you go for. 

04. Surface Texture

Med ball exercises include holding, throwing, and catching back the ball. Pushups and planks are also performed using them. Therefore, the surface texture has to be such that it doesn’t slip off your palms. Textured surfaces give you a firm grip of the balls even when your palms get sweaty after exercising. If you’re looking for slam balls, a textured surface is a must. In case of wall balls, that’s not completely mandatory.

05. Durability

While buying any new product, we always worry about how long we can use it. Medicine balls are used in high-intensity exercises. They endure much pressure. If the build and the material used are good enough, the med balls can last up to many months to years.

While buying a medicine ball, check the seams of the outer surface and the inflation path. Look closely if the weight is evenly distributed or not. All these factors will sum up to the durability of the ball.

06. Other features

We’ve already talked about the key features. However, there are some additional features to medicine balls. Some med balls have handles, some have a rope connected. If you feel the necessity of handles or a rope, there are plenty of options available in the markets. So, do your research while looking for a med ball.

Final Words

By now, you must have understood in and out of the best medicine balls for CrossFit. We all know that the thought of buying a new product gets us to drown in an ocean of confusion as there are plenty of awesome products out there, in the stores. To help you out, we did our research and made this review guide. We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes to realize what they might be looking for.

CrossFit exercises will give you better mobility, core strength, power, a boost in confidence and build muscles. When performed correctly with medicine balls, you’ll get the best results in no time.

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