Best Kids Mountain Bike

Best Kids Mountain Bike

If you have a kid who loves being active and loves the outdoors, then he or she is probably overdue for a bike. This is one of the most enjoyable activities for children and also if you want to instill healthy habits in them, then biking is the way to go. If you do not have a bike in mind or know nothing about kids’ bikes, never fear. In my reviews are some of the best, most popular bikes for both young boys and girls.

Kids have approved them and their parents alike so I would highly recommend any bike in this review. Also, there is a short buying guide with things to consider before buying a bike for your kid, to make sure that you are taking home the right bike. Read more below.

Best 6 Bikes Review For Kids

1. Kent Super 20 Boys Bike

The Kent Super 20 Boys Bike has 20-inch wheels and is the right tool for your child to start riding. This children’s bike from Kent is rugged, and it boasts a fully wielded dual suspension frame. It also features a downhill front suspension fork. This and he fully wielded dual suspension frame ensure a smoother ride and enhanced control.

This bike is built for durability, safety, and comfort. It features a 7-speed gearing, with easier twist grip shifting as well as an alloy quick release seat clamp for fast and simple seat adjustment. Most parents and kids agree that you can never go wrong with this mountain bike.


  • 20-inch wheels
  • 7-speed gearing, with twist grip shifting
  • Alloy quick release seat clamp
  • Fully wielded dual suspension steel frame/Downhill front suspension fork
  • Tall geometry


  • Some have a manufacturing defect of a crooked fork
  • Fork is too tight
  • Assembly is difficult

2. Diamondback Youth Girls Hard Tail Mountain Bike

This is a pretty pink bicycle, but makes no mistake, it is as tough as they come. The Tess 20 is a 20 inch wheeled mountain bike that is built with high tensile steel, which makes it very durable and tough enough to handle the punishment your little one or the terrain will dole out to the bicycle.

It also sports a suspension fork that makes sure it smoothens out the bumps for a smoother ride. It has linear pull up brakes that are simple but strong. They offer reliable stopping power and comfortable handbrake levers.

The tires are wide and knobby to provide great traction, no matter the surface. The comfortable SunRace twist shifters help the hands to remain properly positioned while changing gears. Drivetrain provides 6 speeds to help cruise flat trails just as well as it conquers hills. It also features an integrated chainguard.


  • Linear pull-up brakes
  • Front suspension fork smoothens the ride
  • Wide and knobby tires to provide great traction
  • Steel frame built for durability
  • Twist shifters allow the hands to remain positioned properly while changing gears
  • Drivetrain offers 6 speeds to help conquer hills and cruise flat trails


  • Takes a long time to assemble
  • Does not come with a kickstand

3. Vilano Kids 24 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bike

This Vilano Kids bike has a hi-tensile steel frame that is super durable regarding crashes and wear and tear. This defect tolerance is a huge plus regarding longevity. It has front and rear disc brakes that provide plenty of stopping power when your kid needs it. Stopping is immediate, and it gives the kid greater control over the bike.

 It has a 21speed Shimano drivetrain. Bike also features a front suspension, and it ships mostly assembled, so you spend less time on assembly.

It also features 36 spoke alloy wheels which are stronger than most, for the same type of rim and hub. Strength comes from the spokes mainly, so 36 spokes is immensely strong, given that some adult bikes have 32 so this being a kid’s bike, that makes it exceptionally strong.


  • Hi-tensile durable steel frame
  • 36 spoke alloy wheels
  • Front and back disc brakes
  • Shimano 6 speed drivetrain
  • 30mm travel suspension fork


  • Derailleur’s attachment to the frame is loose

4. Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

This bike is 100% steel for unrivaled durability, with a mountain style frame that makes riding easy and smooth. They are also equipped with a 3 piece crank that provides a wide range of the gear. It features a Shimano rear derailleur, coupled with the SRAM drive twist shifters that enable you to change gears more efficiently and conveniently through 18-speed options.

 It has alloy rims that boost the durability of the whole unit and a quick adjust seat that is padded for maximum riding comfort for your kid.

Linear pull brake style at the front, and the back makes stopping more immediate and more dependable, giving you greater control of the bike while on the road. When you are riding through bike trails, the Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike will ensure a smooth riding experience, thanks to the suspension fork on the front which serves to provide further control while riding.


  • Padded seat
  • Easy to change gears
  • Durable to last a long time
  • Alloy rims
  • 18-speed options
  • Linear pull brake style at the front and the rear


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Brakes need multiple adjustments

5. Byte Girl’s Mountain Bike

This bike is one of the best mountain bikes for kids. This girls’ mountain bike features an aluminum suspension frame. It also features a suspension fork that smoothens out bumps for a smooth riding experience.

They are also equipped with a 3 piece crank that provides a wide gear range.It features a Shimano rear derailleur that enables you to change gears more efficiently and conveniently through 7-speed options.

The suspension fork not only provides for a smooth ride but also increases control of the bike. While biking on the road, your kid needs to be in control of the bike to avoid accidents.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Shimano rear derailleur for precise shifting
  • 3 piece crank that offers a wide range of gears
  • Suspension fork smoothens our bumps and increases control
  • 7 speeds


  • Aluminum is less durable compared to steel options

6. Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

This bike for young girls features very powerful linear-pull brakes. It will not need much effort to put the bike to a complete stop. This is a plus on safety, and it also enhances greater control of the bike. The seat height is very easily adjustable it will grow with her as she gets taller until she is tall enough to surpass it.

It has a sleek aluminum frame that is all about winning performance and comfort. The frame and its finish will easily resist wear and tear so that should not be a worry at all with this bike. The tires are rugged and can transition from the smoothest streets to the rockiest terrains with no problem.

It has 21 speeds set up on SRAM twist shift gears, which makes it suitable for riding through all kinds of terrain.It takes a simple click to switch gears when the road gets tougher. Aside from the suspension frame, it also features a suspension fork for a smooth ride over bumps or debris. The rear Shimano derailleur is one of the highest in quality and will contribute to the overall feel of a smooth ride.


  • Powerful linear pull breaks
  • Adjustable seat height as your little girl grows taller
  • Sleek aluminum frame
  • Rugged tires to take on any terrain with ease
  • 21 speeds SRAM twist shift gears
  • Easy to switch gears through a simple click
  • Suspension fork for a smooth ride
  • High quality rear Shimano derailleur


  • Takes a while to assemble
  • Heavy frame

Things To Consider When Buying A Kid’s Mountain Bike

If you are to take home the right bike that will satisfy you and your child, the following are points that you ought to consider. These include;

Bike Sizing

Kid’s bikes are usually measured by the wheel size and not the frame size. The most common sizes are 12 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches. Makes sure that the child you are buying the bike for can stand on the top tube of the bike, with the two feet on the ground and without the top tube pressing into him or her. The child ought to feel comfortable and in control at all times.

Most parents make the mistake of buying a large bike for the kid to ‘grow into it.’ Doing this can kill the kid’s zeal and confidence, and even set them back concerning riding skills because it will be an uncomfortable and dangerous bike. I highly recommend a properly sized bike to make the experience a lot more fun for they are simpler to handle and less dangerous.

Training Wheel Bikes

Bikes with training wheels can do a lot for your kid in terms of giving them that confidence boost they might need to start riding on their own. Once they get that, the training wheels can be removed.

The Brakes

These are the most important mechanical part of a bike. You want your kid to have control of the bike getting stopped. Kids’ bikes either have coaster brakes, the kind that is on the back wheel and are engaged by pedaling backward, and handbrakes, usually engaged by gripping on the handlebars, which in turn pinches brake pads against the rim of the wheel hence stopping the bike. Some models have both.

The smallest kids’ bikes have coaster brakes, because of their limited hand strength and hand size. Until your child’s hands are strong enough to use a handbrake effectively, they should rely on coaster brakes. For some experience, you could put them on a bike with both brakes so they can get used to hand brakes because most adult bikes can only have handbrakes.


I would highly recommend lots of research before you go into the market to look for that bike to take home with you. All the things you would love to know is readily available online, so you should benefit from that. However, you need to be cautious since some websites are solely for the purpose of promoting a certain model so they might be biased and focus only on the pros.

Read a lot of customer reviews from previous and current owners of the models you might have narrowed down to, and also read lots of reviews like this one where all the research and testing and hard work has been done for you, so you do not have to. These will help guide you a few steps closer to your perfect bike and also, educate you so you can make decisions for yourself from an educated point of view.

Final Words

It is crucial to note that some of these bikes do not come assembled and some come semi assembled. If you have no clue how to assemble a bike, make sure you have the help of an experienced friend, or you could head on over to the bike shop for professional help. Make sure all mechanisms and moving parts are okay before you send your kid off on their first ride because their safety is paramount.

All of these are great beginner bikes for children, so any of them will be a great choice. They all got the most important specifications that will satisfy the parent. After tuning it beforehand, your little one is ready to explore the neighborhood streets and paths on two wheels!​

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