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Best Disposable Hand Gloves -Don’t Touch The Face

Gloves help provide protection from irritants and harmful chemicals. There are many different types of gloves among them Nitrile gloves are well praised and liked by many. These Nitrile gloves are made up of synthetic rubber and are latex free. They are mostly used in laboratories and for medical purposes. Nitrile gloves are well known for their elasticity & are resistant to punctures. They can be worn for a long period of time, without causing any skin allergies or itches. Also, the gloves protect your hands from virus, grease, gasoline, pesticides and a large number of harmful chemicals. To know more about which gloves you should get and will be most suitable for you, check out our best disposable hand gloves review article and find out more.

You will find many different type of gloves on the market like: Vinyl, Neoprene, PVC, PVN, Butyl etc. but Nitrile gloves are preferred by most people. Before wearing disposable gloves always check if there are any tears or cuts on them, use your right hand to put gloves onto your left hand and vice versa.

Review of Best Disposable Nitrile hand gloves

Disposable gloves are manufactured in a way which can be worn twice or thrice before they get worn out or lose their efficiency. Even though Nitrile gloves are mostly loved and favored by people, the product quality varies from company to company. Not all Nitrile gloves will give you the best comfort while working. For your assistance, we have prepared a review of best disposable hand gloves.

01. MASO Non-Sterile Exam Medical Nitrile Gloves

MASO Non-Sterile Exam Medical Nitrile Gloves is not only greatly known for its versatility but is also well known for being CFIA approved since it is latex-free. As it is latex-free it is a perfect fit for food handling. The disposable gloves do not contain any sort of rubber proteins since these can result in allergies.

You can stay assured that your sensitive skin will stay unharmed from the gloves since it is powder-free. To add more, it is the perfect pair of hand gloves that will allow you to work without any difficulty since it has a good grip on things and as well as excellent touch sensitivity.

You can handle your housework while wearing these excellent gloves. Starting from painting to cleaning specks of dust of every corner of your homes you can do everything while keeping your delicate hands protected from getting contaminated. For people who are involved in providing medical services they will surely love the quality of the hand gloves.

best disposable hand gloves


  • It is long-lasting since it is torn and puncture-resistant. Your hands will stay protected from getting scratched.
  • It comes in 4 different sizes so that everyone can find the right size for themselves.
  • The gloves do not have any sort of annoying odor.
  • Gives proper coverage to the hands since the gloves elongate to fit every individual proper fit.


  • The sizes are too large for kids to use.

02. BBTshop Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Gloves can seem annoying if things slip off from your hands while you try to hold on to them. But that will not be the issue that you have to stress out about with the BBTshop Disposable Nitrile Gloves. These gloves come textured and contoured on the finger trips to help you have a proper grip on objects like glass and anything delicate like that.

The gloves have a high elasticity to cover up your fingers and hand properly. The manufacturing of the gloves is done using very durable materials that made it resistant towards getting ripped off and punctured.

To keep your gloves safe from getting dirty and contaminated a dispenser is included. Your gloves are stored inside it in an organized way. You just have to pull off one by one. They are packaged flat inside to prevent the gloves from getting wrinkled. These gloves are indeed durable enough to provide you protection against getting your hands damaged from coming into contact with liquids and chemicals.

BBTshop Disposable Nitrile Gloves


  • Nonallergic and non-irritating make it safe for use by people who have skin issues and sweaty hands.
  • It protects fentanyl exposure.
  • Suitable for multiple purposes.
  • It provides a secure fit because of the beaded cuffs.
  • It comes in 4 different sizes.
  • Has elasticity that gives proper coverage.


  • These gloves come in one color only.

03. SIVILY Disposable Kids Gloves 

Dry hands of kids need the proper care that is provided by the SIVILY Nitrile Kids Gloves. These gloves will not irritate your kid’s dry hands since it is made up of nitrile and is free from powder and latex. If your child has sensitivity issues they will find these gloves very comfortable to wear on.

The advantage of being latex-free allows you to handle flood safely. You can use it for other occupations as well like beauty, tattoo, health, hair salon, and any other work that requires you to keep your hands protected. The gloves are very suitable for use by people who have sensitivity issues towards using accelerator chemicals.

These gloves will not get affected when it comes in contact with water since it is waterproof. You can easily handle objects that are edgy and slightly sharp since the gloves are puncture resistant. Your hands will stay protected.

SIVILY Disposable Kids Gloves


  • These hands gloves in 5 different sizes.
  • The gloves are stretchable
  • The fingertips of the gloves are textured to ensure proper grip for handling delicate objects safely.
  • Powder-free and latex-free make it safe for food handling and many other chores.
  • Suitable for dry hands that have sensitivity.


  • These gloves are small in size and meant to be used by kids only.

04. Bing Rifny Disposable Exam Hand Gloves

Bing Nitrile Disposable Exam hand Gloves are premium graded little armor for your hands. They are chlorinated, latex free & powder free protective gloves. They are resistant to water and mechanical stress. These gloves can be easily stretched, pulled out and are soft as well. Bing Rifny Nitrile gloves are also breathable, as they have tiny pores which allow to pass in & out. Bing Rifny Nitrile gloves protects your hands from grease, gasoline, pesticides and a large number of harmful chemicals. These gloves can be used by wide range of technicians from various field of work.

It is available in 2 colors, 100 pieces per box and 4 different sizes S, L, M, & XL. Measurements of each size are S: 240 mm × 85 mm; XL: 240 mm × 115 mm. M: 240 mm × 95 mm; L: 240 mm × 105 mm. Bing Rifny disposable gloves have a high rating score on amazon and have been highly praised by many of its wearers.

Bing Rifny Disposable Exam Hand Gloves


  • Has a diamond texture and soft elastic feel.
  • Water resistant, Latex free and powder free.
  • 100 pieces per box and available in 4 different sizes.
  • Can withstand strong mechanical stress and don’t get torn.
  • Provide protection against large number of harmful chemicals.


  • Only available in 2 colors

05. Rareccy Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Rareccy Disposable Nitrile gloves are high quality disposable gloves. You will realize its quality after you wear them, you will feel super flexible, soft, comfortable and easy. These gloves are water resistant and does not tear due to low mechanical stress. These gloves are extremely lightweight and user friendly. Rareccy Disposable Nitrile gloves are made of Nitrile latex material. They have anti-static and non-sticky properties, and are also very long lasting.

Rareccy Disposable Nitrile gloves are available in 3 sizes S, M, and L. Measurements of each sizes are S: 240 mm × 85 mm; M: 240 mm × 95 mm; L: 240 mm × 105 mm. They are available in blue color only, containing an easy access dispenser which makes it very easy for wearers to put them in and take them off. Rareccy gloves are designed in way they’d fit all types of hands making them an ideal glove for various purposes.


  • Perfectly fits all types of hands
  • Lightweight and user friendly gloves
  • These gloves are resistant to water and stress / strain
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Have anti-static and non-sticky properties


  • Only available in a single color

06. Microflex Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Microflex disposable nitrile gloves are new high quality gloves. To simulate real world situations these gloves are made to be resistant to fentanyl and gastric acid (vomit). Microflex disposable gloves are FDA certified / in compliance with QMS ISO 9002.  They are also medically graded: FDA 510K certified, making them applicable and useable by all sorts of medical personnel. IT has a textured surface which provides strong gripping abilities even in wet conditions. They are durable and flexible. You will absolutely love these gloves; and like most gloves they are powder and latex free as well. Microflex gloves are also non allergic, thus if you have sensitive skin, you have nothing to worry about.

These Microflex disposable nitrile gloves are non-foaming, has a tensile strength of 19.5 MPa and elasticity of 500%. Microflex Disposable gloves are made up of Neoprene, Vinyl and Nitrile. They are also available in many different colors and sizes S, M, L, XL to XXL and are also ambidextrous. This broad range of sizes can fit hand sizes of all types of workers.


  • FDA certified gloves for medical purposes
  • These gloves are in compliance with QMS ISO 9002
  • Available in many different sizes and various colors
  • Has large tensile strength
  • Can provide solid grip even in wet conditions


  • It has a textured surface but not an actual textured pad

07. Hizek Nitrile Hand Gloves

The Hizek Nitrile disposable gloves are high quality gloves for family use, medical purposes, industrial work and in laboratory work. These Hizek Nitrile gloves are anti-bacterial and anti-viral, making them very safe and user friendly. They are powder free and latex free, water and stress resistant as well. While other gloves have a textured feel or surface, Hizek Nitrile disposable gloves contains textured fingertips (including palms and fingers) which allows a person to hold either wet or any dry object, of small or large size with maximum gripping power and a consistent one. Hizek gloves have been well praised and liked by many of its wearer. It has plenty of good reviews and scores on amazon. Thus we think Hizek Nitrile gloves will be a great option for you.

A special feature of these gloves are that they come as 200 pieces per box, to satisfy and fulfill all your family’s needs. They are available in 3 different sizes: S, M and L and also in 2 shades of blue, black and white color. Hizek nitrile gloves are also 3 times stronger than vinyl or latex gloves


  • Provides anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection
  • Has textured fingertips (including fingers and palms)
  • Available in many different colors
  • Can be used by people from many different professions


  • Not available in XL sizes

08. Safeguard Nitrile Disposable Gloves

If you have sensitive skin Safeguard Nitrile Disposable Gloves are perfect for you. Safeguard are in compliance with CFR 177.2600 for proper food safety and food service uses. These gloves do not cause allergen, itches or any sort of irritation to your skin, making them perfect and highly suitable for people with sensitive skin. Safeguard Nitrile Disposable Gloves are latex and powder free, highly durable, flexible, and elastic.

Safeguard Nitrile disposable gloves are ambidextrous and meets all criteria of ASTM and FDA examinations of ideal proper gloves. These gloves are available in one single color and available in 3 sizes Small, Large and Medium. Per box contains 100 gloves. Since they are made of nitrile, a material known for its good tensile strain and does not tear easily like vinyl gloves. Safeguard gloves contains pores which allow air to move pass in and out, making them breathable.


  • In compliance with CFR 177.2600 for food service uses
  • Breathable gloves
  • Ambidextrous
  • Perfect for sensitive skin meeting ASTM and FDA criteria and standards
  • Flexible and long lasting


  • Available only in a single blue color

09. Enjoyee Nitrile Disposable Hand Gloves

Enjoyee Nitrile disposable gloves are multifunctional gloves, means people from different professions can use them for different purposes, starting from household choirs, medical purposes to industrial uses. These are premium gloves with a smooth texture. It is flexible, comfortable and soft. It is made up of rubber, making it elastic and stretchable. Enjoyee Nitrile disposable gloves are completely powder free and latex free. Enjoyee Disposable gloves have been rated with a 5 star on amazon. Its quality has impressed many people and as a results has been highly recommended by its wearers.

Enjoyee Nitrile Disposable gloves are ambidextrous, thus people can wear it both on their right and left hands equally. They are available in 4 different sizes: M, S, L and XL and have 2 colors blue and black. You will get 100 piece per box.


  • Ambidextrous gloves
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • They are elastic, stretchable and flexible    
  • They are available on 3 different sizes
  • Have a smooth soft texture


  • Limited colors

Final Verdict

Disposable gloves are very important, not only do they prevent cross contamination but also protect our hands from all types of contaminants. During a pandemic we rely heavily on gloves as a personal protective equipment (PPE). Now that you have a clear idea about the best disposable hand gloves of different brands and companies, we can choose which one to get for yourself and for your family. We should never compromise on items which are crucial for health and personal hygiene.  

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