Best Disposable Face Masks for Virus Protection

Are you stressed out regarding the current pandemic that is going on around the whole world? Are your eyes in search of the perfect protective face mask that will not trigger your breathing issues and will keep you protected against dirt, contaminants, allergens and disease-causing microorganisms? If yes, you arrived at the right page that is going to enlighten you regarding the best disposable face masks.

We are not only going to introduce you to some best disposable face masks for flu but we are also going to help you know in-depth information regarding disposable face masks. You will get to know how to choose the best disposable mask for flu, how to use it and also how you have to dispose of it. So wait no longer and carry on with reading this very informative guide.

01. What are disposable face masks?

Face masks are used for preventing disease-causing microorganisms from entering your body through your nose and your mouth. The material that these masks are made of causes the microorganisms to be blocked from entering inside. It only allows oxygen to go through.

Disposable face masks are those that have to be disposed of after one-time use. You cannot reuse them the second time by washing the masks since the filter of these disposable face masks gets damaged once it comes in contact with moisture.

02. How many types of face masks?

There are 3 types of face masks. Have a look down below to get to know about all these types.

a. Dust face masks: 

Dust face masks are used for protection against household dust, strong smell of paint and other large-sized particles. They are lightweight and can be used whenever you are cleaning your house or repainting the walls of your house.

b. Surgical face masks:

Surgical face masks protect against harmful bacteria and germs that must not enter your respiratory system. It also prevents the disease from spreading from yourself to others.

These kinds of masks are used by doctors and the people who need to work in a sterile environment while treating patients or while performing surgery. You can wear these masks to protect people around you from getting ill from a disease that you are suffering from. However, such surgical face masks cannot provide you protection against airborne diseases.

c. Respirator face masks:

Respirator face masks are masks that will tightly fit on your face. Such face masks have a flexible area present over the nose bridge for doing any necessary adjustments according to your face structure. Such respirator face masks can be used for protecting small airborne particles.

With the same sort of design, you will get some disposable surgical respirator face masks that will also provide against coming into contact with small airborne microorganisms that are infectious like germs, viruses and bacteria.

03. Who should wear a surgical mask?

Since, the world is facing a crisis that is associated with the coronavirus the amount of surgical mask is running out with an increasing number of days.

We all mustn't buy surgical masks unnecessarily since some important people are in immense need of these masks. Have a look down below at the list of the people who should get the priority of using these masks first.

  • Doctors and Workers that serve patients in a hospital.
  • People that have respiratory problems like emphysema and asthma.
  • People who will be visiting sick patients should wear masks to protect them against getting infected and also to protect themselves from getting infected.
  • Chefs and waiters working in restaurants should wear a mask for making food in a hygienic environment.
  • People that have to work in crowded areas should wear masks for staying protected from diseases.

04. How to use it?

  • Before you wear your face mask make sure that you clean your hands using soap or sanitizer.
  • The colored part of the surgical face mask will be facing outwards.
  • The metallic strip of the mask is flexible and it will take the shape of your nose bridge.
  • Adjust your mask properly so that it covers the nose, mouth and chin.
  • After wearing on the face mask, don’t touch the exterior. If you accidentally touch the mask, make sure that you wash your hands.
  • 05. How to dispose of a face mask?

  • Take off the mask from the ear loop, don’t touch the exterior of the mask.
  • Fold the mask for disposing of it. Make sure that you fold the mask outwards by making the face mask go inwards first. Dispose of the mask by putting it inside a plastic or paper bag before putting it into a trash can.
  • Top 07 Disposable Face Masks reviews: 

    Below we have penned down detailed reviews regarding the top 7 disposable face masks. These face masks are the top ones in the market since they are chosen by customers popularly. They are high in terms of quality and versatility since these are fit for use by people of all ages, genders and facial structures.

    01. QWENB 200 Pcs Disposable Earloop Face Masks:

    Face masks need to fit all sorts of face structures and sizes. And for that versatility these 200 Pcs Disposable Earloop Face Masks come with a comfortable elastic ear loop that can be worn by people of all ages and different facial bone structures. These elastic ear loops are extra soft and will not be harsh on your ears since it does not apply any pressure. 

    People who have issues of getting breathless will like the face mask since it is made up of non-woven fabric that enables easy breathability. You can use the face masks for protecting yourself against dust and to keep yourself hygienic and clean while you go outside since you can take personal care.


    • Affordable in terms of price.
    • It is a value pack that includes 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 pcs of masks.
    • The fabric does not act harshly on your skin and is lightweight.
    • The ear loop of the mask will not exert any pressure on your ears.


    • This mask is not suitable for use in a humid environment. The filter can get destroyed very easily.

    02. Soto Laser Cutting Unisex Mouth Cover Masks

    Soto Laser Cutting back face reusable masks are highly efficient and well praised for their quality. Soto Laser Cutting face masks are washable, with soap or any type of disinfectant. Several washes will not damage its quality. Soto Laser Cutting face masks are black in color and you will get 3 pieces together. Soto Laser Cutting masks are perfect for protecting your mouth and nose from contaminants and germs. It has a three dimensional design and perfect to wear in any outdoor conditions.

    Soto Laser Cutting 3 pcs black face masks are made of high density cotton material and has an ergonomically nose cutting shape. It also has an adjustable, elastic and flexible ear band, which can also be tightened to make a complementary fit. The front part consists of sponge, giving it a comfortable feel and is breathable. These fancy black colored masks are also lightweight and economically feasible. You can walk in style, be protected and stay trendy, and are also not that expensive. These masks are available in solid colors.


    • Protects your face from contaminants
    • Fancy shape and unisex design
    • Available in solid colors
    • Economically feasible face mask
    • Breathable
    • Made in USA


    • Only comes in a pack

    03. J & Z Disposable Face Mask: 

    People that face issues of getting breathless need to try the Filter Mask - 50 Count 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask. This amazing face mask has a breathable design so that you don't have to worry about pollution and breath carefree.

    To add more, these masks are soft and it is suitable for people of all kinds of age, gender and face. You will not need to bother yourself in trying to adjust the face mask again and again while working.

    People that belong to occupations where they need to fight off the dust, pollution, harmful gases and disease-causing microorganisms can use this face mask. Doctors, Nurses, Farmers, Cleaners, Builders and any other individual who has respiratory diseases.


    • Ear hooks of the mask stay in place and do not tend to drop from your face.
    • Easily fits everyone no adjustments required.
    • The filter mask has been made to meet the safety medical standards.
    • The breathable material of the mask does not make you feel suffocated.
    • Each of the face masks comes packed and wrapped for proper hygiene maintenance.


    • The mask is not suitable to be used in a warm and hot environment.

    04. Unwinder 3 Pack Dust Face mask Anti dust face mask

    Unwinder 3 pack dust face mask is designed specifically to allow proper airflow into & out of your masks. If you are an outdoor person spending long hours at an open space Unwinder dust face masks are the ones you need the most. This face mask also provides good ventilation while running, cycling or jogging. Unwinder face masks prevent carbon dioxide accumulation, eliminates moisture and keeps your mouth and nose dry and cool. Its moisture wicking ability it very handy, during humid weather conditions. Unwinder face masks can be used for 3 to 12 months, if properly handled; quality also depends on the air and handling conditions.

    Unwinder face masks are made up of excellent quality nylon fabric, making the mask very strong, resistant to strain and water. The face mask is equipped with an adjustable strip of the exterior from the bride of your nose position and it can be moved or bent for a complementary custom fitting. The face mask also have a dual one way valve system which allows efficient breathing. Once you purchase the mask you will also get extra 6 filters 2 valves. You can replace your current filters anytime you want. Unwinder face mask’s special feature is to dispel bad odors and repel dust pollutants. It has gained good fame for its quality and is currently low in stock, order yours before stock runs out.


    • Odor repellent and anti-dust face mask
    • Has excellent filtering capability
    • Made up of nylon fabric
    • Can last for 3 to 12 months
    • Provides good ventilation while exercising


    • Lack of colors available

    05. Qoco 50Pcs Disposable 3-Layer Masks:

    For inhaling air that is pure by filtering off the dust, pollutants, allergens and toxic gases you need 3 layers of skin-friendly non-woven filter. These Masks are manufactured using this type of filter cloth. The 3 layers of strong protection will help you stay protected against inhaling all these toxic substances.

    If you are someone with respiratory issues you need these. You will notice your asthma attacks reducing drastically because of wearing these masks while going out. The mask is not at all harsh on your face since it is manufactured using soft and high-quality cotton.

    To maintain hygiene and safety these face masks come in a properly sealed packet. You will not face issues of needing to adjust it in any way since the mask is suitable for fitting everyone.


    • Elastic ear loops are made to adjust all face structures.
    • Made up of cotton that is lightweight and comfortable on the skin.
    • Earloops does not exert any kind of pressure on the ears for letting you experience comfort.
    • Suitable for use by people of various occupations that need protection against dust, contaminants, allergens and disease-causing microorganisms.


    • Be careful for sensitive skin.

    06. Umas Professional Disposable Ear Loop Medical Face Masks:

    The buildup of water vapor and heat while you exhale and you are wearing the mask can make you feel very uncomfortable. That surely will not be the case any longer since these Professional Disposable Ear Loop Medical Face Masks have a great water vapor transmission rate. The fabric that it is made up of provides amazing breathability to allow you to inhale and exhale air properly.

    The three-layer of the face mask blocks all sorts of germ, dust, allergens and contaminants. You will only breathe in air that is pure and free from all these harmful particles. The face mask is perfect to be used by people who are working in the medical and health sector. Anyone who wishes to maintain personal hygiene when they go outside can wear the mask.


    • Elastic ear loops can stretch to fit all sorts of face structures.
    • It comes in a value pack with 50 pcs of the masks.
    • Affordable in terms of price.
    • 3 layers of fabric provide proper protection against contaminants.


    • It is not effective in protecting against all diseases.

    07. Kekebag Disposable Medical Face Masks:

    Adjusting the face mask from time to time surely gets irritating. To help you find ease these Disposable Medical Face Mask Safety Masks consist of nose clips made up of adjustable. It can fit the contour of the face easily and avoid any sort of loosening and gaps.

    Elastic ear loops do not apply any sort of pressure on the ears and fit everyone so that there is no gap. You can use the mask for long durations since it has good breathability so that you can breathe carefree without feeling any kind of suffocation. It is mostly suitable for use by doctors while conducting surgeries since you are not recommended using the face mask for more than 4 hours.


    • Consists of a 3-layer filter to stay protected from contaminants.
    • The fabric has great breathability making it suitable for use by people who has issues of getting breathless very quickly.
    • It perfectly fits people of different ages and facial structures because of the aluminum nose clip that is adjustable.
    • Elastic ear loops easily adjust with the face and do not act harshly on the ears by exerting any sort of pressure.


    • You need to dispose of it after use.

    08. QinSH 50 Pcs Disposable Medical Face Mask:

    Masks often act harshly on your skin for having a proper grip on your face so that there is no gap. But this will not be an issue any longer with the 50 Pcs Disposable Medical Face Mask. This face mask consists of skin-friendly composite fiber and a high-density layer. The 3 layers of the mask act as a great filter for blocking germs, dust and other contaminants from entering.

    Easily changes shape to perfectly fit all facial structures. You can wear these masks on whenever you have to give your house a proper clean up. It is suitable for use by doctors and any other profession that requires dealing with contaminants, dust, debris, and germs.


    • Dustproof in nature providing you safe from getting any sort of infection.
    • Made up of cotton fabric that feels light on the skin.
    • Earloops are elastic for fitting all facial structures.
    • Non-woven fabric.
    • High in terms of quality.


    • List Element

    09. TKJ Disposable 3-Ply Mouth Face Respirators

    For the current crisis that is going on because of people getting rapidly infected by the coronavirus, there is a necessity that people get the 50PCS Industrial Any Occasions Suited Respirator Face Mask. These respirator masks have the capability of purifying of allergens, dust, contaminants and pollens and prevent these from entering your respiratory system.

    It is suitable for wear by people of all ages and all facial structures. The elastic ear loops help to fit people easily and there will be no gap remaining. It can be used by people who have extreme breathing issues and as well as by people who need to go outside during pandemic.


    • High-density non-woven with Nanoparticle filtration capability protects you from getting infected from any kind of disease.
    • It consists of breathable non-woven filter that does not make you feel suffocated.
    • Suitable for use by all types of people.


    • Not remarkable.

    How to choose the best disposable face masks?

    For choosing the best disposable face mask that will suit your requirements and will be a perfect fit for you, there is a necessity that you look up to a guide. We have included below some features that you need to look into your disposable face masks before purchasing them.

    01. Material:

    Face masks are meant to be worn for protection and comfort. If you feel irritated and uncomfortable it is obvious that you will try to take off after a while. You must choose a hypoallergenic face mask. For that look at the materials that are used for manufacturing the face mask. The material should be 100% latex-free so that it does not cause any sort of irritation.

    Almost all disposable face masks are made by using paper or fabrics that are non-woven. Only some disposable face masks are made manufactured using polypropylene which is plastic. Even for the plastic ones, go for the completely latex-free ones.

    02. Odor-Free:

    If you have issues of getting headaches and nausea because of strong scent and odor, you need to get disposable face masks that promise you of being odor-free. Go for disposable masks that are latex-free and do not have a strong plastic smell. You will find the disposable masks that are made up of paper or non-woven fabric most suitable for you.

    03. Adjustable nose piece:

    Few high-quality disposable face masks come with a bar over the nose so that it perfectly fits your face and there is no gap in between. You need to choose face masks that have an adjustable nose piece so that you can set it according to your comfort. The face mask will not only fit you perfectly you will not find any tight sensation or pressure on your skin.

    04. Closure:

    For holding the face mask at a secure position on your head they all do have closures. And there are three different closures that you get to choose from. Have a look at the features of these closures so that you choose the right one for yourself.

    05. Ear-loop closures:

    Tying two elastic loops on any one end of the face mask is known as ear loop closures. First you need to position the face mask right over your nose and mouth and then tie each of the loops over each ear to secure it in place.

    06. Headband closures:

    A face mask that has just a single piece of elastic that can be stretched from one point of the mask to the other is known to have headband closures. Wear on the mask and then just put the elastic band over the back of your head for securing the face mask into a proper position. Such kind of face masks are easy to wear on and these do not move from its position.

    07. Tie closures:

    Face masks that consist of one or two ties present at each end are known to have headband closures. You need to tie the ends of the face mask together and put it at the back of your head for fixing the face mask at a secure position.

    Final Verdict: 

    To sum up, since you are reading this end of the guide you surely have made your decision regarding which face mask to get amongst the 7 Best Disposable Face Masks that we have listed above. You can stay assured that you will stay protected for catching diseases, allergy or any sort of infection if you choose one of these masks.

    Since the level of pollution is increasing day by day, it is immensely important for people to wear face masks while going out. Especially people who have breathing issues need to take proper care. To add more, during this pandemic we all need to stay safe and keep our families safe as well. So wait no longer, get yourself the face mask you liked today itself. And if you are still struggling with which one to choose have a look at the buying guide for help.

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