Best Balance Bike for 2 Year Old

A balance bike can be a great companion for your kid. It is designed to offer a fun-filled physical activity to the little superstars, which is highly necessary for this age. It can help the kid to develop coordination, strengthen muscles, promote growths, and, most importantly, it makes them ready for riding a pedal bike. For the physical and emotional well-being of the kid, the best balance bike for 2 year old can be an excellent gift for your kid.

While choosing a balance bike, you may get confused as there are a lot of variations available. However, don't worry. Today, we will familiarize you with some of the best balance bikes available in the market currently. Keep reading the below part to know about them.

Top 7 Best Balance Bike Review

The below-mentioned best budget balance bike have been chosen based on our in-depth research considering various features and aspects of the product. We thoroughly checked the bike construction, component quality, and the previous customer impression while choosing the bikes. We described the bikes below.

01. TheCroco Lightweight Balance Bike

best balance bike for 2 year old

The TheCroco Lightweight Balance Bike is one of the most decent balance bikes toddlers available in the market currently. The bike frame is crafted from premium quality aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. As the manufacturer advertised, the bike craftmanship is rust-resistant. Such construction ensures superior longevity and comfortable riding experience for the kids.

One interesting thing about the bike is it is designed to focus on the balance mainly rather than pedaling to improve coordination in the kid. Such a design will help them a lot to quickly acquire control and direction skills. The Bike features flat-free rubber foam tires to offer the kids a smooth riding experience. Such tires also don’t require a lot of maintenance. Assembling the bike is also easy and not time-consuming.

The Croco Lightweight Balance bike also features ultra-soft hand grips, padded seat, and gripped footrest. The seat of the bike is adjustable up to different heights. Such combinations of features can ensure the utmost comfort during a ride. It has a sturdy sealed bearing design along with safety end screws to provide safe rides. If you are in search of premium quality and comfortable bike for your little superstar, then the Croco Lightweight balance bike can be an absolute no brainer for you.


  • Superior quality construction for long-term durability.
  • Lightweight and well-engineered design.
  • Padded and adjustable features to ensure comfort.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Affordable when compared with other lightweight models.


  • Don’t include the hex wrench required for assembly.
  • The grip tape may not last long.

What We liked:

The most impressive thing about the bi is its well-engineered aluminum frame, which is well-optimized to ensure comfort and durability at the same time. The adjustability of seat post and handlebar also amazed us as only a few balance bikes are adjustable. Another thing we liked about the product is its reasonable pricing. With the quality and well-engineered features, you can go for the Croco Lightweight balance bike without any further thoughts.

02. Woom 1 Balance Bike

Woom 1 Balance Bike 12”, Ages 18 Months to 3.5 Years

The Woom 1 Balance Bike is one of the nicely designed elegant balance bikes that you kid will appreciate for sure. It arrives with a variety of optimized features to ensure the comfort of you during the rides. The bike has a lightweight aluminum frame construction, which is optimized to offer the rider an upright seating position. More so, aluminum construction is lightweight and also durable enough to ensure long-term performance.

The Woom 1 Balance Bike includes quality air-filled tires that offer smoother rides than the foam tires. The bike also consists of a long wheelbase for stable and safe straight-away riding. Such a combination of the features lets the kids lean and ride easily. An interesting thing about the bike is it includes a functional brake. The addition of this feature will allow the kid to know how to stay safe while riding along with balance and coordination. 

A unique feature we found in the Woom 1 Balance Bike is the steering limiter. The safety feature prevents the oversteering of the handlebar and also promote straight riding. The bike can be a perfect choice for the kids and toddler aging between 18 months to 3.5 years or overall height between 32 to 39 inches. It is also effortless to assemble with included tools and user manual.


  • Beautiful design with kid-friendly geometry.
  • Superior quality construction for longevity.
  • Easy to use hand reach-brake.
  • Quality child-specific components.
  • Easy to assemble with included tools.


  • Arrives with a high price tag.

What we liked:

The Woom 1 Balance Bike may be a costly choice, but it arrives with some of the best quality features. It also resembles a stunning frame construction along with kid-friendly geometry. The bike is carefully optimized to offer your kids easier and comfortable rides while focusing on balance. If you have the budget, then the Woom 1 Balance Bike will be the best choice for you.

03. Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike

The Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike is one of the best-selling balance bikes in the market currently. The stylish design of the bike with a sleek finish, along with a variety of quality features, makes it a market dominator. It arrives with sturdy steel construction, which can ensure lifetime durability. Though made from steel, the bike is very lightweight, weighing only 6.75 lbs. The bike has a built-in footrest that is secured in the place pedal to develop natural coordination for pedaling.

The Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike includes mini-grip handles with proper padding, which help to control and lean with ease. More so, it has an adjustable handlebar and seat post. Such features will let the bike grows with your kid for better suitability. The handle height can be adjusted from 46 to 56 cm, and the seat can be adjusted between 28 to 48 cm. You will not require any tools to adjust these features.

The Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike includes flat-free and no maintenance tires to ensure hassle-free performance.  To ensure the comfort of the kids, the bike has quality grips on the handle, which can prevent fatigue while riding for a long time. The bike is straightforward to assemble and doesn't require any tools.


  • Well-engineered design with a sleek finish.
  • Steel construction for lifetime durability.
  • Easy to assemble with no tools.
  • Easy to adjust handlebar and seat post.
  • Foot-rest and handle grip for comfort


  • No written manual for assembly.

04. JOYSTAR 12" Kids Balance Bike


Searching for an affordable kid balance bike for your beloved little superstar? Then the JOYSTAR 12" Kids Balance Bike for 1.5-5 Years Boys & Girls bike can be an excellent pick for you. The bike arrives with a step-through frame design, which is designed especially for the younger riders.

More so, the frame is made from Hi-Ten steel, ensuring you that it is sturdy enough to survive bumps. Though made of sturdy steel material, the bike is lightweight to provide a comfortable and relaxed riding experience to your little superstar.

The JOYSTAR 12" Kids Balance Bike equips air-free tires made of foam. As foam construction, the wheels are incredibly lightweight, and even the kid can carry the bike. More so, such tires don't require any sort of maintenance, unlike the rubber tires. The bike features padded seat and handlebar grips to keep the rides relaxing. 

The seat of the JOYSTAR 12" Kids Balance Bike is adjustable up to different heights. Such flexibility let the bike grows with the kid. The quick-release seat post is also easily adjustable. It can be positioned from 31 centimeters to 40 centimeters. The bike also includes basic assembly tools as well as the user manual for easier assembly.


  • Hi-Ten steel frame construction ensures durability.
  • Kid-friendly step-through frame design.
  • Adjustable up to different heights for a better fit.
  • Padded seat and handlebar grip to ensure comfort.
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • Some users claimed the bike seat post is too short.

05. Banana bike LT - Lightweight Balance Bike

Banana bike LT - Lightweight Balance Bike for Toddlers

The name of the bike is a little awkward, but the bike is not. The banana bike LT - Lightweight Balance Bike for Toddlers arrives with n well-engineered bike with a unique step-through frame design. The banana-shaped design has a low center of gravity so that kids can easily accommodate themselves on the bike.

Another thing about the bike is it is made from durable steel material, but it weighs only 6.4lbs. As a result, the bike can offer durable and comfortable performance to the kid. The bike has a powder coating on the top to resist against rusts.

The banana bike LT - Lightweight Balance Bike includes an adjustable seat post. That means the bike can be adjusted up to different heights as the kids grow. Adjusting the seat is also very easy using the quick release mechanism. As the manufacturer advertised, the bike can easily suit two years to five years old.

The bike includes ultra-lightweight puncture-proof EVA wheels, which is made durable to survive the impacts from the road for a long time. More so, it is appropriately optimized to offer better traction to make the rides easier for the kids. Some other impressive features of the bike are an ultra-comfy seat, extra safe handgrips, fast axle bearings, unique twin bearing handsets. Such arrays of quality features will offer the kids a satisfactory performance in the long-term.


  • Durable steel construction with powder coating finish.
  • Extra traction wheels for smoother rides.
  • Easy to adjust heights to suit the kids correctly.
  • Cushioned seat and handle grip for comfort.
  • Beautiful and kid-friendly frame design.


  • Don’t include a footrest.
  • Handlebar may require adjusting.

What we liked:

The thing that impressed us most about the banana bike LT - Lightweight Balance Bike is its premium-grade equipment. Though available at a reasonable price, it arrives with high-quality features to ensure durability and comfortable rides. We didn't notice a lot of bikes that come with astounding arrays of features in this price range. If you are searching for a quality balance bike for your kids, then the banana bike LT can be an absolute no brainer for you.

06. GOMO Balance Bike - Toddler Training Bike

GOMO Balance Bike - Toddler

Searching for a balance bike for a girl toddler? The GOMO Balance Bike - Toddler Training Bike can be the perfect pick for you. The bike has a beautiful pink color paint which will obviously suit to her. It has a sturdy steel construction to ensure long-term performance. You may think the bike will weight much because of the steel construction, but that's not. It is amazingly lightweight, and the kids can ride it with ease.

The GOMO Balance Bike - Toddler Training Bike has a turn limiter to ensure the safety of the kid. This feature offers greater control of the bike so that the kid can manage the steering safely. The bike also includes a footrest to position holds their feet while riding. It also includes a padded seat as well as special grips. Such arrays of features ensure comfortable rides for your little one.

The GOMO Balance Bike - Toddler Training Bike includes heavy-duty foam wheels. They can stay the same for a long time without wearing out. Such types of wheels also don't require any maintenance. As the name suggests, the bike can suit any kids from 18 months to 5 years adequately with the adjustable seat post.


  • Quality construction with a beautiful finish.
  • Turn-limiter to ensure the safety of the rider.
  • Easy to adjust seat-post to suit any kids.
  • Footrest, padded seat, and handlebar to ensure comfort.
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • Some users claimed the front wheel and handlebar frequently misalign.

What we liked

The most impressive thing about the bicycle is its pink-colored abs plastic finish. Such a design makes the bike very attractive to the little kids. The bike can perform efficiently for a long time with its quality features. More so, it can ensure the safety of the kid with a built-in turn limiter, which you will not find in a lot of balance bikes. The padded seat and handlebar grips can ensure the proper comfort of the kid during a ride.

07. Schwinn Balance Bike, 12" Wheels

Schwinn Balance Bike, 12

Schwinn is one of the most reliable of high-quality bikes for a long time. The Schwinn Balance Bike is a well-engineered balance bike from the manufacturer. It arrives with a gorgeous BMX look, which will amaze your kid for sure.

The BMX frame of the bike is crafted from high-quality steel to ensure long-term durability. More so, the bike has a low center of gravity, which makes it easier for the kids to ride it.

The Schwinn Balance Bike features air-filled tires with proper traction, which rolls easily. The bike can suit any two to four years old kid perfectly with the adjustable handlebar and seat post. You can easily adjust the quick release seat post as well as the handlebar. As it has the floor to flor design, the kid can easily acquire the skill of balancing and coordination to make them ready for a pedal bike.

The Schwinn Balance Bike includes a ball bearing headset. This feature makes steering easier as well as safe for the little ones. Another impressive thing about the bike is its well-designed footrest. The footrest is placed in the position of pedals to develop an instinct in the kids. It comes as ready to be assembled.


  • Low center of gravity offers easier rides to kids.
  • Well-designed and chrome-finished handlebar.
  • Stunning BMX look frame design.
  • Steel frame construction for longevity.
  • Adjustable seat and handle for a perfect fit.


  • Some users find the bike hard to assemble.

What we liked

The US Based bicycle brand Schwinn has been in the market for a couple of decades. The Schwinn Balance Bike from the brand resembles high-quality and well-engineered built. With an excellent BMX frame and low to the floor design, the bike is what your little one needs to learn bicycling. If your kid is a fan of the BMX bikes, the Schwinn Balance Bike will be an absolute no brainer for you.

Things to consider while buying a balance bike for two years old

A kid's bike needs to be reliable and well optimized to ensure the safety and comfort of the little soul. That's why it's essential to make some severe consideration while choosing a kid bike. Below, we discussed some of the vital features and aspects that you should consider carefully while buying a kid's balance bike.

01. Frame Quality

The frame is the basic structure of a bike. It must hold the weight of the riders accurately, even on heavy impacts. That's why it is necessary to evaluate the frame construction quality of the bike while choosing it. Bicycles usually arrive with steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber frame. However, most of the kid's bike available in the market comes with steel construction mostly.

The benefit of steel is it is highly durable, and it can offer a life long performance. But steel is a little bit heavy and may get rust quickly if not properly optimized. On the other hand, aluminum is lightweight as well as sturdy at the same time. However, they are a little bit costly than aluminum.

Some of the premium grade kid's balance bike may arrive with carbon fiber construction. It is lightweight and durable than both steel and aluminum. But the carbon fiber construction is pretty costly. While choosing a bike, you can go for any type of frame, depending on your budget. But you need to ensure that the frame is made of quality material and adequately optimized.

02. Weight Limit

The manufacturers of the kid's balance bike always try to keep the bike's weight as low as possible. They do it to offer easier rides and easier steering to the kids. To keep the bike lightweight, the manufacturer often compromises the bike's weight carrying capacity. However, almost all the balance bikes are capable of carrying more than the average weight of a kid. You will only need to worry about if your little one is overweighed. For such situations, check the bike's weight limit before you purchasing it.

03. Height

The growth rate amongst the kids and toddlers varies on a large scale. That is why it's essential to check whether or not a bike can accommodate your kid's height. Kids also overgrow at this early age. So, it is better to go for a bike that arrives with an adjustable seat post and handlebar.  Bike with such features can grow with your kid for a long time. Make sure that the adjustable features are easy to work with so that you can easily adjust them as required. 

04. Geometry

Bike geometry means the optimization of the measurement of the different features of the bike. It doesn't matter whether you are buying a bicycle for a kid or an adult, you must check the bike's frame geometry. Proper bike geometry ensures that the bike will suit the rider properly, as well as offer him comfortable performance. As you are choosing the bike for a kid, make sure that it arrives with a kid-friendly frame with accurate bike geometry.  

05. Bicycle Wheel & Tires

The ease of the rides mostly depends on the bike's wheels construction. Usually, the kid's bike arrives with either plastic wheels or inflatable rubber wheels. Both types of the wheel have their own advantages and disadvantages. The plastic wheels are flat-free and don't require any maintenance. They are also lightweight and stay like new for a long time.

On the other hand, the rubber wheels are inflatable as like as the usual bike wheels. They produce better traction and offer easier rides to the kid. However, they may require frequent maintenance. Choose the types of the wheel, depending on your preferences. Also, make sure that the wheels are crafted from quality material.

06. Handlebars and Brakes

Bikes handlebar needs to be positioned upright so that the kid can get a healthy sitting position. More so, it should be adjustable at different levels so that you place it according to the comfortable height for the kid. Also, make sure that the handlebar arrives with proper handle grips so that the kids don't feel fatigued during long rides.

Brake is not an essential feature for the kid's balance bike as they mostly control the speed of the bike with feet. However, it can be a great addition in the bike to teach kids the use of the features. It will help them in the long run while using pedal bikes.

07. Adjustable Seat

As we previously said, the bike should include an adjustable seat. Such flexibility will help you to position the seat in a comfortable height for your kid. It will be better if you choose a bike with a quick-release adjustable seat so that you can easily adjust the seat post height without any tool. The bike seat also needs to be appropriately cautioned so that kids can comfortably sit on it. 

08. Footrests

The footrest is a unique addition of the kid's balance bike, which you will not find in other types of bikes. As the name suggests, it let the kids rest their leg while riding the bike. It is an excellent feature for the kids who are afraid of riding the bikes at first. While choosing a balance bike, try to go for the one with a footrest so that the kid can relax while riding. However, this feature is not recommended.

09. Fun Features

Here, with fun features, we mean the features that are not really important, but they can increase the enjoyment of the kids. Such features can include the front and back-light, bells, etc. Though they are not mandatory, they can increase the joy and motivation of the rider. If you are buying the best balance bike for 1 year old, then you may choose the one which arrives with a removable rocking base. It will assist in enhancing the kid's balance and coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions about Balance Bikes (FAQs)

Some common questions may arrive in your mind while choosing a balance bike for your beloved kids. Below, we will try to answer some of the most asked questions about the balance bikes.

What is the best age for a balance bike?

Any kids between 18 months to 5 years can ride a balance bike efficiently. However, the best age of the kids for riding a balance bike will depend on his physical capability. That is because different kids develop balance at different ages. Generally, if a kid can walk and run without anyone's help, then he should be able to ride a balance bike.

How should a child sit on a balance bike?

The kid should sit on a balance bike upright while holding the handlebar with his hand. His foot will be on the ground for balancing. For leaning or riding, he will need to push the legs against the ground and lean his body to move forward.

Do you need a helmet for a balance bike?

Kids should be equipped with a helmet while riding a balance bike. It can protect his head from any sort of injury if he accidentally falls from the bike. More so, wearing a helmet will develop an instinct in the kid, and he will not find it a hassle in the long run while riding a pedal bike. You can also equip the kid with other safety gear such as knee pad, elbow pad, and googles to ensure 100% safety.

How do I choose a balance bike?

Choosing a balance bike is no hassle, but you need to be conscious while buying so that you can end up with a quality bicycle. There are some specific features and aspects that you need to consider before purchasing the bike to be assured about its quality. In the above part of the article, we described these features and aspects.

Do you need brakes on a balance bike?

The brake is not that important for a balance bike. But we will recommend you to go for a bike which arrives with an operational brake. That is because it can help the kid to learn the braking mechanism which will be required while riding pedal bikes later.

The Verdict

We hope that, after reading the above pieces of writing, it should be easier for you to choose the best balance bike for toddlers. All the bikes mentioned in the article resembles excellent quality and optimization. They can offer superior and long-term performance to your beloved kid. You can go for any of the mentioned bikes without any further thoughts as per your budget. We ensure it will offer you a satisfactory performance for a long time.  

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