Best Ankle Weights for Glutes

Best Ankle Weights for Glutes – Buying Guide

Thinking about getting a pair of the best ankle weights for glutes? A bit overlooked probably, but ankle weights can be a significant addition to your fitness equipment. They take the effectiveness of walking, running, all other day-to-day exercises, water aerobics, and rehabilitation to a whole another level. Ankle weight benefits for toning the abs and glute muscles are beyond words.

The leg swing, leg raises, donkey kicks and all the other exercises that you do to get sexy abs, calves, and buttocks can get highly powered up if you incorporate them with ankle weights. There are ankle weights with removable and adjustable weight in the markets. So, whether you’re just curious about them and want to try them out or an actual regular user, you’ll find one for your needs. Our reviews here will give you a precise idea of ankle weight exercises and benefits along with a buying guide that leads you to the best ankle weights for glutes.

What are ankle weights? Are they good for glutes?

Before jumping into the reviews, we’ll take briefly answer this question as some of you might not know much about ankle weights yet.

Ankle weights are weights that come in a strapped shape. You can tie them around your ankles. People use them to add more resistance to the lower body workouts. If you want, you can use them as wrist weights as well to give your upper body workouts a lift.

Ankle weights are undoubtedly good for your glutes. Even if you’re only walking with ankle weights on, it’ll be toning your glutes. You might think if walking with those on is bad for your knees, but it isn’t. Athletes, fitness-lovers, and also, celebrities use ankle weights because of their powerful contribution to the regular workout regimen.    

Reviews of the Best Ankle Weights for Glutes

Ankle weights are getting much popular nowadays. It’s really hard to find the best ankle weights with this increasing popularity. That’s why we tried to make it easy for you and did our research to find out the best ones in the market for you. Let’s take a look at them.

01. Healthymodellife Ankle Weights Sets

Best Ankle Weights for Glutes

This brand boasts of their ankle weights as the Victoria’s Secret models use them to tone up their bodies. If you’re looking for the best ankle weights for dancers, this one might be the best option as they don’t rotate or change position while you’re on the movement. Let’s check its other features out.

  • Padded for comfort: The Company itself says that they made these ankle weights keeping the women’s needs in mind. The weights are extra padded for optimal comfort. This quality makes them able to perform as wrist weights as well.
  • Double-stitching technique: The wraps are double stitched for durability. They won’t get worn out following the rigorous fitness training you go through.
  • Extra-strong Velcro strap: With this item, you won’t have to complain about the weights falling off or getting shifted while you were exercising. The extra-strong Velcro strap makes the weights fit snuggly on your ankles or wrists.


  • Different weight options (1, 2, 5, and 8 lbs)
  • Durable
  • Can be used as wrist weights as well
  • Fits snuggly and comfortably


  • May not fit some men’s ankles
  • Non-washable

Bottom line

Men who have smaller ankles can use this product as well. The company guarantees that these are strong enough for men too. The product is a pretty good deal for the price it comes in. There’s n reseller in-between; the company itself sells the product directly. Therefore, you can be worry-free if you decide to get them.

02. Gymenist Pair of Ankle and Wrist Weights

Gymenist Pair of Ankle and Wrist Weights

The name of this item says it all. This one serves two purposes being ankle and wrist weights. You can wear them even when doing household chores as they are a bit lighter than most other similar items.

  • Dual-purpose: This product has an adjustable strap to wrap the thing on your wrist or the ankles. You can use them however you like- as ankle weights or as wrist weights.
  • Adjustable weight for a better experience: Each of the wraps has five slots for little sandbags. Each wrap weighs 4lbs. If you feel the necessity of a higher version, you may just take one or two pooches out to get the desired weight.
  • High-quality material: The wraps are made of polyester fabric and the outer surface is made of soft net mesh. This item features a Velcro strap to tie it around your ankles or wrists. The inner side has a zipper that allows you to bring out the sandbags. You can also wash the set of wraps.


  • The wraps are washable (not the sandbags)
  • Adjustable straps
  • Changeable weight
  • Serves both as wrist and ankle weights


  • The sandbags might make the weight distribution improper

Bottom line

This one’s a great option for running, walking, and doing cardio exercises. Perfect for those who are confused about the weight set they need.

03. Clipser’s Premium ankle weights for Women & Men

Clipser’s Premium ankle weights for Women & Men

Did you think running with ankle weights make you faster? If not, Clipser Premium ankle weights will prove you wrong. You can run very fast wearing these as they don’t get you overworked. This item has some amazing things to offer. Let’s have a look.

  • Double-sewn army stitching: The brand boasts its double-sewn army stitching technique. They say that it provides 100% unmatched durability.
  • Optimum comfort and style: The product has a Velcro strap and a buckle as well. The Velcro wraps the whole way around your ankles and connects to the bucket in the end. The fit is perfect and keeps it in place. The wraps cover the total ankle area and look very stylish too.
  • Smell-proof material: The material they used for this item is Neoprene. The interior is meshed which makes it breathable. It absorbs the sweating completely. Moreover, the wraps stay smell-proof due to the breathability of the material.
  • Weight options available: They have four weight options available- 1, 2, 2.5 and 5 lbs.


  • Super durable due to high-quality construction
  • Gives you a stylish look
  • Doesn’t put much weight on the legs
  • Absorbs sweat


  • The size is a little big for those who want to wear the weights constantly, i.e. – in an office.
  • Non-washable

Bottom line

To achieve your fitness goals quicker than ever, there’s no alternative to a good pair of ankle weights. Clipser’s Premium ankle weights are efficient and unique. They are good enough to yield you the best results within a short period.

04. Ankle Weights for Women and Men

The Fitnecessary Ankle weights are unisex. You can use them both as ankle and wrist weights. With a good number of weight options, this item could be a new addition to your fitness equipment.

  • Comes with gifts: Unlike the other products we’ve reviewed so far, this item comes with a carrying bag. So, you can carry them to the office or a tour or wherever you want.
  • They also mail you a free e-book for ankle weight exercises which costs about 25$, but you get it for free when you purchase this Fitnecessary Ankle weights.
  • Weight distribution at its fullest: The wraps have 8 chambers each filled sand so that the weight pressure is equal on your ankles.
  • Durability: The weight wraps are made of neoprene. The seams are double-stitched. The product is designed to last long.
  • Five weight options: They give you a choice of five weights so that you can puck exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Dual-purpose: This product is designed to serve as both ankle and wrist weights.


  • Comes with a bag for carrying
  • Free e-book and e-guide for the best ankle weight exercises for glutes and a toned body
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Dual-purpose weights
  • Affordable


  • The wraps aren’t washable

Bottom line

This item is durable, affordable, and works in dual-mode. What else can you ask for in a weight set? It’ll give a boost to your exercise routine and help you reach your fitness goal quickly.

05. Fit Viva Ankle Weights Set

This unisex weight set comes from the well–known brand Fit Viva.  Backed by some amazing features, this item will surely stun you. Let’s see what it got.

  • Anti-Chafing material: The soft and premium-quality neoprene build comes with a guarantee of the wraps being anti-chafing. So, your ankles or wrists won’t feel any irritation even after wearing them for hours at a stretch.
  • Designed for satisfaction: The material will absorb sweat while not producing odor. Being a non-washable product, it had to ensure that it would be smell-proof, and the company did that. The double-sewn wraps will keep you at peace about the durability of the item.
  • Comfortable fit: The Velcro they used is very strong and gives you a stable fit. It won’t come loose at any time of your exercise. There are no extra belts or buckles to keep the wrapping hassle-free.
  • Three weight choices: The product gives you 3 weight options- 1, 2, and 3 lbs. Depending on your necessities you can pick any of them.
  • 30-day challenge: The product comes with a free e-book for a 30-day challenge of body transformation. In the e-book, they’ve demonstrated some of the ankle and wrist weight exercises.


  • No skin irritation
  • Extra durable
  • Price is reasonable
  • Snug fit
  • Dual-purpose


  • Non-washable

Bottom line

This dual-use weight set will boost your confidence and give your progressive results within a short time- that’s what the company guarantees. So, check it out if you want to unleash the possibilities of being a new you.

06. GYMENIST Pair of Ankle Weights

Here comes the last but definitely not the least item on our list. With its weight-adjustment feature, it can finish the games of all the other ankle weights available in the markets. Anyways, less talking and more working; so, let’s dig into the features!

  • Two wraps, 20 weight options: Yes, this is true. This item contains two wraps which each has 10 slots. The package comes with 20 metal sticks which weigh .55 pounds each. In total, one wrap can carry 5.5 pounds. You can insert as many rods as you want inside the slots for it to give you the result you want.
  • Non-toxic material: The materials of the weight set are non-toxic. They are of high quality; much suitable for running, hiking, and all sorts of cardio exercises.
  • Comfortable fit: Like most other ankle weight wraps, this one also features a Velcro strap that holds it in position and fit your ankles snuggly yet comfortably.


  • Washable wrap
  • Adjustable weight
  • Price is affordable
  • Material is tear-proof


  • The metal rods can be a little irritating for the skin

Bottom line

This product, no doubt, is a deal-breaker. If you want a weight set for different purposes that require different ranges of weights, this would be the best item for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

As a user, you still might have some questions running around your head. Therefore, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions by users so that the remaining confusion gets cleared for good.

01. How heavy should ankle weights be?

It depends on your ability, choice, on the fact that how much resistance you want to add to your workouts. However, if you’re just thinking about starting to use ankle weights, you should start with lower levels of weight. Don’t think about wearing a 10 lb ankle weight if you’re using them for the first time. Start with 1 or 2 pounds and gradually increase the weight as you get habituated.

02. Do ankle weights help you build muscle?

Of course, they do. Adding ankle weights to your workouts means that you’re adding resistance to your exercises. This means that you’ll be using more muscle strength than without the ankle weights. If you’re doing pushups, running, squatting, leg lifts, etc strength training exercises with ankle weights on, it’s bound to help you build muscle more quickly than ever.

03. Is it unsafe to run with wrist and ankle weights?

It depends. If you’re using an excessive amount of weights on your wrist and ankles, it could be unsafe. Using them to a tolerable extent won’t do any harm.

Things to Take in Concern while Buying Ankle Weights for Glutes

01. Weight 

Ankle weight comes with different weight options. They vary from half pounds to five or more pounds. It depends on the type of exercise you’re aiming to do wearing the ankle weights that which weight measurement you should take. However, as in for toning glute muscles, 5 lbs will be suitable. Keep in mind that it depends on your ability. If you think you can’t handle 5 lbs, start with a smaller level of weights.

02. Comfort

Comfort should be taken into concern as you’re going to wear the ankle weight for a long time. If they don’t fit you properly, or irritate your skin, it will be hard to exercise with them on. So, before buying a pair of ankle weights, check the straps and material to see if it would be comfy or not.

03. Material

The material has to be tear and smell-proof. The breathability of the material keeps the odor of sweat away. If you want a chafing-free experience, you might want to buy the ones that feature a neoprene build.

04. Adjustability

Some ankle weights come with the adjustability feature, some don’t. This feature allows you to change the amount of weight. This type of weight sets generally contains tiny pockets or slots for inserting weighted metal sticks or sandbags. This feature increases the functionality of the weight sets as you can use them for multipurpose.

Final Verdict

Ankle weights can be pretty amazing at their task when it comes to toning your glute and abdominal muscles. Each product we described here will give you the best results. It’s up to you which one you will choose and try out. As you’re going to buy ankle weights, keep in mind that you have to be very careful while using them. Don’t overwork yourself and know your body’s abilities. Choose a weight set as per your body’s needs and then start building muscles.

That was all about the ankle weights for glutes. We hope you get a hassle-free buying experience upon reading our review guide.

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