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GT is one of the most well-renowned bike brands under Dorel Industries. It is another popular bicycle manufacturing brand behind the Mongoose and Schwinn bike brands. Moreover, GT bikes have become popular because of their various bike types. Bikers are getting interested in GT road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, or dirt jumpers. And here comes the question, “are GT bikes good?”

GT manufactures bicycles for every rider, from entry-level to high-end bikes. Here you can get bikes for women, men, and children with different biking experiences. So, let’s dig into GT bike’s brand history and find out how good GT bikes are.

Where are GT bikes made? (Short history)

Gary Turner and Richard Long founded GT bikes in 1979. At first, they focused on producing BMX bicycles only. And later, they started manufacturing other types of gt bikes in 1984, and that was a success. In addition, GT sponsored many racers between 1991-1993. The GT brand faced a huge loss because people lost their interest in BMX bike sports. 

The owner decided to sell more than half of its share to Bain capital in 1993. In 1996, GT produced carbon superbikes to privilege the brand in summer games. 

GT Bicycle changed ownership three times between 1998 and 2004:

  1. It changed its hand from Bain Capital to Quester Partner.
  2. From Quester partner to the Pacific Cycles.
  3. To Dorel Industries, the current owner.

Types of GT bikes:-

GT bikes brand is renowned for its bike types for all riders categories. Here is a short description of each bike type for your better understanding.

Mountain Bikes:

GT mountain bikes are flexible and high-performing even in the most difficult situations. They’re also adaptable, as you can use them in both paved and unpaved areas.

This brand currently sells dual-suspension and hardtails bikes to cater to a wider demographic. As a result, their MTB lines not only surpass but also outlast other MTB brands in terms of build quality.

Road Bikes:

GT offers two types of road bicycles: fitness and gravel road bikes. For on-road fitness cycling, GT offers more effective fitness road bikes. GT gravel bikes, on the other hand, are the go-to bike for racing on gravel and any other rough surface.

GT road bicycles are stiffer, lighter, and more efficient than standard road cycles, making them more enjoyable to ride. The bikes also have a higher-quality build and a more comfortable shape, allowing you to ride for longer periods.

BMX Bikes:

GT Bicycles started manufacturing as a BMX bike company. Though GT BMX bikes aren’t as popular as they once were, they are nonetheless flexible and of decent quality. They are suitable for racing and stunts as well.

Their frames were created with the comfort of the rider in mind. It also has rear and front brakes for a smooth halt. GT BMX bikes offer a range of frame sizes to accommodate different riders. Here is a BMX sizing chart for GT bikes which you may use to identify your ideal BMX size.

Dirt Jumpers:

GT offers high-quality dirt jumpers for their riders. A dirt jumper is the most effective bike for jumping over obstacles and performing a few aerial stunts. You can’t race with a dirt jumper as you can with a BMX, but it can take more harsh knocks and falls.

Dirt jumpers, in general, combine the realms of freestyle BMX and hardtail mountain biking. In addition, they have a lower standover height and a sturdy structure that makes it easier to perform stunts. 

Furthermore, their frame and wheels are both lightweight and durable, allowing for greater agility. So, if you’re looking for a thrilling boost on your bike, a GT dirt jumper is the way to go.

Apart from the above four types, GT produces women’s, kids, electric, and lifestyle bikes to meet all riders’ demands.

GT bikes quality & Performance:-

GT manufactures the most durable entry- or mid-level bicycles for their riders. They have fantastic features and are well-liked for their great rates and ease of use. Have a look at GT’s features to get a perfect GT bike for everyday use.


GT offers a variety of bicycles in different styles and sizes. This lightweight GT bike is designed for beginners and intermediate cyclists. On all terrains, GT bicycles provide ultimate control and speed.  

Build Quality

The build quality of this bike is solid and long-lasting. The customizable riding position provides excellent comfort. Furthermore, their ergonomic construction quality and adjustable handlebars provide bikers with the safest journeys possible.

Material Quality

GT bicycles may feature aluminum, steel, and full/dual suspension frames. Riders can choose from various speed drivetrains thanks to their lightweight frame materials. The materials quality of GT’s products is excellent for occasional entry- or mid-level cycling.

Suspension quality:

This bike won the hearts of its consumers by offering full or dual suspension for optimum stopping power. Their dual-suspension quality and stiffer front suspension are ideal for hardtails, paved trails, and all terrains.

Parts Quality:

GT produces high-quality components and parts for various types of bicycles. For the GT specialty bicycles series, the drivetrains, saddle cover, tubes, fenders, frame, tires, and brakes are amazing.

  Affordable Price

This GT bike is designed to meet all rider categories, from entry-level to pro riders. They offer BMX, mountain bikes, and road bikes at an affordable price range. In addition, they have a series of specialty bicycles for you if you have a smart budget.


GT bicycles have a lifetime warranty. But except dirt jump, freeriding, gravity, and downhill bikes, which have a 5-year warranty. In addition, the offering demonstrates the high Performance of GT bike frames in general.

GT-branded parts come with a one-year warranty, which isn’t broad but enough.

GT bike Performance:

These bikes are ideal for beginning or intermediate riders on a budget. Moreover, this brand is simple to use and provides guaranteed comfort for children, adults, and the elderly.

If you’re looking for a budget bike, look at GT bicycles. Otherwise, look into the GT specialized bicycles for a good price.

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Are GT mountain bikes good?

This brand develops high-quality mountain bikes for its riders. The frame features a Triple Triangle Hardtail MTB. It makes the frame firmer, more responsive, and more durable on all terrains.

That’s why this mountain bike beat other bikes in terms of speed and control, and, as a result, most bike frames can’t survive them.

Are GT BMX bikes good?

GT BMX bikes are good enough for entry-or-mid level cyclists for their flexible quality. These BMX bikes have rear and front brakes to ensure maximum stopping control. Moreover, GT BMX bikes are suitable for performing different stunts. 

Are GT road bikes good?

GT’s available road bike models offer value for the money compared to its biggest competitors. Its road bike series consists of carbon and aluminum, all-road and gravel bikes, and a few flat-bar fitness hybrid bikes.

Final Verdict

Though, in the early 2000s, GT bikes suffered management challenges brought on by several handovers. But on the other hand, the brand is stronger and more successful today than ever. So, the answer to the question “Are GT bikes good?” is yes.

It makes dependable and long-lasting bicycles with tried-and-true frames. It results in extremely comfortable, high-performing, lightweight, and inventive bikes. They’re everything you’d expect from a leading bicycle manufacturer.

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