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Hi,I am Robert S. Blackshire from Indiana. Mountain biking is my passion. Everything about this sport excites me; from the thrilling trail adventures, to the quiet cross country rides. If you are reading this, then you probably have the same passion for mountain biking. That is why we created this site, so that mountain lovers of all skill levels could come together, and celebrate the mountain bikes that make this sport enjoyable.

Each of the bikes we have reviewed has been handpicked and tested, to ensure that everything that I say is accurate and true. So if you are looking to make a quality investment, then you are in the right place. Furthermore, all of these reviews are kept up to date, as we are tuned in to all the trends in the biking industry.

You will also find a range of options for your skill level and budget, and I guarantee that you will not leave here disappointed. Enjoy!


Robert S. Blackshire


Mountain Bike Spirit