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Diamondback Response Xe 29er Mountain Bike Review

Are you looking for extremely popular and attractive designable Mountain Bike? Diamondback response Xe 29er is here and of course, you are the right place to look honest review. Diamondback was the first bike model I owned, and it’s no surprise that I’m still a loyal fan years later. Every other month I sit down and look at the […]

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Nashbar AT1 29er Mountain Bike Best Review

I am a huge mountain bike enthusiast, and whenever I hear the words ‘Nashbar’ I instantly get excited. And it’s no surprise why this is. Nashbar has built a name for itself by constructing top quality bike models, which can be used by people from all walks of life. If you take a look at […]

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Diamondback Sorrento Complete Mountain Bike Review

What does your perfect weekend look like? As you ponder on that, let me tell you about mine. My perfect weekend involves me getting on my mountain bike, and hitting the trails right outside my town. No plan and no mapped out route, just some good old fashioned exploring. Now I know that I’m not […]

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The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Review-Buy at Cheap Rate

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, then you need the perfect mountain bike for your adventures. I love my mountain bikes, and I will admit that I own quite a number of models. When I first started mountain biking, I had to find an entry level bike that could take me safely and comfortably […]

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26″ Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Many mountain bikes today come at a steep price, putting them out of the reach of the average person. So what happens to those on a small budget? Well, there are plenty of cheap mountain bike options on the market, the problem is that many of them are of inferior quality. You can therefore, imagine my […]

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26″ Genesis V2100 Men’s Mountain Bike review

One of the best things about mountain bikes these days, is the fact that advanced technology is finding its way to affordable models. You therefore do not need to spend vast amounts of money on a mountain bike, which is great news for your wallets. The next step for you is to identify a mountain […]

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Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Women’s Mountain Bike Review

There are plenty of women-specific bikes on the market, which eliminate the need for women to ride bikes that are not suited to their frames. However, not every one of these bikes offers the quality that each female cyclist deserves. It therefore becomes your burden as a customer to decide which bike is best for […]

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Diamondback Axis Sport-An Excellent Mountain Bike

I love Hardtail bikes. These bikes provide a feel that cannot compare to other suspension types, unfortunately, today’s Hardtail options are out of my price range. It seems that the new technology used in Hardtail bikes has transformed them from an economical mountain bike choice to an expensive and exclusive choice. Thankfully, brands like Diamondback […]

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