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If you love mountain biking, then you know that your experience can only be memorable if you have a high-quality mountain bike with you. However, most mountain bikes are ridiculously expensive, leaving you wondering what you are supposed to do. Thankfully, the last few years have seen a shift in the attitudes of bike manufacturers, who have decided to go with bikes that are affordable to a majority of the population.

I personally own 3 bikes under $500, and I cannot fully express how happy I am with their performance. That is why below we will look at the best mountain bikes under $500 (More or less) so that you can take part in your riding passion while on a budget.

Top picks of Best Mountain Bikes under $500(More or Less)

Like I said above, there a range of affordable mountain bikes that deliver fantastic riding experiences. We have done our research and come up with the first class mountain bikes under $500(More or less), based on their performance, versatility, and quality of craftsmanship and components. Here they are

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail


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When it comes to choosing a mountain bike, I do not mess around. I learned earlier on that the quality of your ride is determined by the quality of your bike, and that is why I make an extra effort to choose my mountain bikes. 

 One brand that never disappoints me is Diamondback, which goes the extra mile to ensure that their bikes perform at peak levels.The Sorrento Hard Tail mountain bike, in particular, has caught my attention, and it currently holds the position as my favorite mountain bike. So what makes this bike so special?

I was also pretty happy about the 7-speed Shimano derailleur that comes with the mountain bike. This gearing gives me access to several speeds that I can use when riding. Moreover, the shifters are smooth, so that I have no trouble switching between gears. This comes as a relief after suffering through sticky shifters on subpar mountain bikes.

It has also added linear pull brakes to the bike so that you can stop quickly and confidently on all terrain. You won’t find yourself riding into trees with this bike!

As you can see, the DBS Hard Tail has numerous features that make it stand out from other competitors in its class. Hopefully, you will love riding it as much as I do.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 26-Inch Wheels

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 26-Inch Wheels

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If you are in the market for a great looking, sturdy and durable mountain bike which will allow you to ride hard and fast but not take all of your paychecks, then take a peek at the Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension From Schwinn brand.

This bike has a lightweight, but durable aluminum frame balanced with a stainless steel rear. Also, the dual-suspension system allows this bike to be used on all types of terrains and environments. Cruising, racing, mountain biking, you name it this bike can handle it. Part of the reason it can handle multiple terrains is because of the famed Shimano EF-50 trigger shifter which will allow shifting thru 24 different speeds.

What about safety you may ask? Well, the Pro Max from disc brakes should take care of any issues that may arise as you burn through the trails or happen to be out and about in a suburban setting.

This bike is a highly rated top of the line Mountain Bike that doesn’t fall short on quality or performance, so that you the rider, can thoroughly enjoy its features as you ride strong and long with all eyes on you.

Vilano Blackjack with 29-Inch Wheels


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Whether you are looking for a bike to commute to work or get going on an adventurous off the road experience, this is the right bike for you. The Blackjack 29er from Vilano is a decent bike that is good on pavements, trails or dirt roads.

The 29er is developed with the latest aluminum frame technology. The 6061 Aluminum Frame is lightweight and handcrafted together with the suspension fork. The Aluminum Frame is combined with other metals like magnesium to make it durable. The bike is fitted with front and rear disc brakes that ensure excellent stopping power in all types of conditions. These brakes are very durable and provide safety for the riders.

The fast and accurate shifting provided by the Shimano EF-51 shifters makes it to one of the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars (More or less). The double-wall rims also offer the much-needed strength and flexibility on downhill declines. With 29″ wheels, this is just the right bike for you. Buy it, ride it, and love it!

Mongoose Status 3.0 Mountain Bike

Mongoose-Status-3.0 Dual-Suspension

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For over 40 years, Mongoose has released pioneering products to the biking market. These bikes have caught the attention of the masses and found their way into our homes and our hearts. Chances are you own this type bike growing up, meaning that you are familiar with the quality that can be expected from this brand.

There are so many Mongoose options to choose from, however, my personal favorite is the Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension. This mountain bike is a showy gold and silver color, however; beneath all of that flash you have great performance.

What about speed? How does this bike fair? Well, I am happy to tell you that Mongoose has equipped the 26er with a 24-speed Shimano Drivetrain, which includes quick and smooth trigger shifters that are a joy to use. What this means for you is that you can breeze through different gears while you are on the move.

And when you need to stop, just use the disc brakes to deliver reliable stopping power.As you can see, this awesome MTB delivers great performance at an affordable price. This entry-level bike will be suitable for anyone interested in getting into the sport.

And when you need to stop, just use the disc brakes to deliver reliable stopping power.As you can see, this awesome MTB delivers great performance at an affordable price. This entry-level bike will be suitable for anyone interested in getting into the sport.


I have been out on the trails taking bikes on rigorous testing just to help you in pointing towards the best bikes on the planet.Affordable and versatile are the two words that come to mind when describing the Women’s Lux mountain bike.This beautiful bike comes with a hard-to-believe price and is ready to take on whatever comes its way.

Lying at the heart of this beauty is the Devine Design 6061-T6 Aluminium Frame that is designed specifically for the women riders.This durable hardtail frame is designed for comfort and a perfect fit for all women.The well fitted hydraulic disc brakes deliver incredible stopping power in pretty much all weather conditions.When climbing hills, the reliable and easy to use Shimano Deore shifters offer accurate shifts even when under load.

If you love looking at your bike, you will love riding it.The sleek and accurate design will make you love this bike.The stylish and high-quality look make this the best mountain bike under 500 dollars (More or less).A great bike at a great deal!

Gravity FSX 1.0

NE-IN-BOX Gravity-FSX-1.0

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When it comes to the world of mountain biking, you will often hear of brands like Mongoose, Diamondback, Nashbar, and Schwinn. However, there are other up and coming brands that give popular brands a run for their money. One of these brands is NEW IN BOX, which has redefined the performance that entry-level bikes have to offer.

This bike has all of the features of around $900 bike, but it is priced at less than $330. This means that you can take advantage of stellar mountain bike features on a budget. So what exactly makes this bike so special? Why should you take a chance on it instead of going with a more known brand?

To begin with, the FSX 1.0 mountain bike comes with an oversized aluminum frame, which is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. This frame makes handling a dream so that you do not struggle to maneuver the bike as you head outdoors.

There are so many entry-level mountain bikes on the market, however; the GFSX stands head and shoulders above most of them. So if you are looking to take your mountain biking adventures to the next level, this is the bike for you.

Diamondback Bicycles 29er Recoil(16inch)


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Whenever I’m asked to name my top mountain bike choices, Diamondback always ends up on the list. This brand is simply phenomenal, with so many biking models designed to suit different people and different lifestyles. One of their most impressive designs is the 2015 Recoil, which has been crafted to take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

This full suspension mountain bike is simple and elegant, and it comes with a handbuilt aluminum alloy frame that will make you feel like you are the king of the road. This strong and durable frame works together with the SR Suntour XCT fork, which makes your performance smooth and your handling effortless. But it doesn’t stop there. The bike also boasts of an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, as well as SR Suntour cranks, for quick, easy, and reliable shifting.

And when it’s time to stop, the Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes will perform exceptionally well. Not only is this sleek 29er Recoil one of my favorite all time mountain bikes, it also earns a spot as the best mountain bike under $500 (More or less).

Schwinn Men’s High


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Sometimes you just want to head out with your schwin mountain bike and let it rip. The wind blowing across your face, the ground rushing beneath your wheels, and the sun warming up your body, is one of the most amazing feelings out there. But to do this you need a quality mountain bike that can handle all terrain you throw at it.

Cue in the High Timber, which is a men’s mountain bike designed with an agile Schwinn mountain frame and an efficient SR Suntour suspension fork. This frame and fork work hand in hand to smooth out the rough tracks below you so that you can have a smooth and comfortable ride. But it doesn’t stop there. The bike also comes with a 21-speed drivetrain for smooth and wide gearing choices. And when it’s time to stop, just use the alloy linear pull brakes to halt your movements.

This MTB is popular and highly rated men’s bike, which comes in a resilient and sleek package. This bike has been expertly crafted to make all your riding experiences memorable, making it is a perfect option for you.

Mongoose Detour 26 Bicycle


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So, you always long for a controlled and smooth ride? The Detour 26 inch from mongoose bike is the best choice you can make for your biking adventures. With a breeze front suspension fork and a suspension frame; it will give you all the comfort.

You can easily ride this 26-Inch bike on different terrains. Its Shimano gearing consisting of micro shifters makes biking easy and enjoyable. Its alloy quick release wheels make transportation easy.

It has a disc front brake and an alloy linear pull rear brake as well for all conditional stopping power. You don’t need to order a kickstand as it is already installed in this bike. Even if you’re not a biking enthusiast you should try this mountain bike with a full suspension.

Best of all, it is easy to assemble with or without the manual. Disc brake pads adjustment works best too though only small adjustments are required.

What to Expect before buying the best Mountain Bikes under $500

I know that you are not looking to waste your time and money on an inferior bike that will let you down. When you go shopping for your mountain bike you will be confronted with an equal amount of superior and inferior choices, which you will need to differentiate. Using the advice, I will provide below, you can narrow down your choices until you determine which bike will suit your demands best.

1. Suspension, Gears

When it comes to suspension, you will be confronted with two main options; hardtail and full-suspension. Hardtail bikes perform well on smooth roads and light trails while full suspension mountain bikes are at home on rough terrain.Once you have decided on your suspension, you need to take a close look at the gears. The total gears on your bike should be 24 or 27, and they should be complemented by shifters that are smooth and easy to use. This ensures that your ride is comfortable and unrestricted.

2. Brake type

There are two main types of brakes, mainly rim brakes and disc brakes. Rim brakes are common on entry-level bikes as they are economical. However, these brakes are not as efficient as their disc brake counterparts, in addition to the fact that they damage the wheel rim.

Alternatively, we have disc brakes, which are quite rare on entry-level bikes under $500 (More or less). While they are more expensive and more difficult to maintain, their performance is better.

3. Frame type

Bikes under $500(More or less) either have a steel or aluminum frame. I would advise you to go with an aluminum frame, as it is lighter than steel in addition to being strong and durable.

4. Wheel Size concepts

There are 3 main wheel sizes available; 26-inches, 27.5-inches, and 29-inches. Go with 26-inch wheels if you want to navigate tight spaces or go with 29-inch wheels if you want to ride on trails with obstacles. Alternatively, you can opt for 27.5-inch wheels as they provide maximum versatility for riding.

Final Thought

The short guide provided above will help you determine your final mountain bike choice. As you can see, there are plenty of choices available to you while on a budget, meaning that you don’t have to break the bank just to indulge in your passion for riding. Good luck to you.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500
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