Best Mountain bikes under 400

Best Mountain Bikes Under 400 – Review & Comparison

Purchasing a mountain bike that is affordable is an excellent way to commence a new and exciting hobby. Whether one is seeking a mountain bike for purposes of commuting or desires one for the sheer thrill of descending narrow footpaths at high speed, mountain bikes tend to be more versatile compared to road models. Here is some best mountain bike under 400 Dollars.

Today, cost-effective mountain bikes are increasingly being designed and built. This was previously a rare occurrence. Fortunately, now you can be able to own a mountain bike that is of high quality without having to spend large sums of money. Furthermore, they are equipped with gears and brakes that are of acceptable standards.

Things To Consider When Choosing Best Mountain Bike Under $400

There are several things to consider when selecting a mountain bike under $400. Some of the main ones include the following for choose best mountain bikes under 400 dollars:

Riding styles​

There are a number of mountain bike riding styles, they include Freeride Mountain Bikes, Downhill/ Park Mountain Bikes, Enduro Mountain Bikes, Cross-country Mountain Bikes and Trail Mountain Bikes. This mainly depends on the way one rides.

Suspension Types​

There are basically two suspension types that are currently available in the market, these include Hardtail Mountain Bikes and Full Suspension Mountain Bikes. This mainly relies on the type of terrain one will ride on.

Wheel Sizes​

There are 4 wheel sizes i.e. 24 inch, 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch. This is mainly a matter of preference. However, they vary in strength and weight.


There are Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s mountain bikes. Bikes are made in varying sizes and differently assembled depending on gender and age.

Frame Materials​

There are a number of frame materials available such as Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Folding Mountain Bike Frame, Carbon Fiber and Titanium. These directly cost and weight.


These can either be Disc and Rim brakes. These are important for safety. The more expensive the better they are.


These assist the rider’s pedaling capabilities. The number is a matter of preference.

The above factors should be carefully considered with wide consultation and in-depth research being carried out before arriving at a decision that will be worthwhile. However, most of these factors are a matter of individual preference at the end of the day. This is to say that clients who are riders should just know what they want.

Recommended Mountain Bike Under $400

We will now go into an in-depth review of some of the most amazing mountain bike products in the market that are of high quality and can be bought at only $400 .

Huffy Bicycle is mountain bike was specifically designed and built for enthusiastic male riders out there.


The Huffy Bicycles 26326 has the following unique features:

Wheel Size

This mountain bike has a 26-inch wheel. This allows the rider to descend faster downhill. These are enhanced by beautiful alloy black rims to give it a premium finish.


This Alpine bicycle is manufactured in metallic crimson color that is aesthetically appealing.


This amazing mountain bike is equipped with hard tail frame that is characterized by precision crafted steel. This gives it a long service life due to its high durability.


The bike has an Enzo 18 speed twisting shifting technology. This allows the convenient changing of gears. This bike has a 6 speed index derailleur for high performance.


The bike has a seat that is fitted with a quick release system and stitched sides. This is a safety feature that can come in handy when one needs to quickly disembark but is also secure due to its stitched sides.


The bike has a high quality Kolo 5200 suspension fork and a Kolo 3 piece crank. This ensures the rider’s safety in rough terrain.


This mountain bike has the modern and long lasting steel linear brakes which guarantee instant stop when required. These are the rim type.

Mongoose Cache high quality yet affordable mountain bike was designed and built with the male gender in mind. It is a must have for any passionate rider out there due to its rare and functional features.


The Mongoose Cache mountain bike brags of the following salient features:


The Mongoose cache has a durable aluminum suspension frame that is complimented by a front suspension fork. This will minimize part replacement.


This incredible mountain bike has 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur, in addition to its SRAM twist shifters for optimum performance and all types of riding.


It has highly efficient linear pull rear brake and front disc brake for optimum breaking power. It utilizes the mechanical disk braking style that is top of the range.


The bike has alloy wheels that are both light in weight and easy to use.


This magnificent mountain bike is manufactured in an attractive grey color. Grey is a color that is universally accepted as it is mild and this makes it suitable for a majority of riders.


The bike weighs 51 pounds making it very affordable.

GTM Shimano Hybrid is a road bike that is both fashionable and designed to offer comfort to riders. It is light in weight and very strong. It is a futuristic bike that delivers on all its promises so to speak.


This unique mountain bike has the following interesting features:


The bike has a 27.5 inch wheel. This facilitates speed, lightness, power and strength both downhill and uphill.


This bike uses mechanical disc brakes that guarantee the safety of the rider 100%.


This mountain bike uses high quality KMC chain that is quite durable.


It has a 27.5 inch suspension fork to facilitate controlled riding.


The bike is equipped with a 27.5 inch aluminum double wall rims that are very attractive.


The mountain bike has full black tires that grip the road for higher traction. This prevents slip as they have proper treads that enhance safety of the user.


The front is a sunrun index type while the rear one is a shimano speed direct mount for both precise and easy shifting.


The bike utilizes the high performance MicroShift index 21 speed shifter. These are highly responsive to changing gears.

Northwoods aluminium mountain bike is a one of a kind full suspension mountain bike. If you are the free spirit rider then there is no better place to be than on the seat of the Northwoods.


This affordable mountain bike has a number of exciting features that are guaranteed to impress any rider, they include the following:


This bike has aesthetically appealing 24 inch alloy rims. This gives it a premium look.


Northwoods has a steel-triple type crank for enhanced performance.


The rear derailleur is a shimano speed direct mount for both precise and easy shifting.


This affordable mountain bike has a full suspension frame that is made of durable and strong aluminum material. This is conveniently complimented by a steel crown fork. This is a frame that will guarantee minimal replacements while still being aesthetically appealing.


The bike weighs 25 pounds making it portable if need be.


It is manufactured in aesthetically appealing colors i.e. grey and orange.

Diamond bicycle is a complete mountain bike in every sense of the word. It achieves the unique and hard to find balance of aesthetics and functionality in a single biking product. It is just the mountain bike for bikers out there who are keen on details.


The Diamond Bicycles Sorrento Hard Trail has an array of interesting features. The main ones include the following:


The mountain bike has 27.5 inch wheels. This facilitates excellent performance and contributes to the overall stability of the bike.

Reliable and powerful brakes

It has powerful and reliable Tektro type brakes that will give the rider confidence to ride at high speeds. This is because they can stop the bike without causing any risk.


The bike has high quality suspension fork to facilitate smooth riding and ensure full control over the mountain bike on all kinds of terrains. The strong suspension is one of the key features that make this mountain bike a favorite for many people.

Gear shifting

This exemplary mountain bike has notch derailleurs and effective shifters. This allows faster and easier change of gear both on road and off-road.


The bike has alloy rims that facilitate secure, stable and comfortable rides. This is regardless of whether it is on rough trails or uneven paths.


The bike has an aluminum frame that is hard to break or even flex. This ensures that minimal part replacement is done on the bike.


The above insightful information about the best mountain bike under $400 is a comprehensive review that seeks to assist enthusiastic riders out there in making their mountain bike selection. All the above five amazing products are readily available on Amazon at very affordable prices for all interested clients.

These mountain bikes are the ideal biking treats that are of both high quality and cost effective prices. Take advantage of this rare opportunity by purchasing yours today. Hurry up while stocks last. The best mountain bike under $400 is at arm’s reach or is it a click away.​

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